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Smoke kiss clip-051

Tati and Nath the shy smoke kissing duet are back for more, there getting pretty good together, you can feel the smooth kissing when there lips are touching and the smoke exchange!

Length: 5:43 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-052
Very Sensual and awesome smoke kissing team, Sarah and bianka, and smoking up and a storm and sensually kissing at the same time!!
Length: 5:25 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-053
Nicole and Mia are real life sister in law, and yes they LOVE to smoke and kiss each other!! very Nice too;)
Length:4:26 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-054
this duet are really life friend and it shows just the way there smoking and kissing, its good to see a friendly smoke kissing duet!
Length: 4:07 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-055

keasha the mulatis and Air the blonde are real life friends they work toghter they live toghter and now they smoke and kiss toghter;) they are VERY sensual Smokey duet!

Length: 4:17 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-056
Jade and Veeka are smoke kissing and are feeling pretty damm sensual!!
Length: 4:28 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-057
Bibi and Sun-shine are not kissing but are real close there smoke exchanging ( swapping) and its pretty erotic too!
Length: 4:19 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-058
smoke kissing extrravengenza the ultimate duet is back, JaJa and Sarah are doing what they do best!!! witch is kissing and smoking!!
Length: 4:25 Price: $6


Smoke kiss clip-060
Monnie and caro, best friend kissing and smoking, its pretty hot and the girls know how to smoke and kiss;)
Length: 4:24 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-061
Kissing and smoking real life friend, Mini and barby, these girl show knees how to kiss, it was there first time kissing each other, even if they know each other for a very long time, but know there friendship got smokier and lets just say more sensual;)
Length: 4:05 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-062
JaJa and Sarah what else need to be said
about these 2 smoke kisser, there
are the best duet on the web!!!

Length: 5:32 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-063
Mini and barby still on fore, and they wanted
to do more this girl just love to smoke and
kiss, it was done in the car, it got really smoky
and steaming in there, they finish off out-side!

Length: 4:49 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-064
Mini and her roommate Alex, are simply
 good smoker and kisser they do this
on a regular base, the are what I
call awesome smoke-kisser,
 very sensual and taking there time!!!

Length: 4:59 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-065

Smoke kissing Awesome duet bibi and Marie-eve, this is simply sensual and smoky!!!

Length: 5:10 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-066
Sarah and Marie-eve are the perfect smoke kiss duet, pure sensuality and smoking heaven!
Length: 5:21 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-067
Bianka is with her best real life friend, and yes they do kiss a lot IRL;) in bar etc so when it come to smoking and kissing that's mixing the 2 best thing the love to do!!
Length: 4:40 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-068
Mini and Sarah are what
i like to call smoke kiss perfection, these girls are a good definition when it comes to smoking and getting down and sensual with another girl!, it was shoot in public near a biking road!!

Length: 4:19 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-069
Bii and Charly are simply sitting in front of each other its like if there was teasing each other blowing there smoke into each others face, like they want to kiss.....its there warm up scene!!!!
Length: 4:19 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-070

finally Bii and charley are feeling at there ease, and this smoky duet are smoking and kissing like it was second nature!!

Length: 4:02 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-071
mini and steph are real life friend that never kiss before , but lets just say that we started them, and now they told us that they smoke and kiss when ever they get drunk, its a good start, and yes they are REAL sexy and sensual smoke kisser!!!
Length: 4:25 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-072
Bianka and Sarah are a perfect duet for for sensual smoke kissing action ;) there outside in the yard feeling at there ease and enjoying life...smoke...and kiss!
Length: 4:11 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-073
Sarah and cleo are smoking and kissing in the car with all the widow rolled up good, these girls are so sensual and smoky it was thick in the car ;)
Length: 4:14 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-074
Smoking duet sensation, Amy and Bii, are smoking, sharing and kissing in this delightful smoke kiss clip!!
Length: 4:36 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-075
Sisters angy and bibi are smoke exchange sexy smoking with each other, its not kissing but damm close, smoking erotic and sensual.....till near the end the girls are more into a power  trying to choke the other with there creamy smoke, its unique!!
Length: 4:32 Price: $6


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make a list of the clips you want to purchase, and send it to my email: 

then I will send you a money request via paypal or paxum, once I get the payment I will send you a link to all the clips you wanted!!!


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