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Smoke kiss clip-076

OMFG this smoke kiss clip is what I call HOT!!!1
Annie and Mika, Annie is the smoker in this clip cause mika is a none-smoker, but WTF happens when they start kissing, mika goes crazy over annie's smoke and is kissing and smoke exchanging, this is a must see clip!

Length: 4:49 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-077

Eli and mini are room-mates, and her both VERY big smokers IRL, and when ever they start drinking, there kissing a little too, so yeah in this smoke kiss clip, its VERY nice all around!

Length: 3:50 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-078
Angie, and Blair in latex suits, smoking a good cigar and kissing, what else could be more sexy, seriously this smoke kiss duet is just plain sensual smoke kisser, there also best friend IRL;)
Length: 5:11 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-079
Bii and amy, are smoking nurses, and love to kiss, that's girls kissing and smoking!!
Length: 4:03 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-080
OMG Bibi and Verotix seriously if your buying only 1 clip this year...make it this one, these girls are cousin IRL and WoW they are so much into kissing and smoking they where drunk too!!
Length: 4:48 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-081
2 real lesbian with INCREDIBLE smoking style, the kiss was awesome since they do it on a daily base and Wow the smoking is pretty good huge pop inhales mix that all toghter and you get a VERY good smoke kiss clip!
Length: 5:06 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-082
Angy and her Best friend where in party mode dancing smoking kissing, they are what i call a VERY smoky and sensual kissing duet!
Length: 4:45 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-083
Bibi came to the studio with a VERY shy girl, this girl never EVER kissed another girl, and smoking at the same time....yeah lets just say that bibi tough her real face how to smoke kiss with a girl;)
Length: 4:45 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-084
OMG Bibi and verotix, are simply the best smoke kiss duet ever, they have the sensuality plus the smoking style, and there cousin..... ;)
Length: 4:51 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-085
Mel and dania are best friend IRL, in this clip they are feeling pretty at there ease just smoking real close to each other and doing some very nice sexy smoke exchange!
Length: 4:20 Price: $6

Smoke kiss clip-086

Smoke kiss clip-087

Smoke kiss clip-088

Smoke kiss clip-089

Smoke kiss clip-090

Smoke kiss clip-091

Smoke kiss clip-092

Smoke kiss clip-093

Smoke kiss clip-094

Smoke kiss clip-095

Smoke kiss clip-096

Smoke kiss clip-097

Smoke kiss clip-098

Smoke kiss clip-099

Smoke kiss clip-100

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