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Glam clip-1880

Jess the bratt power smoking double drags side view and yes she does have a lovely cone exhales!!

Length: 3:14 Price: $6


Glam clip-1887

Pure power smoking with Sexy Melanie, this girl sure can put any smoker to shame, she is power smoking double draggin nose exhales its all there, the best!!!

Length: 2:46 Price: $6


Glam clip-1888

Cinthia double drags made easy, she is double draggin and produce god like exhales and make it look so natural its palin awesome!!

Length: 3:48 Price: $6



Glam clip-1895

Nice power smoking with Caro duble draggin some nose exhales betteween drag and great power smoking exhales, she is on fire!!

Length: 3:20 Price: $6


Glam clip-1902

Audrey right there in front of you, she is double draggin whith lots of hands free drags RAY style its close to perfection!!

Length: 3:21 Price: $6


Glam clip-1907

Sexy Melanie smoking up the living room smoking multiple 2 cigarettes at the same time, she is so cute doijng so with attitude!!

Length: 3:52 Price: $6


Glam clip-1908

Power smoking Tall, hands free double drags and nose exhaling, we just love to see her smoke like this its really good for her skinny lungs ;)

Length: 3:20 Price: $6


Glam clip-1909

Levy is simply relaxing after a long day at work, she needs her nic fit, double draggin and nice semi-side exhales so relaxed!!

Length: 3:01 Price: $6


Glam clip-1911

Dangling, nose exhaling, double draggin yes smoke bomb Amy is a smoke dream comming true we love her soooooooo much for her smoking addiction!

Length: 2:58 Price: $6

Glam clip-1933

Ivana is power smoking, side view dangling nose exhaling some nice double draggin, we want more!!!

Length: 3:55 Price: $6


Glam clip-1952

Power smoking Dangling nice double drags from BiBi her exhales and residual is incredible!!!

Length: 3:14 Price: $6

Glam clip-1958

Smoke BomB Amy dangling and semi power smoking its a great sight to see this girl is a power house smoker for life!!

Length: 3:21 Price: $6


Glam clip-1962

Stunning Mel is dangling nice double drags and mix exhales, you can feel the smoke entering her body!!!

Length: 4:10 Price: $6


Glam clip-1964

Bii was looking wonderfull and ready for a good nicotine buzz dangling all the way double draging and nose exhaling, yes she was intense!!

Length: 3:57 Price: $6


Glam clip-1979

Side view smoke BomB Amy, double draggin flowwed by some godly nose exhales!!!

Length: 3:45 Price: $6


Glam clip-1983

Power smoking Jess, yes this girl can real power smoke double and some triple drag nose exhaling!!

Length: 2:05 Price: $6

Glam clip-1983

Power smoking Jess, yes this girl can real power smoke double and some triple drag nose exhaling!!

Length: 2:05 Price: $6

Glam clip-1996

Sexy Melanie, is double dragging, standing up and engulfing you in her dreamy smoke!!!

Length: 3:09 Price: $6


Glam clip-2000

Cinthia dangling side view, power smoking nose exhaling, some double and triple drag, to see that cherry light up and the smoke pouring out of her nose is pure delight!!!

Length: 3:10 Price: $6


Glam clip-2005

Milf Anette double draggin like she needs it relax and satisfying, always a pleasure to watch her feed herself smoke like this!!!

Length: 2:36 Price: $6

Glam clip-2011

A new commer Cristal, they we love to see smoking, is double draggin not to hard, but the fact is there, when her smoke is comming for you, you just want to smell it all!!

Length: 2:56 Price: $6


Glam clip-2012

Ugly is featured side view dangling and nose exhaling some hard and fast smoking great nose exhaling and residual!!

Length: 2:42 Price: $6

Glam clip-2024

Power smoking Angy was smoke ungry, she managed to finsih a full 100mm in less then 2 mins!!

Length: 1:59 Price: $6


Glam clip-2026

Chealsea featured side view, you can feel her draggin hard on her cigarette, tip glowing hard, then comes the nose exhales, just perfect!!

Length: 3:08 Price: $6


Glam clip-2029

Ugly a mulatos girl, smoking up a storm double dragging and great exhales in the kitcheen!!

Length: 2:34 Price: $6


Oldest clips Pages 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 NEWEST clips Pages



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