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Ticha clip-001
In this clip ticha is getting smoked up by Carole, and she is having fun doing it, too, poor litlle ticha getting creamed in her smoke, she did smoke her up for 2 cigarette too!!!
Length: 10:31 Price: $4

Ticha clip-002

Now it was Ticha's turn, and OMG can she smoke-up someone, this poor milf got smoked!!!! and Ticha was Having a blast:)

Length: 9:10 Price: $4

Ticha clip-003
Smoke and mirror play!
Length: 3:58 Price: $4

Ticha clip-004
smoking like a pro, huge open mouth inhales in snaps, smoking 2 cigarette at the same time, for maximum nicotine intake!!!
Length: 5:00 Price: $4

Ticha clip-005
In this 10min clip tichs smokes 2 cigarette, the first one is dedicated to cones exhales, and boy are they nice:) the second cigarette she is smoking and focusing and talking exhales, once again she does excel !!!
Length: 10:31 Price: $4

Ticha clip-006
Ticha and Carole are co-worker at the salon, and she invited her for a smoking session;) smoking and talking gives some good talking exhales!!
Length: 4:42 Price: $4

Ticha clip-007
you are on your kness at there feet and the only thong you can do is look at them smoke, and there blowing it all on you, ticha and Carole!!!  
Length: 5:03 Price: $4

Ticha clip-008
Ticha is smoking her cigarette and you are on your knees and helpless your under her smoking power!!!
Length: 4:42 Price: $4

Ticha clip-009
Ticha is blowing all her smoke right at you, and she does it with style too!!!
Length: 5:24 Price: $4

Ticha clip-010
Ticha is totaly loving blowing smoke at you, and she does exagerate with her french inhales wich are real creamy before smoke shes all her smoke right in your face!!!  
Length: 3:51 Price: $4

Ticha clip-011
Ticha is one of those girls that you just CANT take your eye's aways if you saw her smoking in public ;) and in this clip she is at her Total best glamourize smoking!!!  
Length: 5:06 Price: $4

Ticha clip-012
Ticha is enjoying a good cigarette, and she just love to put on some serious RED lip stick, and it show on her cigarette butt!!  
Length: 5:40 Price: $4

Ticha clip-013
Ticha is putting on some heavy lipstick and smoking a good cigarette, lots of lip stick stain on the cigarette butt, and she is looking at her self in the mirror!!!
Length: 6:08 Price: $4

Ticha clip-014
Sexy Ticha sure know how to smoke in this clip she does some REAL good SLOW inhales and her personal exhales is all for your face!!!
Length: 5:28 Price: $4

Ticha clip-015
ticha is smoking a 100mm cork filter and the lighting is EXTREME for residual and smoke is not comming out of her nose its pourring!!!
Length: 5:41 Price: $4

Ticha clip-016
Ticha was pinned to the torture bench, and was force to smoke by the camera man, she was told to smoke faster and faster and when she did not smoke fast enough he burn her shoulder a LOT, you can feel her distress, she was dominated and forced to smoke!!!
Length: 5:07 Price: $4

Ticha clip-017
Ticha smoking a good 100mm cork filter, she is double dragging all the way, here exhales are cone tight stream, the the lighting is just plain AWSOME!!  
Length: 4:43 Price: $4

Ticha clip-018
 OMFG i never seen such a thing, Ticha smoking a 100mm cork filter to the max, she is taking BIG drag then start to inhale so strongly its like you are pulled inside her, once she CANT inhale anymore, she hold it in, till she exhale....but exhale what all the smoke is inside her and will NEVER come out;) plus what healp her to inhale even more deeply she took her asthma pump 2 time in shoots of 3pumps just to make sure her lungs are fully opend!!!! this is a MUST
Length: 6:13 Price: $4

Ticha clip-019
Ticha is pumping on a 100mm cork filter doing mass double dragin and french inhales in the car, there was so much smoke in the car at the end, that is was hard to breath!!!
Length: 4:15 Price: $4

Ticha clip-020
Ticha on a road trip decided to bring her cam and have fun, she filled up a car full of smoke, of course the window are all rolled up tight so no smoke can come out and she is doing a nose exhale fiesta, at the start the lighting is not top notch, but starting in the midle when the driver park the car, its like omfg, the smoke is not comming out of her nose, its just plain pouring!!!  
Length: 6:43 Price: $4

Ticha clip-021
ticha was on a road trip and decided to film herself, smoking and nose exhaling a complete 100mm cork filter, she did film this in front view not the best for lighting up the smoke, but end result, was a car FULL of smoke, no windows down;)
Length: 5:47 Price: $4

Ticha clip-022
Ticha enjoying 2 cigarette in a row, did we mention that she is a HEAVY smoker ;) all her creamy thick exhales are comming right at you, to smoke you up real good!!
Length: 4:19 Price: $4

Ticha clip-023
Ticha is learning how to smoke ring with the help of Cinthia!!!  
Length: 3:56 Price: $4

Ticha clip-024
Ticha a a very Beautifull smoker, and in this clip she smoke 2 cigarette just for you, and her open mouth inhales and godly creamy exhales are to for!!!
Length: 6:41 Price: $4

Ticha clip-025
Ticha is a PRO smoker and in this clip she simply enjoy a good cigarette, you see that she is having a lot of pleasure out of her cigarette;) awsome french inhales too!!
Length: 4:54 Price: $4

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