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Spit clip-201
Ina and Joa are chilling and relaxing the in hot tub, while the spit slave on is knees, and they spit all over is pathetic face, it was Joa first spit clip she sis a GOOD job ;)
Length: 5:25 Price: $5 

Spit clip-202
Choi and her little sister ANN, are featured in this P.O.C clip the spit team feels right at home spitting all over your silly face, great duet for P.O.V fan!!
Length: 5:14 Price: $5 

Spit clip-203
these 3 girls are taking a sun-Bath and have there stupid spit slave to serve them, they ask for a ice cream cone since is so hot out-side, and they spit on is face all the way hocking and spitting there loogies right at him while he serves them, these Girls Bii Tatiana and sun-shine are crazy girls that just don't give a fuck about him ;) creaming him up;)
Length: 7:08 Price: $5 

Spit clip-204
Ina was in the yard on a sunny day, and she add the need the need for spitting ;), she start hocking and spitting on her boot, witch gives a nice effect ;)
Length: 5:26 Price: $5 

Spit clip-205
ticha is one hell of a wicked girl she goes all the way in this one, she is all over him he just CANT get away and she has control...control of is nose all her hocking and spitting is aim right into is nose this is pure EVIL, from a EVIL girl!!
Length: 10:23 Price: $5 

Spit clip-206
Angy and Marie are born spitters, and in this clip they are in heaven making the spit slave suffers like hell, every spit is aimed right in is nose, and girls are trying there best for all to go right in some miss but some goes right in;) wicked lough and fun fun fun for the girls;)
Length: 4:04 Price: $5 

Spit clip-207
Evil Tatiana and her friend MODe are hocking up some nasty stuff right in the glass, witch they are preparing for the spit slave ;) Tatiana is showing Mode how its done ;)
Length: 6:04 Price: $5 

Spit clip-208
Tati and Mode got the poor spit slave right in front of them, and there hocking and spitting in is face and mouth and fishing him off with there spit glass;)
Length: 6:09 Price: $5 

Spit clip-209
Sophie and Sun-shine best friend IRL have the poor guy pinned to the wall and are just plain creaming him HARD!!
Length: 8:00 Price: $5 

Spit clip-210
Sun-shine and Sophie are both on a mission, hocking and spitting right in is forced mouth open, and to make him swallow every single drop of there spit!! pure force to swallow here;)
Length: 7:06 Price: $5 

Spit clip-211
This is a 4 part series, Rene starts the ball, the spit slave was put in a cage to spit humiliated and spit on, you can clearly see that she is having fun, just to know that she is treating him like a , and she is a proud spitter!!
Length: 5:15 Price: $5 

Spit clip-212
Sun-shine comes right after Rene, the spit is already thick, but sun-shine is there to make sure that the spit , get more spit all over is face and more humiliation!!
Length: 5:30 Price: $5 

Spit clip-213
its Chelsea's turn the spit is getting thicker but that's not stopping the girls from passing one after the other to spit humiliated the spit ;), he fit good in the situation being spit on in the cage!!
Length: 5:12 Price: $5 

Spit clip-214
This is the big one, the final, the poor has been spit on and humiliated by 3 goddesses, now that's finish they team up to finish him off, burning him and spitting on is pathetic loser face, they gave him what he deserve total spit job in a cage;)
Length: 5:45 Price: $5 

Spit clip-215
Young Marie was hocking and spiting in her glass trying to get has much of her spit possible in the glass, that she will force a loser to drink it all, her glass was VERY yucky like you can see at the end of the clip, her hocking shows!!! 10min long;)
Length: 10:26 Price: $5 

Spit clip-216
Marie is on a rampage, she has the spit slave at her will, and she force him to open wide while she spit in is mouth and slap him to make sure he gets it all, she finish him off by forcing him to drink all her spit glass, and slaps him to make sure he takes it all!!! she is know officially inside him;)
Length: 5:22 Price: $5 

Spit clip-217
Vann lost a bet with Angy so she was the spit slave, lol poor her it was her first time here with us, she got pinned to the wall and totally creamed and spit abused by Angy, and god know how much dirty spit Angy can muster up, she got pwond!!
Length: 5:35 Price: $5 

Spit clip-218
Bibi, bianca and Bii are 3 awesome spitting machine and they have there turn on filling up a good spit glass for the loser, there in competition VS 3 other girls in the next part, to see witch team can fill it up more!!!
Length: 5:34 Price: $5 

Spit clip-219
Angy, sun-shine and verotix are 3 awesome spitting machine and they have there turn on filling up a good spit glass for the loser, there in competition VS 3 other girls in the next part, to see witch team can fill it up more!!!
Length: 6:43 Price: $5 

Spit clip-220
Just wow so much spit was involved in this clip it was just plain amazing, the girls after filling up there spit glass, they bench the spit slave on the torture bench, the 5 girls started to hock and spit all over is loser face......they empty the 2 spit glass right on is face, and start rubbing it in is face, this was lots of spit the girls where having fun creamy him BAD and rubbing it in DEEP:)
Length: 7:49 Price: $5 

Spit clip-221
Angy is hocking up some nice loggies right on her boots, when it drops on her black boots it gives a great effect, and since its on her boots, its ready for your licking!!
Length: 5:09 Price: $5 

Spit clip-222
In this 14min long clips, bibi is hocking up some pure juice, this girl can spit real phlegm on command, I have never seen such sticky stuff coming out of someone ;) She plays a lot with it, and show you the thickness of her spit!!
Length: 14:40 Price: $5 

Spit clip-223
Angy sun-shine and bii this threesome hocking and spitting there way to good BIG spit glass, the girls are enjoying preparing the drink that they will force the spit loser to swallow all that nasty chit. this is a awesome 2 part series
Length: 5:45 Price: $5 

Spit clip-224
Angy, bii and Sun-shine have preparing the spit slave strap on the torture bench he just cant get away, the girls prep him real good duct tape is eye's shut and made sure the spit funnel was flawless, the girls are crazy hocking and spitting some thick loggies right in the funnel he CANT escape they finish him off with the spit glass they just filled up, this is plain Female spitting domination!!
Length: 8:15 Price: $5 

Spit clip-225
This was a missing part from a series that the girls did, a while back it was in the part of when the them was the money slave, where the grills where getting ready to go out and was spit abusing the loser for money, VERY good spit glass action in this one the girls filled it up real good ;)
Length: 7:17 Price: $5 

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