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Bubble-gum clip-001

Biianka is chewing her hubba buba, and wheb she goes to make a bubble it always goes on the side, like half a bubel kinda wierd some big some small, enjoy!!

Length: 5:48 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-002
Ticha is featured in this bubblegum clip, she sure can do some AWSOME bubble with her gum, you just whish you could be there so she could pop in in your face
Length: 5:22 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-003
Godly Joa, love to smoke and chew bubble gum, she did this for a complete cigarette trying to blow the big one full of her smoke!!! lets just say that once she was finish her gum was a pure nicorette!!
Length: 4:40 Price: $5  

Bubble-gum clip-004
This nerdy type of girl is chewing and blowing nice size bubbles her explosion are real big and covering nicely her face!!
Length: 4:44 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-005
jana is a VERY serious girl IRL, and it shows in this clip she is focusing on blowing big bubbles with her gum, end result is a VERY serious clip
Length: 4:21 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-006
Priscilia is a real barby, and she is pretty good blowing up real nice and big bubble with her gum!!
Length: 4:31 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-007
this girl came from no where, chewing bubble gum and blowinf nice bubble, she ha sa great rack to boot!!!
Length: 5:32 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-008
Chealsea was out-side chewing and bubling away, but there was too much wind so we went inside and continue her buble saga, nice girl awsome face to look at too!!
Length: 5:22 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-009
Jess is Chewing her gum and plying a litlle with it, and blows HUG ballouns in your face, there is also a small segment with young vero too!!!
Length: 7:35 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-010
Jess is Chewing her gum and having fun blowing her buble right in your face!!!
Length: 5:43 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-011
Lune is a traylor trash, and she always has a buble gum in her mouth, she smoke a blow bubbles at the same time, nice litlle smoke explosion comming out of her mouth!!
Length: 4:24 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-012
Featuring Mode, this girl is pretty good she has style, beauty and bubble gum skizzz, in your face!!
Length: 4:52 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-013
Sun-shine is out-side taking a breack and enjoying chewing on her bubblegum, and she focus on TRYING to make some bubbles, but FAils...they where not big they where small but constant!!
Length: 5:15 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-014
Tatyana enjoy chewing her bubble gum, and blowing some nice bubbles, some big some small, in your face!!
Length: 5:35 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-015
Ticha is chewing and making some real nice Bubbles with her bibblegum, right in your face!!!
Length: 4:57 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-016
Ticha is chewing and making some real HUGE Bubbles with her bibblegum, right in your face!!!
Length: 5:24 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-017
Ticha is chewing and playing with her gum, and yeah she was having fun too!!!
Length: 5:55 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-018
Bianka is a semi BBW and has a BIG rack ;) she is chuwing her bubble gum making some nice bubble in your face
Length: 5:19 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-019

Van is a pro bubble gum chewer and balloon blower, and she can do some nice bubbles in your face!!

Length: 5:01 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-020
Up close and personal Marie chuwing bubble gum and trying for the big one (bubble) in your face!!!
Length: 5:48 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-021

Ticha is back with some nice bubblegum action, she just love to make BIG bubble with her bubble gum!!! in your face action

Length: 5:46 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-022
Angy is chewing her bubblegum and smoking a cigarette all her bubbles are filled up with some heavy smoke, nice effct!!!
Length: 6:39 Price: $5

Bubble-gum clip-023

This girl can really blow up some real big bubble with her bubalicious, smoking a cigarette at the same teime for some real nice effect!!  
Length: 4:55 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-024
Sun-shine is playing with her gum and blowing some nice bubble and smoking a cigarette at the same time, wich give a nice visual effect!!  
Length: 10:10 Price: $5 

Bubble-gum clip-025
Featuring Busty Marie-Eve, she is smoking and blowing hige bubble with her smoke insdie the bubble, when it pops its just plain awsome to see!!!  
Length: 10:34 Price: $5 

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