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Cough clip-151
Sophie is back and are lungs are still has bad;), she is not 3 months preggy and keeps on smoking and coughing!!
Length: 5:04 Price: $5

Cough clip-152
Plz welcome Smoke bomB amy, she is young but has been smoking since she was 9 years old, she add a wicked cold, so yeah lots of coughing and its wonderful ;)
Length: 3:57 Price: $5

Cough clip-153
Marie is a life long smoker and a good friend of Ticha, she has a wicked cough when she is sick ;) lots of pure coughing from a very dark pair of lungs!!
Length: 5:39 Price: $5

Cough clip-154
Part-1 of a day in ticha's real life, it all starts off in the morning when she gets up, she lights up a good cigarette, and let her morning cough goes on, she is a incredible smoker and cougher!!
Length: 7:17 Price: $5

Cough clip-155
part-2 Ticha just got out of bed, and went out-side to enjoy her coffee with a much needed cigarette, naturel morning cough again this is ticha in her everyday life!!
Length: 5:11 Price: $5

Cough clip-156
A day in ticha's life part-3 she comes
 in from outside, go to the bathroom
 to apply some make-up and smoke
 another good cigarette naturel morning cough
she is a big cougher!

Length: 6:23 Price: $5

Cough clip-157
A day in Ticha's life part-4 (final) she finish her
makeup and crack open a beer, she goes
across the street to meet up with France
both of the girls are smoking coughing
and playing card, you can witness there astray is a water bottle, its it pretty full too!

Length: 8:39 Price: $5

Cough clip-158
Bii has a life long smoker, she started at age 9
 and yes she is just like her mom she has this
naturel wet cough very young
she is one of our top coughers!

Length: 4:52 Price: $5

Cough clip-159
Milf Marie is back by popular demand;) this MILF
 has a awesome naturel cough, and yes her
 lungs are long gone, you can feel them
 when she cough!!

Length: 5:19 Price: $5

Cough clip-160
Smoke BomB Amy is a real beauty, but OMFG smoking put a toll on her lungs, seriously, she has this wet cough that you just CANT get enough, she is smoking a cigarette and coughing and wheezing her life away, she is a coughing BomB
Length: 4:28 Price: $5

Cough clip-161
Smoke BomB Amy, was finishing a big cold, and hummmmmm  lets just say that she is one of our top cougher, its incredible how much WET coughing this girl can produce, she is smoking a cigarette in the car to add up to all that coughing!
Length: 4:31 Price: $5

Cough clip-162
Ticha just woke up, she is enjoying her cigarette outside and she is finishing a big cold, so lets just say that her coughing is just plain awesome and real!!
Length: 5:44 Price: $5

Cough clip-163
Amy is a Big time naturel cougher, but in this clip....WoW  she smokes a cigarette with her nose witch makes her cough like crazy mix that + her naturel coughing its plain Good!
Length: 4:09 Price: $5

Cough clip-164
coughing amy is back for some more, she is just that good of a cougher ;), this time she is in the car smoking a cigarette and wheezing and coughing hard its a wet cough and her wheezing is sooo good!
Length: 5:14 Price: $5

Cough clip-165
Bii the week lungs smoker is back coughing over and over, you can feel her coughing its thick!
Length: 5:09 Price: $5

Cough clip-166
Marie-eve is a new mom now but she has not stop smoking, it makes her look too cute she told us and she loves it too much ;), so she has a nice coughing bark going on for her, she told us that its in the morning that the coughing is worst!!
Length: 3:38 Price: $5

Cough clip-167
Bii is still smoking hard, even if she is very young and suffer from severe asthma, she cough a lot all day long she was smoking a good cigarette ...witch she cant the car on a VERY hot summer day, nice coughing from a gorgeous girl!!
Length: 4:16 Price: $5

Cough clip-168
VERY weak lungs Sophie is still smoking like a train even if she suffers from VERY severe asthma, IRL she takes her asthma pumps before each cigarettes she anywayz this girl is a power house smoker that has a good naturel cough all day long!!
Length: 5:19 Price: $5

Cough clip-169
Milf Sophie, is a life lung smoker, we ash her to smoke a cigarette with us and talk about how much she loves to smoke,( in French ) she was acting it out totally a little coughing here and there a little faking but you can clearly notice that even she is acting out, her lungs and cough are there for real ;)
Length: 4:43 Price: $5

Cough clip-170
Bii is a naturel born cougher, this girls is a pure delight to ear and see cough, she is so young to cough like this, but she keeps on smoking and getting smoked up, she has a very naturel smokers cough!
Length: 5:04 Price: $5

Cough clip-171
Betty and Bii are simply a great duet when it comes to coughing, both girls have a little cold, so yeah it gives in too some nice coughing all around, both girls are talking (in French) about a loser they know, but there coughing all the way!
Length: 4:46 Price: $5

Cough clip-172
part-1 of waking up in the morning with Bii and ticha 2 of our best cougher!! the girls slept all night and we started to filmed them has they wake up, they are chain smoking 3 cigarettes in a row....yup thats right 3 cigarettes each none stop thats there morning routine!!, only naturel coughing!
Length: 16:19 Price: $5

Cough clip-173
part-2 of waking up in the morning with Bii and ticha 2 of our best cougher the saga continues, the girls are getting out of bed, and doing there routine, into the bathroom they go to relax and sokes another cigarette, once finish with the bathroom, they go down strais to eat a litlle bit, and yes they do smoke at the same time, plz take into considaration that part-1 and 2 was made none stop, the coughing again is naturel morning cough!
Length: 15:44 Price: $5

Cough clip-174
part-3 of waking up in the morning with Bii and ticha 2 of our best cougher, the girls start out by going for a total smoke out, its a smoking race to see wich of the girls can smoke her cigarette faster, it was a real power smoking fiesat!! then they both take there turn doing some heavy exercise, to see just how much they are in shape.....the answer not really, only 2 cigarette smoked in the clip!
Length: 16:18 Price: $5

Cough clip-175
part-4 of waking up in the morning with Bii and ticha 2 of our best cougher, leave where part-3 ended, now its bii's turn to do some exercise, but ticha, is totaly smokinh up her world, while bii is working-out hard, she offers bii a good cigarette so she can smoke and getting force to smoke when doing her exercise and she coughs up!! then series is finishing but not before they go for yet another cigarette, now thats what i call a total smoke-out series and lots of naturel coughing!
Length: 10:46 Price: $5

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