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Glam clip-1215
2 Milf's Ticha and her friend, Ticha is not smoking in this clip, her good friend makes sure to blow all her smoke at poor ticha's face, there is a total of 2 segment in this clip, so yeah Ticha got her litlle face full of smoke;)
Length: 10:31 Price: $4 

Glam clip-1216
2 Milf's Ticha and her friend, it was no Smoke Master Ticha, to smoke face blow her poor friend into oblivion and god nows how smoky Ticha is!!
Length: 9:10 Price: $4 

Glam clip-1149
Milf Joser is sitting out-side with good lighting side view nose exhales are simply amazing!
Length: 5:00 Price: $4 


Glam clip-1225
a Godly duet of Milfs, smoking right there for you, while you are at there feet's just looking up on them, while there smoking a good cigarette in your direction!
Length: 5:03 Price: $4 

Glam clip-1263

Caro's mom is a real power smoker, she takes big brags and produce so much smoke its a mature smoke dream!

Length: 3:01 Price: $5

Glam clip-1309
Ticha is enjoying a good cigarette with her friend, there is a lot of smoke talk axhales its all in french, but its kool anywayz;)
Length: 4:42 Price: $5

Glam clip-1412
Caro's mom is back by popular demand, she is enjoying a good cigarette in your face, she is the kind of smoker that can cream up your world!!
Length: 3:55 Price: $5

Glam clip-1451

Caro's mom loves to blow her smoke at anyone, even her preggo doughter got it ;), but now she makes sure that each and every single of her exhales are just for you, she is leaning up close to deliver her smoke right at you, call it a special delevery!
Length: 4:04 Price: $5


Glam clip-1475

Caro's mom smoking a good 100mm in her kitcheen while she is dangling and nose exhaling all the way, caro very preggo was not on screen but lets just say that she was sitting pretty close)

Length:3:54 Price: $5


Cigar clip-463
Bii's mom is a VERY nice mature that is still fighting lung cancer, and we are happy to see that it did not make her qui her smoking habit, she is a good cigar smoker too, nice inhales and exhales;)
Length: 4:11 Price: $5

Glam clip-1515

Milf Bettyna is the best friend of anette she is a pure delight when she smokes to relax like this!

Length:3:10 Price: $5

Cigar clip-551

Bettyna first cigar she felt like a gangster This milf is pure joy to look at when she smokes her first cigar!

Length: 4:30 Price: $5

Glam clip-1531

Bettyna smoking side view for some cone exhales, nice smoking milf with a wierd kind of smoking!

Length:3:38 Price: $5


Glam clip-1534

Preggo Caro 9 months in is now smoking up her mom she is blowing all her exhales at her mom, while her mom is blowing it all right at you, its priceless to see this mom and daughter like this!

Length:5:33 Price: $5

Glam clip-1582

A very nice MILF nose exhaling, the smoke that comes out of her nose is incredible she is like a train!

Length:3:05 Price: $5


Glam clip-1595

Nose exhaling goodnest, serisouly this MILF can really smoke up a strom down there with her nosetrill exhales they are massif!

Length:3:05 Price: $5

Glam clip-1620

Indy is a nice smoking Milf she is nose exhaling in the kitcheen it was her first time doing this in our home;)

Length:3:29 Price: $5


Cigar clip-614

Caro's mom is a powerfull life long smoker and cigar smoking in a car with the windows rolled up was nothing for her ;)

Length: 4:20 Price: $5

Glam clip-1720

Caro's mom is smoking up a strom semi-side exhales witch turn out great!!!

Length: 3:38 Price: $5


Cigar clip-625

Caro's mom is a VERY smoky cigar she is totaly engulfing you in her thick cigar smoke exhales right at you making sure you are gone in her thick smoke!

Length: 4:42 Price: $5

Glam clip-1742

Caro's mom is indulging her craving for us she is dangling and semi nose and cone exhales all the way you can see that she is a experiemented smoker!

Length: 3:43 Price: $5

Glam clip-1868

Roxys mom featured here side view, nose exhaling, pretty good life long smoker but we got the best of of her, totaly smoked out overdose, you can witness this near the end of the clip!!!

Length:3:35 Price: $6


mouth and giantesse clip-293

Roxys moM has one real ugly mouth and yeah, we did a total mouth exploration with her because its that ugly seriously if she would put you in her mouth you would on contact she was the total package, ......warning........ ;)

Length: 4:11 Price: $6


Spit clip-897

Mild Anette very first spitting clip, she must start somewhere, she has matured into a very nice ladie, and she needs practice with her spitting but it was a great adventure!!

Length: 3:42 Price: $6

Glam clip-2005

Milf Anette double draggin like she needs it relax and satisfying, always a pleasure to watch her feed herself smoke like this!!!

Length: 2:36 Price: $6

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