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Feet clip-076
Indy loves her feet and love to smoke so she decided to match them ;) she is sexy smoking with her feet, the end result is pretty good, its like she is kissing her foot at each drag she takes!
Length: 3:51 Price: $5

Feet clip-077
Footboy, is having the time of is life enjoying the smell of sun-shine's socks and feet's he goes for the hold nine yard, The way Sun-shine is looking at him, tells you a lot, she think that is the biggest loser of all time, and she has control over him....after all he is at her feet's!
Length: 5:25 Price: $5

Feet clip-078
Young Caro has VERY dirty and smelly feet's this girls walks a lot bare feet in the summertime so her feet's are REAL dirty!!!! she is laughing at foot boy has she rubs it all in is face you can feel that she enjoy having him at her feet's!
Length: 4:10 Price: $5 

Feet clip-079
Smoke bomb Amy is simply enjoying a good cigarette in her house, footboy is at is place witch is on her feet's this little princess don't care about this loser, she looks at him at some point like he was a freak of nature, has is licks and smell her feet's and between her toes it was smelly and tasty!
Length: 4:52 Price: $5

Feet clip-080
Annie just loves money, she is a money Bitch, poor footboy just loves her feet's too much to resist, he goes and smell and lick her dirty feet's, and Annie is asking for money and more, or he wont be able to keep on licking her dirty feet's, she love them that her feet!
Length: 4:48 Price: $5 

Feet clip-081
Bii is a very cruel girl part-1 she loves to use and abuse footboy, and she is openly laughing at him, real good, while she wants to go out and dance tonight, her dancing shows are dirty, so he tells him to lick them clean, and after that she order him to take them off and massage her dirty feet, they way she looks at him is just plain female
Length: 4:27 Price: $5

Feet clip-082
Bii is a very cruel girl part-2 and now the fun is starting!! footboy keep on licking and cleaning her ....but the only thing bii is doing is laughing at him, she told us that she just never seen such a big loser in her whole life!
Length: 4:22 Price: $5

Feet clip-083

Smoky Sun-shine is enjoying a good cigarette while she flash her feet's a little for you to enjoy her superiority, you just wish you could sniff and lick her godly feet's!

Length: 5:38 Price: $5

Feet clip-084
Salty is a very relax girl, that show no shame to show off her small feet's, she enjoy doing lots of stuff with her feet's one of them is making you smell and lick them !! in this clip she is bringing her foot to her mouth for every drag she takes off her cigarette then blows her creamy smoke right at you!
Length: 3:06 Price: $5

Feet clip-085
Now is the Time for footboy to smell and taste Salty's small but VERY smelly feet's she is texting on her cell phone then she start to have fun with him, laughing at him, and she start to abuse even more of poor little footboy she makes sure that no spot was left dry, she wanted him to take it all, her smell and clean up!!
Length: 4:59 Price: $5

Feet clip-086
cat woman is on fire she got her slave on the ground where he belongs, she talks to him ( in French) telling him to sniff her dirty feet's as it smell her victory vs. this loser she is joined by her good friend Bat girl, these evil super heroine, so no mercy for the weak!! the force there smelly feet's deep down into is mouth, rubbing there eels hard on is tongue totally domination!
Length: 8:29 Price: $5

Feet clip-087
Amy starts off outside, she love to be barefeet in the summer time;) this girl is VERY tall and has long and beautiful feet's, and they are Really dirty too, she goes in the studio and she gets installed on the couch, footboy is there at her command, she is rubbing and REALLY dirty feet's all of is pathetic loser face, you can see the smile on her face she enjoys the humiliation she is doing to him!
Length: 5:54 Price: $5

Feet clip-088
this girl is very petite but very bossy in fact she rocks, she enjoying checking out her stuff on the computer while footboy is giving her a totally good feet sniffing and licking to make sure she feels right at home, she enjoys her superiority over all weakling!
Length: 4:31 Price: $5

Feet clip-089
Chealsea is feeling at her ease enjoying a good cigarette smoking it with her foot, just showing she likes to bring her feet's to her mouth!
Length: 4:42 Price: $5

Feet clip-090
Amy is back from a little road trip, she has a nice pair of boots and nylons, she as sweat all day in those boots :) she comes inside, and she start tormenting footboy he is tied up and cant get away, Amy is there and the bench while she puts her dirty smelly nylons right in is face he sniffs and lick them real good while she ignore him while she is texting on her phone!
Length: 5:53 Price: $5

Feet clip-091
Bibi and her good friend when for a road
trip, they where nicely dress with nylons and there boots, once inside footboy is there waiting for is fun time, the girls are sitting on the sofa and calls him in, they rob there VERY stinky Nylons all over is loser face he was smelling it all hard core, then off goes then nylon and let place for the real stinky bonus!

Length: 7:05 Price: $5

Feet clip-092
this is what happened when you get 2 very dominate girl feet's abusing footboy, Ticha and Joa feet's are really seriously dirty, its not even funny, and they are enjoying forcing poor footboy like them clean, the girls are on dominate mode to the dismay of poor foot boy!
Length: 6:43 Price: $5

Feet clip-093
No feet's in this clip.....but its a interview
( in French) about what they thing about
 the foot fetish lover, lets just say that they
laugh at you pretty much all the way while
 enjoying a good cigarette!

Length: 5:15 Price: $5

Feet clip-094
Amy is such a BomB in what ever she
does in this clip she is smoking a good
cigarette and is positioned so that you
 can salivate offer her long her delicious feet's!

Length: 3:36 Price: $5

Feet clip-095
Omg total girls power feet delight! Verotix wanted her turn, it was Bibi's birth-day and the girls where drunk, and where on control degradation of men mode!!! all the girls are there partying like crazy, while verotix was enjoying a Very good foot job, her feet was full of her sweating from all that partying, it was pretty sour, to the girls pleasure!
Length: 4:36 Price: $5

Feet clip-096
Sarah like to control males sub, she has her dirty sock on, she is in control, telling him to lick between her toes where all the cheese is, and she makes sure to make suck her toes, and she is enjoying her cigarette and using is mouth for her ashtray, Total Sarah's feet's control!
Length: 7:07 Price: $5

Feet clip-097
VEry filthy and dirty feet, this MILF show no mercy for the weak men! she rubs are feet's all over this losers face and she is enjoying degrading him!
Length: 4:53 Price: $5

Feet clip-098
Annie is a very strict dominant Women, and she loves them when they are at her feet's, like this loser she order him, to clean up her dirty boot and to lick them good, then its time for the sniffing of her SMEALLY humid socks she wears them all day in her boots, so yeah they where VERY humid and smelly! before coming to the studio
Length: 4:31 Price: $5

Feet clip-099
Joa just love summer time, its the time where she walks bare feet all the time, so her feet's get REAL dirty and smelly, and she Just love to come to see us, to get a good foot licking and degradation of the slave session, she does enjoys it, you can feel it in her face!
Length: 5:21 Price: $5

Feet clip-100
Foot boy starts off taking Barby's sexy boots, and smell her feet's from top to bottom, he takes her socks off, you can see that Barby gets turn on a lot my male foot slaves, he licks and smell her godly feet's witch makes her even more excited!
Length: 4:22 Price: $5

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