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Cough clip-201

Ticha loves to smoke even if her lungs are long gone, she has a very VERY nice smokers cough, she smokes like a goddesses but its the reason she coughs like this, yes she was finishing a big cold and we all love to her ear and see her cough like this!!

Length: 5:15 Price: $6


Cough clip-202

Amy part-2 of her coughing with no smoking, again this girl need to be heard to be believed she has a GODLY cough she is flat on the bed so that way we can see her whole body tremble hard has she cough away trying to clear her filled tar lungs!!!

Length: 4:15 Price: $6

Cough clip-203

Sophie in a standing position so we can all see her body trembles has she cough away her life, no smoking in this one, good coughing clip from a girl that her lungs are well gone!!!

Length: 4:37 Price: $6


Cough clip-204

Ticha was in a bratty mod with her hat, smoking a good cigarette even if her lungs where real weak, coming out of a cold, yeah she is the definition of a coughing goddesses!!!!

Length: 5:38 Price: $6

Cough clip-205

Yes Smoke BomB Amy is back for more coughing we can never get tired of hearing and seeing her cough like this, she is the total package when it comes to long gone lungs smoker thick cough at all time!!!

Length: 4:38 Price: $6


Cough clip-206

the last clip in the series from a godly coughing female, Smoke BomB Amy has wrecked lungs and she has a wet cough at all time in her life, can you imagine when she gets a cold!!!!

Length: 4:43 Price: $6


Cough clip-207

Plz welcome Jess she is a young bratt wit a very nice cough barking style and can feel that her lungs are really fucked up from her smoking!!! 

Length: 5:20 Price: $6

Cough clip-208

you can feel her lungs in every cough she lets out her wheezing is out of this world and we love her this way thx smoke BomB amy to keep on smoking and coughing!!!

Length: 4:47 Price: $6

Cough clip-209

so young a  beauty of life weak lungs smoke BomB Amy, she is featured side view for us to see her hole body trembles has she cough good and front view nice wheezing to boot, lots of mucus stuck in there!!!!!

Length: 4:41 Price: $6

Cough clip-210

So you guys loves Jess the brats cough, she is back for an encore, this girl has lung gone lungs and she loves showing it to you, godly weazing and barking cough hard-core!!!

Length: 4:25 Price: $6

Cough clip-211

This girl lungs is godly the sound that comes out of her when she cough and weez will leave you speechless!!!

Length: 4:38 Price: $6

Cough clip-212

Ticha as just waking up, the first thing she does every morning is smoke a good cigarette and drinks her morning coffee, then the coughing starts good for all of us to rejoice!!!

Length: 5:36 Price: $6

Cough clip-213

Mona is back from the past, she has a barking cough smoking a cigarette side view, a little forced but not that much, nice bark!!

Length: 3:52 Price: $6

Cough clip-214

Jess the bratt was weak lungs condition and its sad for her but good news for us, she is sweating it out, VERY nice cougher!!

Length: 4:34 Price: $6

Cough clip-215

it was early morning and ticha was struggling for air like always but yeah, that wont stop her from smoking a good cigarette you can ear her lungs has she cough its deep and wet!!

Length: 2:57 Price: $6

Cough clip-216

Weak lungs Bii is back, for our pleasure!! she is really stunning enjoying her cigarette and sport a really godly smokers cough!!

Length: 4:12 Price: $6

Cough clip-217

This girl is simply a amazing cougher seriously, such a young beauty with lungs like this because of her smoking habit, is just plain incredible and to be able to ear her is pure joy!!!

Length: 4:49 Price: $6

Cough clip-218

I just love to ear Jess the brat coughing like this you can feel her lungs are really sick godly kind of coughing and girl!!!

Length: 4:14 Price: $6

Cough clip-219

Its been such a long time we all missed bibi for sure, we add the chance to go and see her and she add a cold and OMFG her coughing was incredible its a must!!!

Length: 4:10 Price: $6

Cough clip-220

Its been a long time but Ivana came to see us, with a hummm how to say a big set of rack ;), she sports a godly cough and we filmed her side view to ear and see her coughing good on her body!!!

Length: 4:01 Price: $6


Cough clip-221

Yes Mel is young and her lungs got real good dmg via her smoking, so we ask her for a coughing clip, she did good, but at a certain point she is not sure and yeah Mel is Mel love her or hate her!!!

Length: 3:51 Price: $6

Cough clip-222

Weak lungs Bii is back for another round flashing her long gone lungs, she is simply incredible, to be able to see such a beauty coughing like this is a privilege!!

Length: 4:23 Price: $6


Cough clip-223

Smoke BomB amy is not only goodly looking she also is coughing real deep and its deep and wet a real smokers cough and we thank her for it!!!!

Length: 3:51 Price: $6

Cough clip-224

Mel trying to enjoy a cigarette, while she has a cold, you can see it on her face, nice smoking, and great coughing!!

Length: 4:28 Price: $6

Cough clip-225

Early Morning with ticha a cigerette and a coffe, and lots of coughing, she is still smoking a lot even tough her coughing is hot and very present!!!

Length: 4:34 Price: $6


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