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Balloon clip-045
Just wow caro was soooooo sure she was going to make this easy... she starts off blowing her smoke right into her balloon, till she decided to go all out till it pops in her face, BUT what the hell happend, this ballon would simply not pop, seriously I have never EVER seen a girl blow so much it was a long process but she manage ti win vs this balloon from hell!!
Length: 15:52 Price: $6

Feet clip-025
Caro is getting ready to prepare supper, but she likes to make it while she gets her feet's cleaned up good, so all the while she is sitting on the counter while she talks to him (in French) on how she makes the supper so he better shut-up and lick clean her dirty smelly feet all the way!
Length: 5:34 Price: $6

Feet clip-054
Caro is a very dominant girl in a naturel ;) in this clip she wear the same socks 2 days in a row and she knows how much they are dirty and her feet's SMEALLY and cheesy ;), she enjoy looking at her toy boy sniffing and licking off of that smelly and cheesy feet's, she laugh at him cause he is where he belongs at her feet's!
Length: 4:23 Price: $6

Feet clip-055
Caro is now all just for you, she is smoking a cigarette in your face while you are looking at her beauty and her feet's, you are getting mesmerized by her and that's just what she wants!
Length: 4:30 Price: $6

Feet clip-101
Mom And Daughter are having so much fun and laughing at the loser, there feet's are soooooooo dirty and smelly, they are simply and totally dominating him in a perfect team of mom and daughter, rubbing and forcing there feet's all over is loser face!
Length: 4:13 Price: $6

Feet clip-107
Plz enjoy Caro smoking a good cigarette, you are sintting at her feet's where you belong has you gave the size of her long feet's, and she is enjoying it!
Length: 3:55 Price: $6

Bubble-gum clip-059

Caro is blowing medium and big size bubble with her gum, her face is like bubblegmaeif you ask me;)

Length: 4:13 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-013
Mom and young daughter Caro, are playing with the smoke machine, yes these girls are crazy about smoke and it show, they both take there turn. to smoke blast the other point blank in the face, its a pretty nice smoke dream from mom and daughter!!
Length: 5:32 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-025
Caro and her mom are enjoying a good cigarette, but there is a mystery person that comes in and smoke them up REAL good with the smoke machine!!
Length: 6:01 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-026
Caro's mom is smoking a good cigarette, and is purely smoking bathing her daughter with her smoke machine, when young carob starts to cough her mom lough at her and keeps on going and smoking!
Length: 3:52 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-027
It time for sweet Caro to get her revenge on her mom, caro is smoking up her mom real good with the smoke machine!!
Length: 6:26 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-028
lol, Caro's mom said to us let me smoke up my little once more, I need to show her how its done!!!
Length: 3:50 Price: $6

Smoke machine clip-029
The final part in the mom and daughter smoke out show, is finishing with Caro finishing off her mom with no regrets!
Length: 4:05 Price: $6

Cigar clip-301
Caro is back smoking cigars, to damage even more her weak lungs, this girl gets it good with the strength of the cigar;)
Length: 4:38 Price: $6


Cigar clip-320
Mom and daughter cigar smoking mom smokes small cigars at home on a regular basis;) she was a great example for her young daughter caro!
Length: 7:18 Price: $6

Cigar clip-371
Caro is smoking and relaxing with a good cigar, caro has come a long way she feels much more at her ease while enjoying her cigar!
Length: 4:48 Price: $6

Cigar clip-372
It time for little caro to get even more use to cigar, Sarah is taking care of that, each drag that Sarah takes all her exhales are forced into Caro's face and mouth, lets just say that we used a very strong cigar too, Caro is getting hooked on cigar by Sarah!
Length: 4:23 Price: $6

Cigar clip-398
Just Wow, Caro has come such a long way when it comes to smoking cigar....this is by far one of the good cigar video we are offering, this girl is a human cigar smoking machine, her style the way she pumps and inhales all that rich strong cigar smoke is just plain good!!~~~~not to be miss!
Length: 4:50 Price: $6

Cigar clip-404
Caro is back for more cigar action, this is has become a cigar sensation, she smokes like perfectly everyone was looking at her and was in wow with her cigar skillz!
Length: 4:26 Price: $6

Cigar clip-414
Caro is become a pro cigar teacher!!1, she is teaching her mom and her aunt, how to smoke a good cigar in a fashion way!
Length: 6:18 Price: $6

Cigar clip-442
Caro is masterd the cigar smoking skills needed to be call a Great cigar smoker she really loves her cigar now!
Length: 7:33 Price: $6

Cigar clip-453
Caro loves to smoke cigars and now she is ready to smoke 2 cigare at the same time for her delight!!!
Length: 5:24 Price: $6

Cigar clip-464
Mom and daugther enjoying a good cigar each its a cigar fiesta and both of them produce lots of smoke!
Length: 5:15 Price: $6

Cigar clip-472
Caro is simple cigar fantastic, she started with us 2 years ago has a none smoker, and now she is a full time smoker!! She learned cigar smoking also and now she is cigar fantastic!
Length: 4:42 Price: $6

Cigar clip-479
Caro is back for more cigar action, the more cigars she smoke the more she gets hook!!! and thats the way we like it, heavy cigar smoker!!
Length: 4:39 Price: $6

Cigar clip-488
Caro smoking a big cigar, side views for smoke nice cone exhales, Caro takes big drags and inhales all that strong cigar smoke!!
Length: 5:02 Price: $6

Cigar clip-504
Caro was slepid in the back seat car smoking a big fat cigar smoking up the front she loves her cigar and the smoke it produces!
Length: 4:48 Price: $6

Cigar clip-512

WoW just WoW, caro has done it again, the way she handles her cigar is just plain good, she puffs on it VERY hard the smoke is VERY thick then she inhales, wow you can see it all go in deep inside her, and she follows up with nice nose exhales!
Length: 4:52 Price: $6

Cigar clip-519

Caro feeling real happy enjoying a big fat stoogie, she is in control of her cigar and not the opposite....or is the cigar now controling her;)
Length: 4:35 Price: $6

Cigar clip-528

Pro cigar smoker Caro, is huffing puffing, inhaling and dangling her fat cigar, some nice cone exhales to boot!
Length: 4:38 Price: $6

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