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Cough clip-226

OMFG Sexy melanie add a big cold and was pretty sick, we add to capture this on camera, her looks her coughing her body a nice sight to see!!

Length: 4:21 Price: $6


Cough clip-227

Its been a very long time since we saw Angy, and we where very plz to see that all those years of smoking has come to the day of light, She has a very nice coughing plus we can see all her body while she shows off her coughing!!

Length: 4:13 Price: $6

Cough clip-228  

Smoke BomB Amy looking stunning in her polka dopt dress, a real coughing princess, sporting a nice end of cold its all stuck into her weak lungs, this must be heard and seen!!!

Length: 3:39 Price: $6


Cough clip-229

Small but great coughing with ticha at the kitcheen table smoking even if she is having lungs trouble!!!

Length: 2:08 Price: $6

Cough clip-230

We transform Caro into a full blowed smoker, and now its time for a coughing clip with her, nice coughing you can feel that smoking has put a toll on caro's lungs!!!

Length: 4:24 Price: $6


Cough clip-231

Cough clip-232

Cough clip-233

Cough clip-234

Cough clip-235

Cough clip-236

Cough clip-237

Cough clip-238

Cough clip-239

Cough clip-240

Cough clip-241

Cough clip-242

Cough clip-243

Cough clip-244

Cough clip-245

Cough clip-246

Cough clip-247

Cough clip-248

Cough clip-249

Cough clip-250

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