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Glam clip-1634

Bibi in a special dress, power smoking hard she finish her cigarette in 2:40 sec yeah she takes big drags!

Length:2:40 Price: $5


Glam clip-1635

sexy Melanie, is chilling on the sofa, taking nice drags, godly pop inhales, then smooth exhales right at you!

Length:3:03 Price: $5


Ticha clip-311

Ticha is a real smoking power house, she is featured in this power smoking clip, triple dragging all the while looking dam sexy doing it she is in total smoke control;)

Length: 2:48 Price: $5



Glam clip-1644

mimi power smoking double draggin her cigarette all the way, she takes her first drag inhales it, then when she takes her second drag she is nose exhaling while draggin follwed by a kick ass cone exhale!!

Length:2:55 Price: $5


Glam clip-1673

Audrey smoking a good cigarette double draggin it all the way, it was a party night incoming so yeah there is music and the girls where getting ready to go clubing in the back ground!!

Length:3:31 Price: $5


Glam clip-1687

Mel is side views, for some nice cone exhales while she is double draggin to satisfy her dirty habit;)

Length:3:03 Price: $5


Glam clip-1696

double drags massive cone exhales from BiBi is alway a godly sight to see!!

Length: 2:45 Price: $5


Glam clip-1707

Busty Verotix side view, double draggin hard and godly cone exhales, when she does thake her second drag her lungs are so full of smoke it comes out of her nose while draggin for her second inhale, followed by a godly plume of cone exhales!

Length: 4:12 Price: $5


Ticha clip-331

Smoke master Ticha is at it again taking nice long double drags and nose exhaling front views its nice and thick!!!

Length: 3:23 Price: $5


Glam clip-1760

None stop power smoking duet Jess and Cinthia are the perfcet power smoking team, when one girl is up front doing her stuff the other is back and it alternate like this none stop!!!

Length: 4:13 Price: $5


Glam clip-1772

Jess needed a good nicotine buzz her lungs where crying for it, she goes double dragging with superd exhales in her face!

Length: 3:41 Price: $5

Glam clip-1773

Cinthia side view dsmoke hungry double dragging and nose exhaling it was pouring!!

Length: 3:45 Price: $5

Glam clip-1776

OMFG Sexy Melanie is pure smoke eye candy, she is taking double drags inhales then leans a litlle to deliver her godly exhales its like a place on earth!

Length: 3:17 Price: $5


Glam clip-1825

Double draggin side view exhales from chealsea, she sure is smoky with all that smoke into her lungs it need to come out semi side style!!

Length: 3:04 Price: $5

Glam clip-1827

power smoking with Caro she did not understand the concept, FYI Caro is a litlle thick of head when it comes time to understanding simply so yeah its a semi power smoking vid, we love her!!

Length: 6:53 Price: $5


Glam clip-1830

Power smoking, nose exhaling dangling, double triple drag Sexy Melanie handle all that with ease, a true power smoker

Length: 2:52 Price: $5


Glam clip-1835

Smoke BomB amy chain smoking 2 cigarettes in a row semi power smoking her drags and exhales are simply to die for....clip alert....

Length: 5:21 Price: $5


Glam clip-1844

double draggin power smoking cinthia is featured side view for some godly cone exhales and residual!!

Length: 3:15 Price: $5


Glam clip-1845

Jess the bratt is power smoker multiple cigarettes that 2 at the same time, she is playfull and love to smoke a real gem if you ask me!!!

Length: 4:15 Price: $5


Glam clip-1848

Godly power smoking dangling double dragging nose exhaling yup its the total smoke package!!

Length: 3:36 Price: $5


Glam clip-1852

Double triple drag power smoking Sophie nose exhales this girl always could smoke and will always be a power smoker for life!!

Length: 3:12 Price: $5


Glam clip-1853

WoW power smoking dangling nose exhaling double trip drags in your face power house smoker!!

Length: 3:41 Price: $5


Glam clip-1860

Power smoking dangling triple drags and nose exhales, yeah this is a dream power smoking clip!!!

Length: 2:55 Price: $5


Glam clip-1871

Hard to say single, double triple drah dangling nose exhaling power smoking, mel is on fire!!!

Length: 3:31 Price: $6


Glam clip-1875

MiMi sode view double dragging, with semi cone nose exhale there is so much residual smoke its heaven!!

Length: 4:13 Price: $6


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