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Slap clip-1

Evil Sun-shine and bii are teaming up for a total abusing power trip, both these girls are smoking him up good and slapping is silly face REAL hard they are talking to him and humiliate him the poor loser lose it all at a certain point butsun-shine and bii keep on blowing all there smoke and slapping the life out of him!! A must see clip;)

Length:6:37 Price: $5 


Slap clip-2

Evil ticha is really a evil Girl, she lights up a cigarette, and start toalking to him (in french) then start to face slap him REAL hard, to a point where he just want to leave But she grads him back and he has no choice she get pissed and the cam cuts, and cut back with him Strap to the wall, she then goes crazy on him, smoking him up and face slap him silly!!!  

Length:3:21 Price: $5


Slap clip-3

Marie is a freshly turned 18 chick, that has one hell of attitude, in this clip she has apoor loser at her mercy, she light up a cigarette and start blowing her smoke at him, and ash in is mouth, and she slap him hard in the face, telling him to open is mouth for her hot ash and burns him etc, NICE slapping from a dangerous girl!

Length:5:25 Price: $5


Slap clip-4

LOL just wow this poor guys was working on building a house and the girls went to talk to him, and told him that they needed a face slap bicth, the guy said yes so they bring him inside the studio, and there the clip was produce starting off with this random poor guy, pinned to the torture wall, Ticha and Nath went to work on him slowly but surely!!!

Length:4:53 Price: $5


Slap clip-5

The girls where not finish with the construction worker, duet of Tati and her friend came right after the other duets, and OMFG did did put him to a total punishment, like there is no tomorow the guy was red, and the girls where really slapping hard, poor guy never tough, we where serious when we ask for a slave for a couple of mins:)

Length:5:21 Price: $5


Slap clip-6

Sun-shine loves to make fun of the loser, she force him to put his head on her, while she tells him a story while slapping him silly all the time...yeah he was about to break;) she would of loved that, he is a total pussy!!

Length:7:12 Price: $5


Slap clip-7

Evil ticha and Jaja got this poor loser sarend wrap to a chair and he just CANT get away, this duet is face slapping and her REALLY enjoy doing it, the love to she the pain in is face;)

Length:3:57 Price: $5


Slap clip-8

This poor oser is still sarend wrap to the chair, but now right after the first duet come in another evil duet Sarah and cleo, the girls are slapping him silling and calling him a loser loughing at him!!, the poor slap slave CANT tolarate to be slapped, this is )URE torture for him, what a wimp!!!

Length:4:20 Price: $5

Slap clip-9

this poor loser got totaly served, Ticha and sun-shine, decided that it was time for him to go into is cage, but it dont like the idear so the 2 girls strated to slap him HARd, till he went alone in the cage......ROTFL he got fuck and is face was bitch slapped!!

Length:6:25 Price: $5


force clip-881

What a nice place to be on Audreys legs, seriously, she is smoking down on him and engulfing him in her thick smoke, and slaps in betteween drags, now thats my kind of girl!!

Length: 3:58 Price: $6





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