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Spit clip-551
Spit master Ticha and Sun-shine forced the loser to watch while they filled up a VERY good pouding container, they mixed it up with lots and lots of there thick loogies till the consitance was pure gross, they the force feed him all of it;)
Length: 9:25 Price: $5

Spit clip-552
a real spit nightmare for the Slave, Sarah is one good spitter and she likes to go get her loogies deep down;) she has the loser pinned to the torture bench, whit a nice duct tape covering his muth, she hock real good very close to is nose he has no ther choice but to smell what ever she will spit point blank at him!
Length: 4:43 Price: $5

Spit clip-553
Pure phelghm machine bibi, hocking and spitting pure litlle phelghm puddle, and once she has enough she is gathering it all in ne massive slime...soo nice then she tries to put it into a seringue but its pure thickness so she does her best ;)
Length: 10:27 Price: $5


Spit clip-554
Spit Master Ticha is hocking and spitting thick loogies right down the loser's troath, he has no choice but to take it all, she makes sure of that, she even plug up is nose to make sure he swalow every single drop of her sweet nectar!
Length: 4:47 Price: $5

Spit clip-555
Total spit domination with Caro, the poor soul was pinned to the wall, cough not talk and could not see, what caro is mustering up, she is totaly drench his face for about 20min long, yeah he could only breath in her sweet spit!
Length: 19:36 Price: $6

Spit clip-556
Poor Mel was pinned to the torture wall, and could simply do nothing at all, except getting degraded by these 4 godly spitters, her face was drenching good from all the spit she got in the face, and to see the look on the girls that where spitting on her, they where having a good time;)
Length: 7:47 Price: $6

Spit clip-557
Sexy Ivana, is on fire, she likes it when the loser CANT get away and is bound and ready to be spit abused;) she hock reaaly close to his nose anf force him to smell her breath while sheis hocking and preparing a big loogie, that she is spitting all over his loser face to degrade him even more....she really thick that he is a real loser to allow this to be on the internet;)
Length: 6:57 Price: $5

Spit clip-558
Damm bibi show no mercy for the little man, she is drowning him in her thick spit like you never saw before....this needs to be seem to be believed!!
Length: 7:47 Price: $5

Spit clip-559
Now that bibi was finish with the litlle men, it was time to add a litlle more spit, and totaly force the thick ball of phelghm right into the losers mouth he is tied up so he CANT do anything about it, once she puts it all in, she goes in and take it out and drop it in again pure joy, till she decided that it was time for the loser to swalow all of it to her enjoyment!
Length: 5:38 Price: $5

Spit clip-560
Busty Betty add the loser the way she wanted helpless and at her spitting mercy!!! she is spitting lots of thick loogies point blank into his mouth, for her pleasure!
Length: 3:48 Price: $5

Spit clip-561
2 of our big spitter add a good idea, they hock and spit all there gutz into a big glass then they mix it with some milk just a litlle bit, spit and milk dont mix good, if you know what i mean ;) plz enjoy this EVIl spit glass making then the girls  will put it to goo use!!
Length: 8:33 Price: $5

Spit clip-562
Now that the girls have finishthe most evil
 spit glass ever....milk and this spit dont mix well;) yeah its real evil the girl get the loser at the table and proceed to force feed him
all those thick loogies lets just say that its unique!!
Length: 5:24 Price: $5

Spit clip-563
Spit mater Sarah was just plain incredible
spitting over and over to make sure the
loser's face is totaly drench in her thick spit
and god knows how much Sarah can spit!
Length: 6:54 Price: $5

Spit clip-564
Betty Betty is spitting down on your little face P.O.V style but she wants to keep all that spit for a litlle plan she has ;)
Length: 5:27 Price: $5

Spit clip-565
Yeah now Busty Betty is on fire controlling
 the poor loser forcing his mouth open to
 spit right in it, like it or not, she has all
the spit on the glass beside her, at the
 end she tries to empty it all in is mouth,
but SADLY it goes on his face :(  it was
suppose to go point blank into his mouth:(
Length: 5:36 Price: $5

Spit clip-566
Ticha is a show no mercy for the weak kinda of girl, she controls what ever happends to the loser, she engulf him in her smoke use him has her personal human ashtray, all the while drenching his loser face full of spit!!
Length: 7:51 Price: $5

Spit clip-567
Pure spit domination from Sun-shine she likes to impose contorl over losers total control, she force open his mouth all the way no other choice but to take it all in!
Length: 5:36 Price: $5

Spit clip-568
Caro is one of our many power spitters, she has he loser pinned to the torture wall, so yeah he was pretty much at her mercy, Caro has one plan in mind and thats to drench his loser face full of her thick spit!
Length: 7:14 Price: $5

Spit clip-569
Annie, Mel Sarah and Ivana all 4 girl add 2 seringue, they wanted to filled them up real good, and they have a plan to inject all that thick spit into someone;)
Length: 5:25 Price: $5

Spit clip-570
The seringue are ready to go the loser is pnned to the torture bench are is NOT ready for what the girls are about to impose on him, force feeding him the content of both seringue to there amusment!!
Length: 4:34 Price: $5

Spit clip-571
Bibi is filling up the table full of litlle phelghm pudles, she has 1 wicked plan in mind...and let me tell you that its PURE EVIL!!!
Length: 10:53 Price: $5

Spit clip-572
Now for the imposible, bibi is putting all those pudles in one big slime ball, she plays a litlle with it, but then she controls the loser, and makes sure that he takes every single drop of this huge spit ball, and shove it deep inside is mouth, then she puts duct tape over is mouth to make ure that nothing will get out;), she press hard against is face to make sure he understand that he will have to swalow it or not!
Length: 6:34 Price: $5

Spit clip-573

On a nice summer night, Sarah and Ivana wanted some fun, they call the loser to come over, but once there, they put him on is knees for them to spit all over is face, drenching in totaly the girl wanted fun, and thats just what they add, once finish they are going out to the club!

Length: 4:52 Price: $5

Spit clip-574
Serpent Girl Mel is a big time spitter, and now she has loser pinned to the wall and totaly at her mercy, she force him to look deep down her mouth has for hock all that she can up close to his nose to make sure that he inhales every single drop her her spit!!
Length: 7:39 Price: $5

Spit clip-575
Godly Spitting duet, Sarah and Ivana, are spit abusing the loser enjoying a good cigarette and smoking his life away, while they are drenching his face real good, covering it in there cigarette ash....a real loser getting spit drenched and used has a human male degradation live on internet!
Length: 6:28 Price: $5

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