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Spit clip-626

She is controling hom anf forcing him to swalow all her spit, she blind folded him to make sure he dont get a chance to look at such a beauty the only chance he gets is to be forced by this blonde bomB to swalow all her spit!

Length: 4:48 Price: $5

Spit clip-627

Part-1 Sun-shine preparing his pizza just the way she wants it, she orded a pizza last night and now she is spitting all over her rest, and yes she goes all out spitting hard tryinh to cover all the juicy pizza full of her spit!

Length: 6:12 Price: $5

Spit clip-628

Part-2 Sun-shine preparing his juicy pizza, now that the pizza is really jucy its time to prepare the special drink he will be force to take with is juicy pizza, she spits thick loogies in a glass mix it up with a litlle milk and some Baileys to make sure she ruins everything this loser likes!!

Length: 7:03 Price: $5


Spit clip-629

Part-3 Sun-shine preparing his juicy pizza, the time has come sun-shune loves this part, she lights up a good cigarette, smoke up is life ashing on is spit filled foor and drink, and force him real good to take it all real good!

Length: 10:39 Price: $5

Spit clip-630

Zanny, Mel and Audrey all good spitters are filling up a real nice spit cocktail and yes there is lots of hocking and fun filling it up!

Length: 6:35 Price: $5


Spit clip-631

Audrey, Zanny and Mel spitting all over your face point blanck P.O.V and there finishing it up, by taking it all and mixing it at there spit glass!!! I am wondering what will the girls do with all this spit ;)

Length: 6:39 Price: $5


Spit clip-632

Totaly bound in sarend wrap good the poor guy add no choice but to take anything and everything that Zanny and Mel wanted to force him to take including lots of spit and yes the nig spit glass too;)

Length: 4:34 Price: $5


Spit clip-633

Surronded by Sophie and Ticha 2 good spitters the girls where drenching is face away slowly!

Length: 5:55 Price: $5

Spit clip-634

Sarah was on a evil spitting trip, she smokes a good cigarette spit on the table and makes him lick her spit then she engulf him in her smoke and spit again on the table and makes sure he gets totaly humiliated by her and she ash in her spit to add to the degradation!

Length: 5:09 Price: $5

Spit clip-635

Forcing is mouth wide open to make sur he gets every drop of her thick spit nectar and you can see on her face that she likes every min of it!!

Length: 5:15 Price: $5


Spit clip-636

part-1 nice compilation of the new spitting extravaganza from phelghm machine bibi there is a wicked plan behing this!!!

Length: 10:33 Price: $5

Spit clip-637

part-2 nice compilation of the new spitting extravaganza from phelghm machine caro there is a wicked plan behing this!!!

Length: 13:37 Price: $5


Spit clip-638

Part-3 a nice added touch and the mix up!! Bibi and Caro are doing there feets making them clean and smooth and all that comes out of there feets is going right into the BIG mix up of the 2 spit glass from both girl, wich give a massive spit glass with a litll extra ;)

Length: 11:07 Price: $5

Spit clip-639

part-4 the big spitting final BIG, now the girls are ready they fillis face full of spit by spitting real hard on it, then it comes the big special spit glass, the thing is just so thick the girls can do what ever they want with there spit rubbing it good all over is face making sure it enters is skin!!

Length: 5:14 Price: $5


Spit clip-640

Sun-shine and sophie are enjying there time with the loser, he was like a real spit target for them, there controling him like a spit puppet and they are the boss drenching is face away!!

Length: 5:02 Price: $5


Spit clip-641

Ticha likes to enforce things, and she is giving him no other choice but to swalow every thing she spit at him, controling is head and focing is mouth open she show no mercy for the weak!!

Length: 4:54 Price: $5

Spit clip-642

a very nice spit container in the making with Busty Betty, Mel and Audrey, it was pretty nasty espacaly comming from Mel here is the finish spit contianer!!!

Length: 6:38 Price: $5


Spit clip-643

The girls are ready to call in the loser he must be on is knees and ready for a total spit humiliation spit face drenching by these 3 spitting beautys!!!

Length: 4:17 Price: $5


Spit clip-644

And now for the big final, the 3 girls are happy with all the spit they have collected and now its time to rock-and-roll, the girl have to loser down on is back, they take this huge flexible tube audrey makes sur that is takes it all, the expresion on the girls face is just plain out of this world!!

Length: 5:56 Price: $5


Spit clip-645

P.O.V With Verotix, bibi and a new girl, the girls are all spit humiliating you dicetly in your face, you got coverd;)

Length: 7:19 Price: $5


Spit clip-646

part-1 spit face drencher first duet Dania and a new young girls, they wantend to drench is face good in teams of 2 and they like for him to breath in there spoit too, thats why they have ducktaped is mouht shutt good, only way possible for him to survive is to breath it!!

Length: 4:36 Price: $5


Spit clip-647

part-2 spit face drencher second duet Mel and audrey, the girls start where the first duet finish the loser's face was thick with spit and even more once the second deadly spitting duet passed!!

Length: 4:30 Price: $5


Spit clip-648

Part-3 spit face drencher, the time has come tp give him the finishing spit face drenching extravaganza, all 4 girls are at it, for a maximum effect!!

Length: 5:18 Price: $5


Spit clip-649

part-1 face spits koolnees!!

2 duet one after the other none stop spitting action, first duet is Sarah and melanie, Sarah is having a good time looking at poor melanies face in disgrace, up next is 2 godly spitter cinthia and mimi lets just say that the loser got is face spit creamed good!

Length: 7:03 Price: $6


Spit clip-650

part-2 face spits koolnees!!

wow, now it was not finish it was time for all 4 girls at once to finish the poor soul up, the girls add a lot of fun and laughing at Melanie that was totaly grossed out!!!

Length: 3:22 Price: $5


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