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Spit clip-026
seriously I have never seen so much, evil facial expression, and it was not stage, the girls where spitting on him for the last 15min each there turn, and now its the trio, Cynthia come a little late, but she add stuff to take care....If your buying 1 spitting clip this years make it this one, you wont be sorry!!!
Length: 8:45 Price: $4

Spit clip-027
Younger Sister Bibi is spitting on on best friends face, you can see that she don't felt at ease, the first min but then yeah she gets is going, and she is a hocking sound to for, the best part is where holder sister Angy comes in like a surprise boon a big one right in the eye's. she was telling me I have a big one, can a give it to her.........Angy could not contenting herself and make an appearance here and there to help bibi in blasting poor ina!!!
Length: 5:03 Price: $4

Spit clip-028
This is a Female on Female spitting clip, PART-2 Angy gets her turn soloing Ina's poor face, the spit is getting thicker;)
Length: 5:02 Price: $4


Spit clip-029
Part-3 this is the last of Ina's nightmare, both sisters Angy and BiBi are teaming up on her the spit was already thick on her face, when they stared the duets, but in the end, you can Cleary see, that se got hit bad!!! her make up is all dripping in the spit etc!!!
Length: 5:13 Price: $4

Spit clip-030
Featuring Sun-shine spitting on you litlle loser!!!
Length: 5:04 Price: $4

Spit clip-031
Yeah she's is back (Sun-shine) but this time its face to face!!!
Length: 5:06 Price: $4

Spit clip-032
Veeka's was having a blast on spit on the poor spit slave, lets just say she add fun!!!
Length: 9:10 Price: $4

Spit clip-033
Veeka's Back for round-2 this time she is OVER him, and he is stuck between her legs, she hock's up some nasty loggies and spit it all in is helpless face, and use him has a HUMAN ashtray. then when she is done, she puts on her glove and rub all the spit ring into is skin!!!
Length: 8:08 Price: $4

Spit clip-034
Veeka's Back for round-3 this time she is abusing the spit slave on the bed, the smiles she makes you say she is EVIL!!! Dry hocking sound
Length: 5:36 Price: $4

Spit clip-035
Yeah she is back and hocking up some serious loggies that goes right in is face, and she just LOVES to do it!!!
Length: 5:45 Price: $4

Spit clip-036
Yeah you can clearly see the reaction on sophism face, when she spit on that poor spit slave, she add a good FUNNY reaction!!! She do suffer from severe asthma, so all those small hock are direct from her lungs....and she came after sun-shine so she just keep on pilling up the spit in is face!!!
Length: 5:15 Price: $4

Spit clip-037
Sun-shine and Sophie are best friend IRL, and there team work shows it well!!, at some point EVIL Sun-shone wait till the spit slave open is eye to spit right in it, seriously awesome clip!!!
Length: 6:05 Price: $4

Spit clip-038
Tatiana is hocking up some serious spit and she is over you, right in your face!!!!
Length: 5:13 Price: $4

Spit clip-039
Tatiana is hocking up some serious spit and this time she is facing you!!!!
Length: 5:16 Price: $4

Spit clip-040
sun-shine is spitting on the poor spit slave, the eye's shoot are pretty incredible, she finish him up rubbing all that fungus (spit) right in is face, to make sure her spit gets right IN him!!!
Length: 6:13 Price: $4

Spit clip-041
Sophie and sun-shine are giving a blast, there hocking and spitting on him, and they show NO merci!!! fun is to the max with these 2 best real life friend;)
Length: 6:08 Price: $4

Spit clip-042
Yeah a little Girls on girls action, Bibi and Ina, are hocking and spitting right on angy pretty face, she get it bad, in her nose etc, must for the F/F spitting lover!!!
Length: 5:16 Price: $4

Spit clip-043
Its Ina's turn Verotix and bibi where having some real FUn, hocking and spitting all over her face, a good part is when bibi gets up-close to her nose and give her a big one right in it!!! and to ear verotix laughing is just plain kool!
Length: 5:36 Price: $4

Spit clip-044
Yeah its bibi's turn to get hit by huge chunks of spit!!! Angy and Ina are bath spitting on her, Ina just love to spit right in her nose...LOL and Ina does play with the spit on bibi's face, poor her, her make up was all over her face!!
Length: 5:45 Price: $4

Spit clip-045
Angy, Bibi and INa all teamed up to smoke on poor Verotix, she came to the studio to do some smoking clips....BUT ended up getting spit on~~!!!! the girls have there glove are are just spitting on her face and just rub it a certain point she thinks lots funny but then she goes like make a face like she is out of air...;)
Length: 5:27 Price: $4

Spit clip-046
Evil Sun-shine, is abusing her spit slave, he is bound to the bench, and the only place her spit is going is right in is NOSE!!! PS: she add a wicked cold too!!!
Length: 7:17 Price: $4

Spit clip-047
Evil Sun-shine, is abusing her spit slave, he is bound to the bench, and the only place her spit is going is right in is eye's!!! PS: she add a wicked cold too!!!
Length: 6:28 Price: $4

Spit clip-048
EVIL sun-shine has a REAL cold and right at the start she tell you that she will make her spit slave eat it all OR she will burn him....witch in there she does burn him, cause he DONT like to get spit in is mouth, so she abuse of poor little him, he CANT get away anyway (tied-up) on the bench, she is hocking and coughing and then Boom spit in is open choice but to take it!!!
Length: 7:29 Price: $4

Spit clip-049
Sun-shine is abusing her pathetic spit slave he is at her knees and she is hocking and spit on is face, and in is mouth, and order him to swallow all her GROSS spit!!!
Length: 6:32 Price: $4

Spit clip-050
Sun-shine is at it again!!!, this time her spit slave is bound to a modified bench he just CANT get away, so she spit is hocking and spitting right in is face, right off the start she hocks up a VERY thick hoggie (like glue) right in is eye and it stayed there all the time like it was glued in is eye...LOL
Length: 7:13 Price: $4

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