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Ticha clip-251
Ticha was feeling pretty relax, enjoying a much needed cigarette, her exhales are very creamy and dreamy, she controls her smoking habit....or its the smoking the controls her habit;)
Length: 4:34 Price: $6

Ticha clip-252

Finally Ticha was in need of chewing and blowing HUGE bubbles with her bubble gum, but she wanted to smoke at the same time, the end result is simple a real smoking delight for the eye's, ticha does exhale Big time in both domain, so its a pure smoking bubbles delight!!

Length: 7:07 Price: $6

Ticha clip-253
Ticha was in full shape, she was feeling pretty funny, she loves to smoke and this clips shows you just this, double dragging like it was a must, she can handle the amount of smoke in her lungs no probs!!
 Length: 3:28 Price: $6

Ticha clip-254
Ticha loves to mesmerize you with her smoking powers, and now she get Nicole with her to double the effect, the girls are smoking at the same time exhales double the creamy thick smoke down on you!!
Length: 3:40 Price: $6

Ticha clip-255
Ticha loves to get really high dose of nicotine she is enjoying 2x 100mm pall mall for her pleasure while she is smoking up your little face just the way she likes to do it~~~thick and creamy~~
Length: 4:28 Price: $6

Ticha clip-256
Ticha is a real pro-smoker IRL she is the definition of smoking female superiority, she is on top and control every thing that you see and inhale, she has control, you are just there get mesmerized Hard-Core!!
Length: 3:46 Price: $6

Ticha clip-257
Ticha was smoking and enjoying a good 100mm Deep inhaling all the way and checking her phone, she is really concentrated on her phone, so once she is finish her cone exhales, there is some godly residual to be seen!
Length: 5:54 Price: $6

Ticha clip-258
Nurse Ticha and Nurse Nicole are talking ( in French ) and smoking, they are preparing for a evil smoking plan, to see 2 sexy smoking nurse like these 2 is pure joy!!
Length: 5:44 Price: $6

Ticha clip-259
Ticha loves the attention that smoking gives her!!, she is far away taking her big drags, then do a real nice inhale, she comes up close and personal and deliver you all her hot thick smoke point blank in your little face!
Length: 3:47 Price: $6

Ticha clip-260
This is a very up close and personal clip with smoke mistress Ticha, now is the time to get up close like 3 inch's away when she is smoking and mesmerizing you!  
Length: 5:04 Price: $6

Ticha clip-261
I dare you to follow Ticha in this clip, seriously this girl take BIG drags and inhales here smoke and keeps in inside her for sooooooooo long there is nothing left when she exhales, all that nice smoke is now and permantly in her lungs to satisfy her big addiction, I tried to follower her but could not do it, this girl really has leather lungs!
Length: 6:54 Price: $6

Ticha clip-262
Ticha was simply incredible in this nose exhale clip, on her back perfect lighting perfect girl!!
Length: 5:09 Price: $6

Ticha clip-263
Ticha really loves to smoke and you can feel her pleasure has she takes her drags, and slowly inhale her creamy thick smoke then she delivers BIG massive cloud of smoke for you to get lost in!!  
Length: 4:28 Price: $6

Ticha clip-264
Ticha is simply smokealicious in this clip, she controls every aspect of sexy glam smoking, a sight to see!!
Length: 3:25 Price: $6

Ticha clip-265
smoking 2 cigarettes at once is one thing, now follow her when she smoke 2 cigarettes at the same time BUT taking double drags!!! now that's what I call a massive smoke dose for Ticha!  
Length: 4:46 Price: $6

Ticha clip-266
Ticha was perfect in this clip, in the car with the windows rolled up good, you are down below where you enjoy the view has she smoke up the car and your face down there!!  
Length: 4:44 Price: $6

Ticha clip-267
Dangling nose exhaling smoke queen, the sight was incredible nice lighting for a dangling nose exhale clip, I would say this one ranks in one of the best!!
Length: 5:26 Price: $6

Ticha clip-268

Yeah Evil Sun-shine just love to impose smoking to anyone she can, and she knows that Ticha's lungs are getting weak from all the hard-core smoking, and she feels like making smoke even more, she force feed her drags after drag even some triple drag action ;)

Length: 3:48 Price: $6

Ticha clip-269
Now that Sun-shine has warmed up Weak Ticha, she is now ready to go in for the , forcing her to inhale all her drags it was pretty intense and you can feel that Ticha is dominated by Evil Sun-shine!! and that's a domain that Sun-shine feels pretty much over powered!!  
Length: 5:30 Price: $6

Ticha clip-270

Ticha has VERY high cravings when it comes to smoking, so she needs to deep inhales at least a couple time a day, she is very pretty in purple with no makeup!!

Length: 5:20 Price: $6

Ticha clip-271

Now this is what call a lady with a heavy nicotine craving, she handles 2 cigarettes at once and she is deep inhaling to the max, lets just say that she got it dose right;)  

Length: 6:43 Price: $6

Ticha clip-272

Ticha was about to go to bed, but wanted to do a nose exhales relaxing clip before going to bed!! it was a real delight for us!!

Length: 5:50 Price: $6

Ticha clip-273
Ticha was born to smoke!! she is double dragging and cone exhales, relaxing and loving it!!
Length: 4:07 Price: $6

Ticha clip-274
Ticha was feeling EVIL she is sexy smoking a cigarette and talking to you (in French) about how she would force you to smoke and yes this girl is pure evil when it comes to force smoking plans ;)  
Length: 5:34 Price: $6

Ticha clip-275
Ticha does smoke anywhere and everywhere;), she is in her living room enjoying a good cigarette filling up the living room with her thick smoke!!
Length: 5:00 Price: $6


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make a list of the clips you want to purchase, and send it to my email: 

then I will send you a money request via paypal or paxum, once I get the payment I will send you a link to all the clips you wanted!!!


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