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Hand over mouth clip-1

Smoke BomB Amy loves to control the dummy via her hands controling all is air intake, wich she preffers that he dont get a lot;)

Length: 4:21 Price: $6


Hand over mouth clip-2

Sarah was in a VERY scary Mood she was pure deadly and enjoying it too, its like she was on a power trip controling is life with her hands!

Length: 4:11 Price: $6


Hand over mouth clip-3

MiMi love breath control game, she has big hands and excel in this domain witness her smile while the loser is missing out on air!!

Length: 4:34 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-4

Ivana is really ruff and strong IRL so blocking all is airway was a real pleasure for her and let me tell you that the loser was missing out on air serioulsy!

Length: 4:24 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-5

Cinthia show no mercy for the weak, she is mean and I do say mean, she is ruff and is on a mission to make sure that he remeber her smothering godlyness!

Length: 4:07 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-6

Jess comes in with her very own touch of hands over mouth smoothering, she has the best of both worlds, she can be wicked hardcore and smooth with some TLC!!!

Length: 4:07 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-7

Sexy melanie was on is back and add a deadly plan for the loser, smotthering him and keeping is mouth shut from behind has she smoke him up she is a real nice dominant smoker I love her look!

Length: 4:39 Price: $6



Hand over mouth clip-8

Jess is a very busty and bossy girl she loved every single seconds of this weak loser that she was privating air intake with her big hands control total control she is strong!

Length: 4:21 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-9

Loser caugh in the grasp of her leg in the couch, Caro is totaly abusing of her power smoothering hard core, privating him of breathing and yeah she is on a power trip control the loser!!!

Length: 4:12 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-10

pinned to the torture wall the poor souls could not escape Smoke BomB amy graps, she wanted to controling is breathing and what other way then with her hand and long finger she has him good suffocating!!

Length: 4:33 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-11

Sexy Melanie hands over mouth from behind she has control total control her face tell you how happy it makes her to control is life like this!!

Length: 4:26 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-12

Very first hands over mouth for audrey, and she did it like a real pro, she was on is back controling is head like he was her puppet plyaing with is life controling is breathing qith her hands!!

Length: 4:21 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-13

Mel is a real life ruff girl and when it comes time for her fun time, well yes too bad for the loser in front of her, she makes sure to control is haed like a puppet and a real good smoother hands over mouth session!

Length: 4:21 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-14

Busty Verotix flat on the losers back make sure she controls any air that he gets via her big hands she goes ruff and likes to control perfect match!!!

Length: 4:07 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-15

Ticha having a blast with her poor litlle victim Caro is being totaly controled by Ticha with her hands she likes the power and to see Caro gasping for air has she pose her hands overs her mouth for a nice smoothering!

Length: 4:16 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-16

You can see the disstress in the losers eyes and face Dnia is a real tuff cookie, and we love it this way!!!

Length: 3:14 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-17

Very busty Ticha loves to control all the lements!! and that included the breathing of her loser, she has everything under control, she installed a device to plug up is nose real good, and with her beautifull hand she makes sure and plug up is mouth real good, so she is controlling what ever oxygen he gets, and she is soooooooooo nice that she don't want him to have much of it, she is a real brat and loves to control her loser in everyway possible, she just love hand-smothering and it shows, again the size of her boobs might get you off focus;) but yeah that's just part of the game!!

Length: 7:04 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-18

Poor Miss.Kat at the mercy of Pat, seriously he gave her no chance at all till she was total missing out on air, lets just say that he tested her limit of hands over mouth play!!

Length: 3:46 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-19

Chealsea in the back taking control total control, she loves to dominate weak men, and lest just say that the hands smoothering she liked a lot!!

Length: 4:11 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-20

Roxy is the definition of youth and power, she has a godly grasp when it come time for smoothering hand over mouth action, I dare you!!

Length: 4:26 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-21

OMFG chanelle was so hot in this smoothering hands over mouth clip, she was arching the losers back real good to make sure he was totaly helpless and at her smoothering mercy, she confess to us that she loves to be in control, and we saw that!!

Length: 4:24 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-22

Strong and a beauty of life with big hands smoke bomb amy, has the loser pinned to the torture wall to her dispodal and she is just about to have some fun with the loser controling if breating hands over mouth very nice action and dominant girl!!

Length: 4:35 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-23

This guy is on real trouble, Ticha is one real BUSTY and controlling girl, she is the kind of girl you can only dream about, she goes on a power trip, smothering is life away, she is controlling is head and deprives him of all oxigen possible, and loves to do it too!!

Length: 5:37 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-24

Pat (maddy) was on a rampage going all out on caro you can see her strugling while pat (Maddy) goin all out some kind of silly male power tryp, but lets just say that he ( she ) knows whats goin on poor caro witness her strugle hard-core!!!

Length: 4:36 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-25

Audrey got him pinned to the wall and she has total control iver him, from the back lets just say that her attitude and her face tells you a lot about how she is and react to her power over him while she smother him good with her hands over mouth technique!!

Length: 4:10 Price: $6

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