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Balloon clip-051
LOl this semi bbw Mulatos was plain Joy to watch she is a power blowing girl, she did 3 blow to pop in a row none stop this is a record for us!!
Length: 4:14 Price: $5

Balloon clip-052
Wow big BIG huge BalloonTatiana likes it BIG and crazy, the balloon was really big and bibi was not able to blow to pop so the girls off camera help her with a cigarette pop without letting her know the suprise was intense!
Length: 5:00 Price: $5

Balloon clip-053
Wow BIG BIG humege ballon bibi likes it BIG and crazy, the balloon was really big and bibi was not able to blow to pop so the girls off camera help her with a cigarette pop without letting her know the suprise was intense!

Length: 5:19 Price: $5


Balloon clip-054
Tati loves the attention her balloon gives her and she like big stuff IRL, and she blows and blows into her ballon till it was bigger then life, and then BOOM it poped in her face!!
Length: 4:07 Price: $5

Balloon clip-055
Ticha is one of our most scared of balloons popping, and yet she managed to make it happened for our delight, she is puffing into the balloon, with her more100mm until it pops in her face, her reaction with the balloon popping is simply out of this world and is totally cute!
Length: 3:20 Price: $5

Balloon clip-056
Blowing to pop sun-shine is just plain going at it, blowing some good old cigarette smoke into her ballon, then she finish her balloon by mass pumping none stop, nice pop smoke action
Length: 3:36 Price: $5

Balloon clip-057
Iza and Naoumy each got there segment where they just pump mass amout of smoke right in there balloons then pops it with there lit cigarette, nice blows!!
Length: 7:59 Price: $5

Balloon clip-058
It was jess very first time to blow a balloon till it pops in her face, she starts off blowing her cigarette smoke right nto the balloon, then she goes all out with no fear at all, but this balloon went sooooooooooo big its was incredible!!  
Length: 4:05 Price: $5

Balloon clip-059
Bibi was feeling really good, she wanted to blow all her smoke into the ballon till it poped point blank into her face, she is dead affraid of balloons IRL but she loves the trill;) she did 2 blow 2 pop in a row for our enjoyment!
Length: 5:38 Price: $5

Sun-Shine clip-060
Sun-shine is a power blower this girl can blow with lots of power, she blows to pop 2 balloons in a row, she like to blow hard but is afraid her the face blow when MR> balloon pops hard ;)
Length: 2:56 Price: $5

Balloon clip-061
Wow bianka was puffing cigarette i her BIG balloon, then she goes none stp till it pops, it went VERY BIG, and then BooM the explosion occured!!  
Length: 3:10 Price: $5

Balloon clip-062
Cindy and Tatiana are sitting on the couch wich is filled with balloons and there are smoking a cigarette there enjoying poping there balloons wich there hot cigarette, it was a real blast to do!!!
Length: 4:17 Price: $5

Balloon clip-063
Freshly turned 18 years old, and not afraid of blowing balloons till they pop, she is very young and very cute balloon blower! she blows to pop 2 BIG balloons in a row!
Length: 2:49 Price: $5

Balloon clip-064
Ticha is the kind of girl that excel in everything she does, and blowing to pop is no exception, the only thing that makes this even better, is that she is afraid of poping ballons ;)
Length: 3:16 Price: $5

Balloon clip-065
Sarah is a stunning blondy, she loves to get attention ;) sporting pony tail and blowing to pop to balloons her balloons explosion are sooooooo nice ;)
Length: 3:11 Price: $5

Balloon clip-066
LOL Bii is VERY afraid of balloon and she did a blow to pop, the balloon was getting VERY big and she kept on blowing and blowing but to no avail, so Ticha came out of no where, and while bii was blowing hard, she cigarette poped in her face
Length: 7:34 Price: $5

Balloon clip-067
Ticha is back for more, she is afraid like crazy of balloons and even more when they are popping in her face ;), she goes all out blowing 2 balloons in a row till they pop and reaction is simply priceless!!  
Length: 3:05 Price: $5

Balloon clip-068
Smoke BomB amy is back for some more Blow to pop action, this time she is in a parking lot, pumping a lot of smoke in her balloon, till she stop and goes on a mission to blow and blow and blow till it pops, the ballon was BIG and PoP!
Length: 4:00 Price: $5

Balloon clip-069
finaly a 3some blow to pop action ;), 2 young godesse are in a blow to pop balloon race, vs milf of the year ticha, its was a blow to pop fiesta!!
Length: 4:15 Price: $5

Balloon clip-070
bibi is the kind of girl that is very affraid of poping ballons, but she still manage to blow it till it pops. she starts off blowing cigarette smoke inside her ballon, then she goes and goes till the ballon exploded in her face, the look on her face is priceless!!
Length: 6:42 Price: $5

Balloon clip-071
Barby is a VERY afraid of balloons but we manage to convience her to blow it real good till it poped!! she even did 2 balloons in a row to fight her fears!!
Length: 2:55 Price: $5

Balloon clip-072
sophie was 3 months preggy in this clip it does not show but she was;), she goes pumping up her ballon with all the smoke she can then she start to blow and blow till it pops!!! nice explosion;)
Length: 3:32 Price: $5 

Balloon clip-073
it was Barby's first time ever to blow a balloon till it pop, she is blowing heavy smoke right into it, and when it pop's its a real BIG exposion!
Length: 2:46 Price: $5

Balloon clip-074
Mony is sitting her the sofa and is totaly coverd by balloons she is smoking a dangerous cigarette and starts having fun pop all the ballon with her hot cherry!!  
Length: 4:01 Price: $5

Balloon clip-075
litlle mika is VERY VERY affraid of balloons, and even more when they blow,, so off we pushed her strong to make her fears go aways, it was a blast for us and her, and yes she did blow and blow and blow till it pop'ed!!
Length: 7:02 Price: $5

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