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Spit clip-351
sun-shine is mad at 2 girl, so she printed there photos, and posted on her wall, she then proceeds to insult them ( in French) and she spit all over there faces!
then Bibi is going for a POV spitting session right into your loser face!
Length: 5:48 Price: $5 

Spit clip-352
Marie-EvE and Sarah are enjoying there cigarette with a loser at ground level is there to there mercy, they hock up some some serious spit, and let him have it all over is loser face and they also ash on is face like he was there ashtray!
Length: 5:22 Price: $5 

Spit clip-353
Its Ticha and bibi's turn to spit all over is loser face there using him has there personnel ashtray for there spitting and ash, its getting thicker and thicker!!
Length: 5:11 Price: $5 

Spit clip-354
The big final all 4 evil spitters are bunch toghter and they are finishing him off, real good, he was totally creamed good!!
Length: 5:04 Price: $5 

Spit clip-355
3 girls filling up a container whit no idea for who it will be used on, nice hocking and spitting thick stuff trying to fill it up the most they can!!
Length: 10:43 Price: $5  

Spit clip-356
now that the container is good to go, they dropped it into there next focus, witch was a good glass, the clip start off and the girls keep on filling up the good glass, with still no ideas as who will get hit good with all that Phlegm and it finish by being a VERY full glass!!
Length: 6:56 Price: $5 

Spit clip-357
The big loser has been chosen and is ready to get totally humiliated, the 3 girls spat all over poor Sarah's face, she got really creamed good and it was her very first time the girls finish her off with the spit glass over her face, Sarah told us that she NEVER EVER felled so degraded has this in her whole life!!!
Length: 9:55 Price: $5 

Spit clip-358
Bibi is the first of a good spitting trio, she is spitting point blank in is face, he just cant get away since he is stuck in the torture table, bibi was laughing her ass off at the loser, cause her phlegm was sticking like it was glue on is face!
Length: 5:03 Price: $5 

Spit clip-359
mini was the second to pass on the spit loser
and it was her very FIRST spitting clip
She was looking at him and she was degusted
so she start to spit all over is face
to make it even thicker in is face,
she was laughing a lot over is situation;)
Length:5:13 Price: $5 

Spit clip-360
Shandy was the last of the trio so yeah the spit was putting a toll on is face;) it was also
Shandy's very first spit clip, she was spitting on
is face and yes laughing like he was a BIG FAT
Length: 3:39 Price: $5 

Spit clip-361

3 some are ready to finish him off, the spit got thicken by each girls going in each there turn, and this clip is the final, all 3 of them creaming is face for the finishing touch!

Length: 4:48 Price: $5 

Spit clip-362

Amy is pure Heaven for the P.O.V lover she is a good hocker and perfect spitting she delivers hard!

Length: 5:21 Price: $5 

Spit clip-363
15ml of amy's spit she was hocking up and spitting in this measure glass to see how much spit she will have to play with her spit slave!!
Length: 7:02 Price: $5 

Spit clip-364
so yeah Amy final spit domination, the spit the was use in the P.O.V is still on the bench she takes the spit slaves head and rub it hard in her spit on the bench, she then continues to empty her little jug of spit on the bench and rub is loser face in it again not the best angle but all around good ;)
Length: 3:08 Price: $5 

Spit clip-365
poor chev add no idea what was going to happened when she came to the studio with Joa LOL we pinned her to the wall and Joa and ticha went all out spitting all over her loser face, you can see the girls having fun, while poor BIG chev is getting a good spit beating, she did not like it ....LOL
Length: 6:20 Price: $5 

Spit clip-366
Phlegm Queen is back, bibi is hocking up pure phlegm on her table, every time I see her do that I just CANT understand how in the world can she produce such thick stuff!!
Length: 14:00 Price: $

Spit clip-367
Spit Evil ticha is at hit again;), this time she has the loser all saran wrap on a bench he simply cant move, her only point in this clip is to spit in is ear till it reach is brain;), once she filled up is ear she plays with is ear to make sure all her phlegm goes right deep down inside is brain!!!
Length: 5:51 Price: $5 

Spit clip-368
Spit queen Sun-shine is full on spitting on the bench solo, till she think there is enough on the bench, then she grabs the spit loser by is hair, and she force is stupid head point blank into her spit and phlegm, she is having fun and making sure and gets it all she rubs is face hard and strong in it!!!
Length: 4:40 Price: $5 

Spit clip-369
Spit Evil ticha is easy going and taking her time filling up a total of 5 shooter glass, that she is filling up right in front of him, she has and show no mercy for the loser, once the 5 spit shooter are ready to go she grabs him hard and force him to swallow all that love juice coming from her!!!
Length: 18:40 Price: $5 

Spit clip-370
this is the total spit snack, bianka goes in she hock and spit has much phlegm has she possibly can, she is followed by cleo  hocking with all her might, she is followed by bibi the human phlegm machine next up is sun-shine, so that's a total of 4 girls giving all they have to produce a mighty spit container, humm wondering what will happened with this yummy spit container from these 4 spit goddesses!!
Length: 24:51 Price: $6

Spit clip-371
This was a custom request, ticha is spitting on a table she is hocking her life up, and spitting it all on the table she then plays with it to show you what she is all about ;)  sticky and yummy stuff ;)
Length: 18:03 Price: $6

Spit clip-372
Caro is spitting in your face point blank, P.O.v style she is a power spitter you can feel her spit coming right out you!!
Length: 5:11 Price: $5 

Spit clip-373
this poor girl add no idea that she was going to end up pinned on a wall and she was going to get the worst humiliation of her life, the first duet of Bianca and Sarah  shows no mercy and spit all over her disgusting face, and there having fun!!!
Length: 4:50 Price: $5 

Spit clip-374
up next to make the spit even thicker on her loser face Itch and Tati are the next team to pass on her, and yes they put a toll on her face and the spit (phlegm) is getting thicker and thicker!!
Length: 4:23 Price: $5 

Spit clip-375
the final part of the poor ebony girls, the spit is pretty think in her face right now;) but now its the 4 girls at the same time.... yeah she got spit humiliated bad!!
Length: 5:02 Price: $5 

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