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Spit clip-401
Bianca is one mean girl, and this clip will show you this ;), she order the loser to get out of her truck, and come in front of the window, she hold is head tight, he already is tied up and duck tape over is mouth, just the way she likes them, stupid and at her mercy, she proceed to spit over and over in the only place he has left for breathing, right in is nose!!
Length: 4:26 Price: $5

Spit clip-402
Spit on the dog;), the girls are spitting all over this poor loser, there is a total of 10 girls surrounding the cage, and the loser is stuck in the cage, this is one of the clip you need to have this year!
Length: 6:26 Price: $

Spit clip-403
OMFG phlegm force to swallow, sister Angy and bibi have fill up a full 2.5 onz glass, the spit slave is on is back with the funnel ready to go, they first proceed to empty that pure phlegm glass right in then they keep on spitting over and over trying to keep it full, yet again ~~~~clip alert~~~
Length: 5:25 Price: $5  

Spit clip-404
bound and force to swallow all that ticha wants to give him, and its awesome that way she control is head, he got no choice he is her spit puppet!!
Length: 6:37 Price: $5 

Spit clip-405

10 girls OMFG spit domination clip, each girls are teamed up in pair of 2 and there passing each there turn spit train style!!, simply amazing spitting action from the best of the best!

Length: 6:31 Price: $6

Spit clip-406
Evil duet compose of Sun-shine and Ticha, got the loser pinned down on the torture bed, these girls only point, is to spit point blank in is nose, and make him eat all there cigarette ash, seriously, the amount of spit that is drop by these 2 evil spitter that goes straight in is nose is unbelievable~~~clip alert!
Length: 7:49 Price: $5 

Spit clip-407
Ticha is brushing her toots and some nice hocking all in the sink, I bet you wish you where the sink!!
Length: 5:26 Price: $5 

Spit clip-408
Angy is ready to do the total spit nose job on the poor dummy, that is pinned to the wall, she puts in the duct tape over is mouth, just to make she that the only thing he can breath in is her spit (loggies) and breath, she is not afraid to get dirty too, she makes sure that her spit goes where its suppose too!
Length: 5:29 Price: $5 

Spit clip-409
Amy and bii are in total control of the spit slave, its a chilly nigh, the girls have there winter jacket, but made sure the spit slave has nothing on him, to suffer even more, the girls spits all over is freezing face all the way, nice jet spits!
Length: 5:34 Price: $5

Spit clip-410
Ticha has a big cold, and she is doing everything possible to give it too him, she blows here nose in the Kleenex then she proceeds to rub that Kleenex in is mouth over and over just to make sure he gets her big cold, she hock so NICE loogies right into is mouth and force him to swallow all, now that's passing along a cold!
Length: 6:46 Price: $5 

Spit clip-411
10mins of pure spitting phlegm from bibi, she plays with the small puddles she produce on the table!
Length: 10:03 Price: $5 

Spit clip-412
Annie, Caro and Dents got spit boy, where he needs to be in caro's bed on is back with a good funnel connected to is mouth!, the girls are passing each there turn to spit in the funnel, it was dents first time ever spitting in a funnel, she add small problems, but its ok ;) the slave add to swallow it all!
Length: 4:48 Price: $5

Spit clip-413
Wow ticha yet again control everything about
her slave, she has control over what he
breaths and what he swalow, she smokes a
cigar right in is nose via a tube, and spit
like crazy loggies right in the funnel,
now thats what I call ottal control over a dummy!
Length: 10:01 Price: $5

Spit clip-414
stupid dummy slave has money and what's to party, he comes in the music playing, the girls. are really not interested in him..they want to party...with is money and not him, so they throw him on the wall, and start spitting all over is lover face, and he keeps on paying them, till they decided it was enough and pin him to the wall. he they keeps on spitting on him, till he crumbles, they leave the loser there and on to party!
Length: 7:22 Price: $5 

Spit clip-415
the spit slaves was going out with spit bomb amy, but she dish him out...she broke up and know he tries to conquer her but she lough at him and spit all over is loser face in public street!
Length: 3:27 Price: $5 

Spit clip-416
Nurse sun-shine is filling up a BIG syringe full of her mucus and phlegm she is hocking and making sure all her evil is put in there, she ten proceed to see her sick patient to give him is spit medicine, she feed him all of it!!
Length: 12:57 Price: $5 

Spit clip-417

Spit clip Sisters Angy and bibi and there cousin Verotix are spitting
 all over this poor losers face, it was thick and
vicious;)at a certain point verotix add to get out  the girls where drunk and verotix add a little too much! call it a spit party!-417

Length: 4:52 Price: $5 

Spit clip-418
Part-2 of the spit party, the girls add spit enough  in is face, now it was time to force him to take it all down deep, all 3 girls are going each there turn spitting into is forced open mouth I am telling you that these 3 girls are just plain incredible spitting machine!
Length: 4:26 Price: $5 

Spit clip-419
Spit Master Ticha, is spitting all over your loser face P.O.V style...she is also keeping all her
 spit on the bench for the next part in this series!!
Length: 5:07 Price: $5

Spit clip-420
Spit master Ticha from her P.O.V clip series, the spit has all come down the glass and is now on the bench ticha was feeling wicked, so she calls in her spit slave and rub is head hard and all her spit and force him to lick it clean the bench all the way treating him like a real loser
Length: 3:57 Price: $5 

Spit clip-421
Wow poor spit slave pinned to the torture wall and duct tape covering is mouth good the only way he can breath is via is nose, spit Bomb Amy comes in trying to drown the lose in her spit, making sure that every single of her spit goes deep inside him, this is pure spitting female domination!
Length: 4:37 Price: $5 

Spit clip-422
bibi showing no pity or remorse for the poor
 loser, He tough that he add a living chance
 with bibi, she dumped him on the street
she is spitting all over is loser face on a
 public street, and yeah he is begging to
 get in...BUT bibi keeps in spitting on
 him she don't fucking care about him!
Length: 5:17 Price: $5 

Spit clip-423
WoW Bianca is in total control of the dummy
 that is pinned to the torture wall, with
 duct tape over is mouth, she proceed to
 make him breath in all the spit she
 yeah she open up is nosetrill real
good and spit deeply into him!!
Length: 5:11 Price: $5 

Spit clip-424
Spit master ticha loves to flash her female superiority over here dummy, she just finish eating and is now enjoying a good coffee and her cigarette, she is spitting point blank in is face, its like a habit she has to humiliate him in everyway possible she covers is face full of her spit and hot ash, so yeah now he looks like a total idiot!!
Length: 7:41 Price: $5 

Spit clip-425
2 VERY evil nurses are on a mission to save a dying patient, they start off by spitting there life all in the seringue until there is enough to knock out him off silly!!they then proceed to there patient that is pinned and CANT get away, they force feed him all the total of there spitting seringue to there delight!!
Length: 9:41 Price: $5 

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