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Sun-Shine clip-175
She needs so much her nicotine she is smoking multiple all the way
Length: 5:20 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-176
Yeah she is back to double draging and nose exchaling bettween her drag but the end result is a tight cone exhale!!
Length: 3:25 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-177
YES finaly ticha and sun-shine doing some real nice smoke exchance its pretty sexy and sensual!!!
Length: 4:56 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-178

Stunning SUn-shine is smoking a good cigarette with her foot, she does deep inhales all the way except for when she goes and tries to you with her smoke rings!!  

Length: 4:58 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-179
Ticha and sun-shine are talking about what there plan is, they want to get rich via health insurance so there talking about what they will do to a poor guy, they are simply evil, they want to him slowly so he dies of lung cancer and they collect the big check, its EVIL;)
Length: 6:42 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-180
powerfull Sun-shine is enjoying a good cigarette while you are at her feet and the only thing you can do is get mesmorized by the sole of her feets and her deadly smoke!
Length: 6:22 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-181
smoky Sun-shine is texting and smoking and can see that she is doing it on a normal base;) there is a very special angle too, wich let you see her feets while she is smoking and txt'ting!
Length: 5:56 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-182
These 2 girls, bibi and sun-shine are real power smoker, and yes I must say it, they are expert smokers, in this clip they dont kiss, but rather do some REAL nice close up and smoke exchange!!
Length: 4:09 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-183
Sun-shine is having a nic fit, so she took the quand cigarettes holder, and smoked 4 at the same time ;)  
Length: 9:18 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-184
Sun-shine is totaly creaming your world with her creamy smoke, she takes double drags and relax then she exhale her plume of smoke right at your direction, and she knows what she is doing to you and your pe-wee ;)
Length: 3:59 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-185
yeah smoke BomB sun-shine is smoking and taking double drag all the way, its nice and relax cone exhales foloows every double drag she is taking!!
Length: 4:48 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-186
a smoky dream comming true, your up close and VERY personal with sun-shine, you have the chance to be at 2 inch of her face while she smoke a cigarette just for you, its a unique kinda of angle and its VERY pleasent!
Length: 5:10 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-187
Sun-shine has won lots of contest back when she was younger, she was the best smoke ring blower in all her friend, here she is smoking and doing some real nice smoke ring right in your face!
Length: 5:06 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-188
Smoky sun-shine, is simply dreamy in the smoke ring clip, its pure smoking fantasy, in your face smoking!
Length: 5:42 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-189
smoky Sun-shine is back after a while!!!!!! and she is surly smoky ;), its a pure RAY clip! each of her nice drags are followed by a HUge nice creamy smoke exhales covering your little face, ready to get mesmorized!!
Length: 5:06 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-190
Smoke ring and glodly smoking style is Sun-shine speciality!! seriously this girl can smoke up your face and what is the best is that she enjoys it too, in this clip she goes all out on smoke ring, she told us that her just love to see her blow smoke rings;) she yeah lets just say that she practice a lot at home!!
Length: 5:03 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-191
Sun-shine show no mercy when it comes to humiliate you!!! she blows all her creamy thick smoke point blank in your face, and talk to you and humiliated you, she blow all her smoke in your pathetic face!!
Length: 6:47 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-192
Sun-shine is a real life smoke lover, and its one of her speciality!! in this clip she wanted to focus on the size of her exhales, lets just say that she can blow huge cloud of smoke that could fill your living room in no time ;)
Length: 5:45 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-193
its been a long time, coming, and finally Sun-shine is back in her store!!! She start of hard, by doing some real DEEP hard and very audible deep inhaling, she finish off by blowing the reminding of her smoke left in your face
Length: 4:40 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-194
sun-shine in profile shoot, for real good nose exhales, plumes coming out of her nostril!!  
Length: 5:15 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-195
This is a pure smoking delight, Ticha and Sun-shine, in a up close and very smoky double dragging clips~~~~alert this is a smoky clip!
Length: 4:03 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-196
Sun-shine is one of our top smoking model, and when it comes to deep inhaling she goes deep  
Length: 5:13 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-197
Everyone knows that Sun-shine is a big time smoker IRL, in this clip you can witness how long she keeps her smoke inside her lungs after each drags, then its followed by a nice cone exhales of the smoke left!!
Length: 5:37 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-198
Smoke rings and sun-shine is 1 ;) she loves to smoke and play with her smoke, so blowing smoke rings is one of her fav thing to do and she knows that it drives you nut;)
Length: 5:43 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-199
Sun-Shine is simply smoke heavy in your face, she has one idea in her head and its to engulf you in her creamy thick smoke, and she excel in this domain ;)  
Length: 4:56 Price: $6


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make a list of the clips you want to purchase, and send it to my email: 

then I will send you a money request via paypal or paxum, once I get the payment I will send you a link to all the clips you wanted!!!


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