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Spit clip-151
This clip start of with Ticha and Bibi, there cousin in real life;) at a certain point the go down and start playing with the phlegm and spit, I ask bibi to put some on ticha's hand..then it starts to go REAL bad for poor ticha, she start getting sick, and starts to all over the table bibi goes on a laughing spree, and ticha keeps on ...this is pure hard core not for the faint of hearth!!
Length: 8:36 Price: $4

Spit clip-152
Queen of no remorse, spitting star, sun-shine is hocking up some nice loggies right in your face!!
Length: 5:11 Price: $4

Spit clip-153

Young Marie, is covering you in her spit!!

Length: 5:07 Price: $4


Spit clip-154
Tatiana is at the restaurant and waiting for her blind date, and when she realize its the loser spit she already spit abuse, she is not too happy, they start eating and she start spiting right in is face while is is eating and she laugh at this loser while he keeps on eating and she keeps on spiting all over is loser face!!!
Length: 5:57 Price: $4

Spit clip-155
Tatiana came back to the losers table, with her good friend Bii and sun-shine to keep is humiliation going, the girl totally degrade him like crazy spitting all over is loser face and he just keeps on eating, even when the girls are laughing at him he gets covert with there spit!!! total humiliation
Length: 7:59 Price: $4

Spit clip-156
this 4 some of Evil girls compose of Ticha, Sun-shine Naoumy and Tanya, are getting ready to g out and are making themselves pretty in the mirror, and this poor stupid guy, is there on is knees offering them money for a little attention the only thing this Evil girls will give him is there spit, and take is money!!!
Length: 6:50 Price: $4

Spit clip-157

the 5 girls are tired of him, and just plain turn straight in is face, and go all out, giving all that evil stuff that comes deep inside them;), there having a blast and he is getting totally humiliated!!!

Length: 3:50 Price: $4

Spit clip-158
Sun-Shine is out side in her yard with her boot and start hocking up some nice loggies and spit it out right on her boots, it drips on the floor slowly!!!
Length: 5:45 Price: $4

Spit clip-159
2 girls gone mad.... they ere all out in a spit fight, Marie has more spit then the other one, and it shows, Marie is spitting over and over and the other poor girl tries to come up with something to spit but has saliva probs ;), it was done out side, its a fun clip to watch for a spit fight, the girls tries to not receive the spit right ion the face...but yeah they got some nice shot in!!
Length: 5:54 Price: $4

Spit clip-160
Ticha and sun-shine are grouped with 2 other girls, they are filling up a glass full of loggies, hocking there way to filling it up
Length: 7:17 Price: $4

Spit clip-161
The girls are back since the glass was not filled up enough ;), but this time The 2 new girls are totally not able to look at the glass, they are encourage by Ticha and sun-shine and there laughing at those 2 girls not being able to keep on spitting etc, its a fun twist!!
Length: 7:46 Price: $4

Spit clip-162
lolo is the new girls with a HUGE pair of Tit's she is teamed up with Evil ticha, she is showing her how its done, but Wow this lolo girl cant follow she is totally grossed out, but still manage to cough up some nice ones, has ticha goes on a total spitting domination spree, lolo add a great teacher in this one, and ticha add the time of her life, has the spit slave is slowly getting covert in there spit!!
Length: 6:22 Price: $4

Spit clip-163
Sun-shine and the other new girl Jess, are following in ticha and lolo foots steps, but this time, its sun-shine that's showing to Jess how they treat a spit slave, jess try to follow sun-shine but she is gross out too, but still manage to help in filling is face full of spit!!
Length: 5:30 Price: $4

Spit clip-164
This is the big final sun-shine and ticha are having some much fun, showing those girl how it should be done, hocking and spitting out some real Nasty stuff, then when it come to empty the spit glass on the spit slave, the 2 newbie goes in total disgust and CANT follow they CANT even look cause there grossed out!!
Length: 7:48 Price: $4

Spit clip-165
a 4some of spitting females, filling up the glass, even Ina did help in filling it up, she did not know it was going to be used on her, and yes this clip was missing its the glass from Ina's wet nightmare series, have fun
Length: 6:41 Price: $4

Spit clip-166
a 4some of spitting females, filling up the glass, even Ina did help in filling it up, she did not know it was going to be used on her, and yes this clip was missing its the glass from Ina's wet nightmare series, have fun
Length: 7:57 Price: $4

Spit clip-167
This is a 2 part in 1 clip, first off is the wicked phlegm machine bibi discharging all in is face and having fun, she is join by a very petite girl named mouse, next segment Bibi Angy and a new milf are hocking it up right in is face, he cant get away just take what ever they can muster up!! PS: take notice that the first clip was filmed by hyper activeangy she moves a lot, second part was filmed by mouse witch was just plain perfect!!
Length: 10:24 Price: $4

Spit clip-168
Bibi that human phlegm machine is getting owned in this series of clip, in part-1 its bii and Bianca, both of them are spitting in her little face like they don't really care about her, For bibi this is totally a REAL nightmare!! O and yes she was like 3-4 months preggy
Length: 5:27 Price: $4

Spit clip-169
The spit on Bibi is getting thicker and thicker a new duet of girls keeps on spitting all over her face, Bibi was preggy 5 months in this clip, you can clearly see the girls are having a blast just hocking it up right in her little face!!!
Length: 4:43 Price: $4

Spit clip-170
The spit carnage keeps on going on and on This time with Bianca and Bibi's older sister Angy the girls are pilling up the spit already thick on her face, there laughing at her and keep on going and going!!
Length: 4:53 Price: $4

Spit clip-171
this is the end my dear friends, the end of Bibi :) the 3 girls are totally all over bibi in this awesome series, she gets it bad, and she wanted to cry inside!!! totally humiliated live;)
Length: 5:20 Price: $4

Spit clip-172
Bibi is back with a 15min clip Hocking and spitting up some REAL nasty phlegm on the table and she plays a lot with it, the more time pass the more she has on the table, and you can witness all that goo, I never EVER seen a girl spit this thick!!!
Length: 15:30 Price: $4

Spit clip-173
Anna is outside chilling and she was sitting on in front of a table she decided she wanted to spit on the table till it makes a big puddle, so there she goes!!!
Length: 5:25 Price: $4

Spit clip-174
Tatiana (spitting machine) and Nath first timer Spitter are filling up a glass with there hocking and spitting for the next series if clip
s to come
Length: 5:44 Price: $4

Spit clip-175
Tatiana and Nath are in destruction mode, and they are a great victim, you can witness that these girls are totally controlling is poor little head, and giving him no break spitting all over is poor loser face!!
Length: 5:52 Price: $4

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