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Fast Tags Power Smoking


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Glam clip-420
Just wow, this trio of girls are in a power smoking race competition, to see who can finish there cigarette first, this is pure power smoking at its best, total 2 smoking race!!
Length: 4:44 Price: $3

Glam clip-421

part-1 Cindy vs Iza speed smoking, who is the fastest smoker?

Length: 3:09 Price: $3

Glam clip-422

part-2 Cindy vs Lidia speed smoking, who is the fastest smoker?

Length: 2:36 Price: $3


Glam clip-423
part-3 Iza vs Lydia speed smoking, who is the fastest smoker?
Length: 2:50 Price: $3

Glam clip-555
Featuring 6 different girls in a total of 5 smoking race there is 4 girls that are competing to see who is the fastest smoker of them all this is pure power smoking at its best Speed( flash smoking) plus at the end there is another smoking race with 2 other girls that where not in the smoking tournament PS: this is a must for any power speed smoke lover
Length: 9:47 Price: $3

Glam clip-652
Wow Just wow this is a pure hard-core smoking vid Angy and bii smoking power trip, each girls goes for smoking multiple cigarettes filter less they cut off the filter so the nicotine effect is just plain GODLY but there is the best part, they are chaining 2 more filter less right after Naturel coughing and yeah its normal after inhaling so much tar ;) at the end of the clip you will see that BII suffer from a nicotine overdose and rush for the bathroom.... This is a must ;)
Length: 6:58 Price: $3 

Glam clip-671
Just WoW, angy smokes 2 cigarette in this clip that's 2x 100cork filter doing Massive dragging inhaling and nose exhaling for not wasting time, seriously this is the MOST Hard-core power smoking to date!!!
Length: 4:06 Price: $3 

Glam clip-712
Double dragging caro, she is going all out and is smoking fast and double dragging all the way!!
Length: 2:53 Price: $3 

Glam clip-726
Power smoking this is a VERY FAST power smoking clip, she chain smoke 2 cigarette, and its plain none-stop, dragging and nose exhaling none stop, bibi is smoking like a real train since she just gave birth!!
Length: 4:19 Price: $3 

Glam clip-728
This was Caro first smoking clip ever, she was smoking sooooooo fast she smoked a complete 100mm cork in
less then 3min lets just say she is a naturel hand free dragger, and she takes huge drags!!

Length: 2:48 Price: $3 

Glam clip-863
fighty is bacl for some more smoking, she is going for double drags for a good nicotine intake, she don't usury smoke like this, so yeah it gave her a big nic rush;)
Length: 3:08 Price: $4

Glam clip-869
Nicole is back and she needs her nic fit, she is double dragging in her house sitting on her couch!
Length: 2:58 Price: $4

Glam clip-884
Godly double dragging and huge cone exhales nath did smoke this cigarette to perfection!!
Length: 3:37 Price: $4

Glam clip-894

Tati and power smoking double drag side view, for some nice cone exhales!!

Length: 4:00 Price: $4

Glam clip-895
Bibi smoked 2 cigarette in a row, going for some serious speed smoking double dragging her way 2 cigarette in a row FAST! her lungs are getting week you can witness her breathing she is getting shortness of breath, the smoking she done is putting a toll on her lungs!!
Length: 4:17 Price: $4

Glam clip-896
Sophie is now a mom of 3 little kids that are perfectly healthy:) but that did not change are smoking habit, she is double dragging are still is smoking in her house and car!!
Length: 4:18 Price: $4

Glam clip-898
mighty Nicole is smoke stunning in this clip she is double dragging and pushing some mass amount of smoke right in your face she is clouding you good!
Length: 2:56 Price: $4

Glam clip-899
Mimi is power smoker double dragging and cone exhales is simply a smoke delight to watch!!
Length: 2:45 Price: $4

Glam clip-902
Smoky sun-shine is going for some good power smoking, she is taking double drags all the way and when she takes a second she lets a nice plume of smoke from her nostril while she is taking her second drag witch is exhales in a nice cone style exhale!
Length: 3:25 Price: $4

Glam clip-908
Trailer trash girl is double dragging but she is not a big smoker, lets just say that by the end of the clip she add a big nicotine buzz ;()
Length: 3:33 Price: $4

Glam clip-909
Bianca is smoking a good cigarette side view and she is double dragging and her exhales are NICE cone exhales!!
Length: 3:13 Price: $4

Glam clip-914
trailer trash Naomie, she is a pure smoke machine she power smoke into 1 cigarette and a half in no time, huge amount of smoke!
Length: 3:40 Price: $4

Glam clip-920

Double dragging and sitting pretty stunning Sarah is enjoying a good dose of nicotine with her nice teddy!

Length: 3:48 Price: $4

Glam clip-924
Amy smoking side view, she is double dragging and nose exhaling between drags, and finish off with a nice cone of smoke, lots of residual smoke, from a awesome looking girl!!
Length: 3:37 Price: $4

Glam clip-931
Caro is power smoking double dragging followed
by some nice cone exhales!

Length: 3:55 Price: $4

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