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Glam clip-960
The truck is back;) she is a powerful smoker she smoke fast and have a attitude of fuck you i don't give a damm, i am a smoker!!
Length: 2:50 Price: $4

Glam clip-971

Double dragging mini, she is a cheerleader IRL, so she is very strong and flexible, in your face beauty smoking!

Length: 3:08 Price: $4

Glam clip-1011
deep inhaling double dragging bibi is simply a power house smoker, with her massive pop inhales she add a REAL big Nic buzz after the clip ;)
Length: 2:39 Price: $4


Glam clip-1021
This is the last clip of mini, before we start to offer you her complete preggy series!!! she is double draggin and is a very smoky girls (future Milf)
Length: 3:13 Price: $4

Glam clip-1062
Caro's mom is back she is going double dragging and some real nice cone exhales followed by Very nice residual shot!!
Length: 3:26 Price: $4

Glam clip-1048
Ebony goes double dragging all the way, she told us that she is a big smoker 40-45 cigarettes a day, so smoking a cigarette double dragging was not a prob, she is exhaling and covering your little face all over!
Length: 3:17 Price: $4

Glam clip-1050
Just woW smoke BomB Amy really is hard-core she is smoking a complete cigarette with her nose she tough it was funny and she just love to smoke for the sake of it, not to be miss!!
Length: 4:00 Price: $4

Glam clip-1053
Double dragging and then coming in front of you to deliver all her smoke right in your face, that's just what Tatiana did, 2 nice drags and one solidi exhale all in your face!
Length: 4:02 Price: $4

Glam clip-1057
Dania is the twin sister of jess, she is a smoking power house, she is double dragging and creaming your little face with each of her exhales, she knows what she is doing to you!
Length: 2:57 Price: $4

Glam clip-1068
Mel is a pure smoking joy to watch, she just turned 18 years old and smokes a lot ;), she is double dragging and creaming your face with every exhales!!
Length: 3:14 Price: $4

Glam clip-1070
POWER smoking from 2 milfs that are real life power smoker!!!! seriously these girls where on fire smoking FAST and furious like a race trying to smoke out the other one!!!! they go all out its a must for any power smoking fan!
Length: 3:56 Price: $4

Glam clip-1073
Bibi is power smoking and skipping rope, its the rope of her little girl ;), she get really exhausted skipping rope and power smoking is a deadly match!
Length: 2:25 Price: $4

Glam clip-1077
Sarah is double dragging her life away, and they she covers you in all that smoke!
Length: 4:11 Price: $4

Glam clip-1085
Very busty sexy milf ticha, is doing the impossible!!! smoking her complete cigarette down to the filter...yes its totally gone, she is Triple dragging followed by a massive deep inhale to wash all the smoke down deep in her lungs!
Length: 4:02 Price: $4


Glam clip-1098
Sun-shine really needed to big nicotine boost, so she buts off the filter and proceeds to smoke it all, just for her!!
Length: 5:27 Price: $4

Glam clip-1100
Dania is a power smoker since her early age of starting to smoke, in this clip she is side view, and is muching true her cigarettes double dragging, you can feel the smoke going inside her, and then she puts out a nice cone exhales straight!!
Length: 3:34 Price: $4

Glam clip-1101
Mona is a power smoker is the best way!! she double drag like crazy and she smoke hard and fast too, in your face exhales!
Length: 2:36 Price: $4

Glam clip-1102
Double dragging mel, is just plain having fun, smoking and taking multiple drag over and over always followed by Very creamy cone exhales, what a beauty!
Length: 4:10 Price: $4

Glam clip-1116
Angy is power smoking her cigarette nose exhaling all the way, she is a pure smoking delight to watch power smoke all the way!
Length: 2:49 Price: $4

Glam clip-1120
Double dragging like a little dragon Nina is smoke bomB older sister of may, she loves to smoke it runs in the family '_  double dragging nose exhaling its pouring!
Length: 3:23 Price: $4

Glam clip-1147
Double drag MILF Marie-EvE is pure joy so see side view godly double dragging and pure cone exhales witch equal pure joy!
Length: 3:51 Price: $4 

Glam clip-1132
Smoke master Ticha is a real smoke machine, this girl can smoke like a train, she is double dragging and nose exhaling side view, for maximum residual and there is plenty;)
Length: 4:13 Price: $4

Glam clip-1133
Very young betty is power smoking double drags and nose exhaling for her pleasure, the side view help to see all the wish of smoke pouring from her nose!
Length: 3:05 Price: $4

Glam clip-1154
Weak lungs Bii is a pretty wild girl she is smoking her cigarette with her nose this is pure joy to watch especially with Bii!
Length: 4:32 Price: $4 

Glam clip-1158
POWER smoking race action, fast and furious smoking to the max, these 3 girls did a smoke race till the finish, its pretty intense and VERY smoky!
Length: 2:01 Price: $4 

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