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Spit clip-076
she is spitting in your Face, and loving it;) she font always get the good aim, but when she does it a GREAT feeling
Length: 5:09 Price: $4

Spit clip-077
Evil Sun-shine and Sophie, add both there turn solo, and now its the duet some serious hocking and spitting, you can see the fun Sun-shine is having she is the definition of PURE EVIL!!
Length: 6:53 Price: $4

Spit clip-078
Did you ever wish that Sun-shine's would hocking and spit in your face :) and yeah She is a pretty good with her aim!!!
Length: 5:42 Price: $4 

Spit clip-079
Sophie is spitting right in your face no hocking and her spit seems kind of THICK sometimes!!!
Length: 5:25 Price: $4

Spit clip-080
This is the most GROSS spit glass in the world, seriously so much hocking heavy helm went into this glass, its just plain evil, featuring Sun-shine, Bibi, and Chanelle, have fun!!!
Length: 9:06 Price: $4 

Spit clip-081
this is part from a series of spit, from the girls that did the ~~~Fill it up-2 clip~~~ guest where its going;), anyway this first part featured Evil Sun-shine and Bibi, they both are hocking some nasty phlegm and spit all over is poor little face!!!
Length: 6:32 Price: $4

Spit clip-082
Next up is Chanell and Sun-shine the spit is getting thicker and thicker, and its none stop, heavy hocking!!!
Length: 8:01 Price: $4

Spit clip-083
next up is Bibi and chanelle major hocking and did I mention the spit is getting thicker and thicker;) now this is 15min a in row of heavy hocking and spitting action right in is face!!!

Length: 6:10 Price: $4

Spit clip-084
This is THE BEST spit clips ever, and what a final, the 3 girls are attacking him with there hocking and spitting on and in him....they then proceed to poor the glass right in is mouth while holding is head...seriously I never seen so much spit on someone.....its got to be seen to be believe, it was none stop since part-1 no break nothing just plain TOTAL spit control
Length: 9:26 Price: $4

Spit clip-085
Sun-shine/bibi/chanelle, are totally abusing this poor spit slave, and there forcing hi to eat it all, right in is mouth, if he don't open he gets a good cigarette yeah he better open up ;) at a certain point bibi press so hard on is head to get is mouth open its just plain Godly;) and yeah Evil sun-shine add to burn is nipple for her own evil leisure, awesome forces swallowing spit!!
Length: 6:12 Price: $4

Spit clip-086
chanelle and Bibi are both AWSOME phlegm machine hocking it up good, and filling up a glass!!!

Length: 5:12 Price: $4

Spit clip-087
Veaka and Choi keep on filling the glass with some heavy spitting, they kept the same glass that chanel and bibi filled up, so yeah there a lot of spit gathering in the evil glass;)

Length: 5:08 Price: $4

Spit clip-088
Veeka and Busty chanelle or hocking and spitting in this poor Loser, and yeah there having a blast doing it the abuse is there!!!
Length: 5:33 Price: $4

Spit clip-089
It now time for Choi and Bibi, they following the EVIL duo of Veeka and Chanll, they keep on pilling up serious spit all over is face, and laughing at him
Length: 4:58 Price: $4

Spit clip-090
This is the final in this 3 part series, now all the girls are there, the spit is already thick and juicy, they have there gloves on, and keep on spitting is is poor little loser face, the the empty the Yucky glass full of thick phlegm right in is face, and rub it in good, so it gets under is skin!!!
Length: 4:52 Price: $4

Spit clip-091
Phlegm machine Bibi is spitting right on you in this awesome P.O.C clip, she is the top hocking spiting girl right now!!
Length: 5:03 Price: $4

Spit clip-092
Hocking like crazy this girl has LOTS of hocking power you can feel her lungs, and get her spit right in your face in this P.O.C clip!!
Length: 5:03 Price: $4

Spit clip-093
Hocking queen bibi and chanelle got the poor loser in is bed and are just spitting all over is loser face, the girls where having lots of fun!!!
Length: 7:07 Price: $4

Spit clip-094
Tanya is mad and her boy friend wont let her in the car, she gets mad and spit a lot on the window right to him!!!
Length: 4:54 Price: $4

Spit clip-095
This start off with a guy that lost a bet, and the price was to get spit on, the first part features the sisters Angy and Jess there laughing at him, and just plain spit abuse all over is loser face!!!
Length: 5:15 Price: $4

Spit clip-096
This start off with a guy that lost a bet, and the price was to get spit on, the second part features Jess and sexy milf Ticha this was made none-Stop so the spit is getting thicker and thicker, and you can clearly see that the poor spit slave is not enjoying this, in fact its is worst nightmare and the girls are Enjoying it!!!
Length: 5:22 Price: $4

Spit clip-097
This start off with a guy that lost a bet, and the price was to get spit on, this is the final of this spit marathon:) featuring the trio there hocking like crazy spiting like animals, all on him, very good series!!!
Length: 5:16 Price: $4

Spit clip-098
Veeka is lock out of the car and is MAD she knock and knock and spit and spit some more right in the window car, if she could she would have spit in that guys face!!!
Length: 3:24 Price: $4

Spit clip-099
Stunning Tanya is hocking and spitting on her mirror and plays with it, she love to tease you and it shows !!!
Length: 5:52 Price: $4

Spit clip-100
Young Vero is spitting right in your face in this P.O.V clip!!
Length: 5:15 Price: $4

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