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Spit clip-176
Tati and Nath are putting the finishing touch on him, totally forcing how to swallow all that they are spitting right in is loser mouth, they also make sure he gets to swallow all the there spit glass, these girls are evil and abusing!!
Length: 7:33 Price: $4

Spit clip-177
This random came along for 1 clip only she was in and out, she heard that we where looking for girls that like to spit, so in she came to do a P.O.V she add great aim!!
Length: 5:14 Price: $4

Spit clip-178

Featuring Angy she is Bibi's little sister, she is hocking and spitting on the table she also plays with it, witness the thickness!!

Length: 14:46 Price: $4


Spit clip-179
This is just a pure joy to watch these 3 spitzer filling up a glass, and this glass will get to be used in the next part, yeah i LOVE this trio!!!
Length: 5:42 Price: $4

Spit clip-180
Wow and wow, this trio of girls, where totally on a rampage controlling everything, they plus up the funnel on is loser mouth, then they have total control over is mind and body, hocking and spitting all they have, and Wow again these girls where like pro doms, they finish him up with a good spit glass that he is forced to swallow
Length: 9:00 Price: $4


Spit clip-181
Tatiana, Nath, Bii and Ticha are a awesome 4some preparing a good snack for the loser, they are mixing yogurt and there spit, lots of it, they all hovk and spit nice loogies in is snack, lets just say that they don't like him at all, and there felling that he deserve to eat all of it;)
Length: 5:24 Price: $4

Spit clip-182
Now its the time to make him eat all, and I do mean all of it, plus this 4some is keeping on spitting and humiliating him, like there is no tomorrow, he is the biggest loser, and they are having fun with him;) 9min long abused!
Length: 9:22 Price: $4

Spit clip-183

Ticha is appreciating the moment and she hocks up some loggies right on her leather boots!!!

Length: 6:39 Price: $4

Spit clip-184
Evil ticha got her spit slave strap on the torture bench and she got the funnel out, taped it tight then went to work, hocking and spitting some loggies, she also did fill up a spit glass before the clip, and it was not filmed sorry. but at the end she dumps everything in, she lough at him, has he is there totally helpless!! 9min long clip
Length: 9:40 Price: $4

Spit clip-185
The girls where asking to spit again, so Ticha sets up to film in a lower angle, and the girls where on a spitting rampage, fun was there and omfg Angy add so much spit, i never seen her spit that much before!!!
Length: 6:18 Price: $4

Spit clip-186
The 3 sister Choi, Ann and Chealsea and a friend Rene, where having a wicked time, filling there spit glass, they where in teams of 2 to see who can fill more, in the end they mix all there spitting into one glass, they where having cause they knew what there will be doing with that glass!!!
Length: 6:26 Price: $4

Spit clip-187
First up in this series are Rene and Ann, these girls are just plain having fun, they are the regular next door girl, and when it comes to spitting, they just plain are wild things, especially since there in the same family;)
Length: 4:12 Price: $4

Spit clip-188
Second team is compose of Choi and Chealsea, awesome duet of sisters;), there having fun when they see him, suffer the humiliation;) PS and yes the spit is getting thicker!!
Length: 4:10 Price: $4

Spit clip-189
This is the BIG final all 4 girls are all over him, the spit was already thick from the none stop spiting but in this final they pile up even more, and finish him off with there Big spit glass!! Very nice series
Length: 7:02 Price: $4

Spit clip-190
In this 15min clip sun-shine hock up some real nasty stuff right on the table and plays with it, to show you how thick she can get!!!
Length: 15:09 Price: $4

Spit clip-191
Part-1 Bibi spitting small pubbles of real thick spit, and yes she wants lots of them on the table to be able to play with it!!
Length: 4:48 Price: $4

Spit clip-192

Part-2 Bibi spitting small pubbles of real thick spit, and yes she wants lots of them on the table to be able to play with it!!

Length: 5:58 Price: $4

Spit clip-193
Part-3 Bibi spitting small pubbles of real thick spit, and yes she wants lots of them on the table to be able to play with it!!
Length: 5:48 Price: $4

Spit clip-194
Cynthia and ticha form what i like to call the perfect brain killer team, these girls are just plain in total JOY there filling up a real nasty spit glass for there loser, and they know exactly where its going, so there giving it there max to make it a Good glass!!!
Length: 6:54 Price: $4

Spit clip-195
The total control begins once ticha and Cynthia finish filling up there spit glass, they bot the spit slave tied on the torture bench and they go off to play, in this clip I have never seen such EVIL the girl are controlling ever aspect of him, hocking and spitting in is forced open mouth, this series is a must!!
Length: 6:42 Price: $4

Spit clip-196
This is the end for him, the girls add enough play time, its time for serious mind fuck, they put the funnel in place, and off they go, Cynthia is really strong you can see her arm when she hold is poor little head down when he start to choke on there spit, they totally finish him with there spit glass, again this series is one of the best yet;)
Length: 10:03 Price: $4

Spit clip-197
Bibi, angy and Ina are 3 crazy girls, everyone was then the girls where felling for a good spit party, and put there friend on the torture bench and OMFG she got creamed GOOD spit fiesta at its best, poor girl!!
Length: 5:28 Price: $4

Spit clip-198
The girls keeps on going and going but this time they push her a little bit more, still strap to the torture bench, the girls start to spit all there chit right in her mouth using the mighty funnel, OMG i never seen a girls get so much anyway they finish her off with a good spit glass. she was so she did not realize what was happening, she like realizing once the glass was being poured right into her!!!
Length:4:42 Price: $4

Spit clip-199
Ticha comes up to the sleeping spit slave, he is sleeping, she slap him HARD to wake him up then all the girls come's in they where eating some white chocolate and OMFG this evil 4 some did give him a serious spit wiping ;) total female domination and male degradation;)
Length:11:52 Price: $4

Spit clip-200
Cindy is a trashy girl that is funny and love to pit she was focus in my first couple of clips, this is P.O.V
Length: 5:08 Price: $4

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