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Sun-Shine clip-200
Here is a smoking Delight from smoky Sun-shine this girl can make any smoke dream come true, she controls the very essence of smoking!  
Length: 4:55 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-201
Smoky Sun-shine is having a good cigarette with her drink, which gives us lots of nose exhales and godly residuals;) because she is exhales by her nose has she swallows her drink!!
Length: 5:31 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-202
Sun-shine is a very smoky girl and is a real life PRO-Smoker, she masters all aspect of smoking including the smoke rings;) this clip is dedicated to smoke rings!!  
Length: 5:18 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-203
Sun-shine is well nowed for her up high drags, so special request was made that she exaggerate her up high drags, noce clip all around!
Length: 6:00 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-204
This is what would happened if this little men was, you. She give no chance to breath in fresh air;) she is a pro smoker and this little men is about to know it!! she smokes him up real good, she puts him in her mouth and make sure he gets smoked~~~hard-Core~~
Length: 5:27 Price: $6 

Sun-Shine clip-205
Sun-Shine love to bring her feet to satisfy her smoking habit, she is pretty flexible and once her drag is taken with her foot, she blows a real nice cone exhale!!
Length: 5:45 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-206
Just WoW, Sun-Shine is realy wicked in this clip, she insult her loser big time (in French) he is on is knees before her, she is there blowing all her deadly smoke point blank into his face forcing him to eat all her cigarette ash smoking 2 cigarettes in a row just to make sure she smokes intoxicate him, she brain wash him, make sure he understand that he is total garbage and a human toilet, putting out her cigarettes on his tongue, and finish him off by forcing him to lick her dirty boot and lick her ashtray, Total female superiority!!!!
Length: 17:05 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-207
Smoky Sun-shine is simply hot in this glam clip, she is covering your face with her slow and engulfing you total, she is that strong, and the power smoking gives her is unreal!!!

 Length: 4:00 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-208
Sun-Shine was standing up smoking a good cigarette, her drags and inhales are pretty good, but WoW her exhales are simply magical, just watching her exhale will make you want to be totally in it;)  
Length: 3:36 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-209
Sun-shine is one of the reason so many people develop a smoking fetish, she is simply a real delight to watch has she creams your face full of smoke in this Big rays video!!  
Length: 4:46 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-210
Sun-shine is a VERY VERY dominant smoker, she loves to impose all her smoke at all time, to anyone close to her, in this case, it was a VERY little men, that got smoked Hard-Core!!

 Length: 6:06 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-211

Smoky Sun-shine was a little drunk and was feeling like taking a massive dose of nicotine deep inhaling it all deep down in your lungs!
Length: 4:52 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-212
Sun-shine is areal good at what she does and in this case its having fun while enjoying a good cigarette, blowing smoke rings right at ya!!
Length: 5:51 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-213
this is what happened when you mix 2 pro-smoker, they are both smoking a good cigarette, but here is the twist, but girls are taking there drags at the same time, BUT, one time the other need to inhale her own drag plus the drag of the other;), yeah its a pure smoke drag smoke x-change!!
Length: 4:29 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-214
Sun-shine is a smoke master pure and simple, this girl, will make you do what ever she wants with her smoking powers, in this clips she looks at you like she controls you with her smoke. glam smoking and blowing it all right at you ...because that's where her smoke your face!!
Length: 4:50 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-215
We tried a new angle for the lighting, the end result where pretty nice too!! Sun-shine was in a happy smoky mood, she is very smoky we could watch her smoke all day, she is a pro-smoker and we love her this way!!
Length: 4:42 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-216

Yeah Evil Sun-shine just love to impose smoking to anyone she can, and she knows that Ticha's lungs are getting weak from all the hard-core smoking, and she feels like making smoke even more, she force feed her drags after drag even some triple drag action ;)
Length: 3:55 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-217

Now that Sun-shine has warmed up Weak Ticha, she is now ready to go in for the , forcing her to inhale all her drags it was pretty intense and you can feel that Ticha is dominated by Evil Sun-shine!! and that's a domain that Sun-shine feels pretty much over powered!!  

Length: 5:23 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-218

She know she has control, complete control, her lips match her sweater and her exhales are simply engulfing you slowly into a smoky dream!
Length: 4:56 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-219

Sun-shine is a real life pro smoker, and she loves to engulf people in her huge thick cloud of smoke, and her smoking style and look tells you a lot about it ;)

Length: 4:39 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-220

on a very windy day, Sun-shine still wanted to smoke you out in the car, she is outside smoking a good cigarette and pays attention that each and every single exhales is just for you to are in the car with her smoking you up from the outside!!

Length: 3:41 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-221

This is a must have one~~~~~~Sun-Shine wanted to mix it all, nice smoking creamy exhales, smoke rings. French inhales the total package!!

Length: 4:11 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-222

Sun-shine is a real life Bossy type, she likes to control and manipulate weak men, and she is in heaven since she discovered the smoking fetish, she has abused it in every way possible, now you are at her feet, where you belong while you look at her while she indulge herself smoking a good cigarette!
Length: 5:55 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-223

Sun-shine dangles a lot in her every day life;) she is nose exhaling and dangling side view for maximum results!!! she is also looking at herself smoking in the mirror, off camera)

Length: 5:07 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-224

Godly Sun-shine was just that in this clip, it was made in the bathroom, she is a very confident smoker and she knows what's she is doing to you, that's what's make her strength she is the definition of a smoke goddesses  

Length: 5:01 Price: $6


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make a list of the clips you want to purchase, and send it to my email: 

then I will send you a money request via paypal or paxum, once I get the payment I will send you a link to all the clips you wanted!!!


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