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force clip-609
Poor caro is at the mercy, of a very experience force smoker, she is used has a ashtray for him has he is totaly controling her like a puppet!!
Length: 6:15 Price: $5

force clip-620
YES!! Finaly Busty Betty is tied up and ready
for a real smoke force smoking session with a real pro Pat is not planing and giving the poor thing a break he is there to smoke her life away! her head is totaly control and force to inhale all the deadly smoke!

Length: 6:33 Price: $5

force clip-624
ROFL poor Caro got totaly froced to smoke by a real pro force smoker. this guy showed no mercy for poor boud caro, plugs up good, and forced to inhale all that deadly smoke deep down!
Length: 4:39 Price: $5


force clip-658

lol Smoke BomB audrey is pinned down to the bed and cant move, Pat, is on fire and really wants her to smoke more, so he force her to inhale all is cremy thick smoke, let me tell you that Pat is a very dangerous force smoker and audrey add no other choice but to comply!

Length: 6:59 Price: $5

force clip-666

Poor Bella she was bound on the torture bench and left at the mercy of Pat, yeah we all know that pat dont have no pity when it comes to force smoking a female, he has control over her total smokey control, bella was force to get smoke intoxicated good!

Length: 5:39 Price: $5


force clip-673

Pat add is way with chealsea sarand wrap good and could not do anthing about all that force smoking pat was putting her true, seriously she got owned and smoked good, pat is a pro;)

Length: 4:33 Price: $5


force clip-681

Pat is on a smoking revenge rampage on bibi's case, he is totaly controling her in the best way possible its so naturel to smoke up BiBi, she is the perfect victim, young blond, busty and most of all tied up and ready to be smoke abused!

Length: 4:43 Price: $5

force clip-682

Pat was in a rock and roll mode, pinned down poor cinthia, put the gas mask on her head and proceeded to fill it up full of smoke, the way she controls her is scary ;)

Length: 4:43 Price: $5

force clip-694

Pat has Dania sarend warp good she is at is total mercy, she CANT do anything and Pat is about the abuse her good, putting on the gas mask on her head and smoking her little life away!!

Length: 5:50 Price: $5


force clip-700

Finaly poor litlle mel is bound and she is at the smoking mercy of cruel Pat, he is not planing to give her any breack for fresh air, he puts the smoke box over her none willing haed, and off he goes, you can see her strugle has he smoke up her life away!

Length: 5:21 Price: $5


force clip-706

Bibi was overdue for a good force smoking session, and pat made sure to smoke her up real good smoke face blasting her for the first complete cigarette, then for the next none-stop he used the asthma device inhaler on her she add no choice Pat was controling her head real good!!

Length: 9:50 Price: $5


force clip-715

Totaly helpless Saran wrap to no avail, Pat was in a icked mood and it was time for chealsea to get a taste of the gas mask, pat plugs up her 2 breathing tube with 2 cigarettes and looks at her choke real nice!!

Length: 5:27 Price: $5

force clip-718

poor Mel add no idea in what she was getting into, being bound and helpless at the mercy of Pat and is force smoking session, he controls her head like she has no choice to expose her to some real heavy second hand smoke, and finish by choking her good with the smoke tube Pat was having seing such a nice girl getting totaly smoked!

Length: 9:16 Price: $5

force clip-725

Poor caro bounded good cant move with a gas mask, Pat comes in for the smoking torture, the poor girl was suffocating in all that thick smoke she got smoke intoxicated!!

Length: 4:32 Price: $5


force clip-742

Sexy Melanie bound and ready for a real nice abuse, Pat force her to drink a heavy glass of rhum 7up. has he smoke in her face blasting this sexy babe into lala land!

Length: 6:59 Price: $5


force clip-777

Pat controling Jess in every element controling her head to make sur he expose her big time to is deadly smoke, this guy is real twisted!!

Length: 5:23 Price: $5

force clip-852

Poor MiMi she is real beauty but in this clip she is a dasmel in disstress, bound in saran wrap at the mercy of pipe and is heavy smoking skills, she gets engulfed in is pipe smoke and thats a good thing!!

Length: 20:33 Price: $6


force clip-876

The time has come for smoke bomB amy to get smoked, she is on the kitcheen table and ready to be a good litlle smoke slave for Pat (maddy) lets just say that he made sure to smoke up her world!!~~~coughing alert~~~

Length: 4:10 Price: $6



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