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Ticha clip-276

Ticha is a heavy power-house smoker, you are at her feet while she is deep inhaling her pallmall 100mm all the way!!

Length: 5:04 Price: $6

Ticha clip-277
A real smoking delight served just for you, she is in total control of her smoking nah she is totally controlled by her smoking habit real nice glam smoking!
Length: 4:29 Price: $6

Ticha clip-278

Yes whats better then a deep inhaling clip, when you can see the chest raising knowing that its filling up of her own smoke!!  

Length: 5:18 Price: $6

Ticha clip-279
This is Ticha's routine before going to bed each night she enjoys a good 100mm pallmall double dragging all the way, to be sure she gets knock out a little for better sleeping, you love that Ticha don't stop!!
Length: 5:12 Price: $6

Ticha clip-280
Ticha just loves to smoke, she parked her car, sporting a nice dress and enjoyed a cigarette relax right there for us!!
 Length: 3:34 Price: $6

Ticha clip-281

It was a VERY VERY hot day, but that did not stop Ticha to go in the car, with the windows rolled up good and smoke a cigarette down on you, let me tell you that she was VERY hot and the car was FULL of her tasty smoke!

Length: 4:45 Price: $6

Ticha clip-282

Ticha controls every aspect of smoking and nose exhaling is no different ;), she is glamour smoking and love's to see the smoke coming out of her nose!!

Length: 3:55 Price: $6

Ticha clip-283

Ticha loves it smokey, very smokey, in fact she loves to be surrounded by her own smoke, so smoke in a car with the window rolled up on a hot summer day is normal, its all down om you!!

Length: 5:19 Price: $6

Ticha clip-284

Ticha and Sun-shine both are real smoke goddesse enjoying a good cigarette on a hot summer night, lots of smoke play, which is what the girls loves a lot!!

Length: 4:39 Price: $6

Ticha clip-285

a pure delight Ticha was ready to go on a night in town with the girl, but wanted to do a clip before, she is such a beautiful girl when she smoke like this double dragging to indulge herself her exhale are simply magical and would put probably most men to the ground!

Length: 4:11 Price: $6

Ticha clip-286

Ticha delivers a nose exhale clip that is just plain godly, you are down there while she is on top nose exhaling down on you!!!

Length: 4:02 Price: $6

Ticha clip-287

It was a real pleasure to go at Ticha's camping for a good camping trip, she wanted to smoke a cigarette for us, we add to obliged;)

Length: 4:26 Price: $6

Ticha clip-288

Ticha is a smoke goddess and you can see why in this clip she double drag like it was nothing and she enjoys each and every single drags, then she sexy pop inhales and delivers you a dreamy exhale!!

Length: 4:12 Price: $6

Ticha clip-289

Wow her drags where nice but her exhales where godly, smoking to perfection side view for a nice angle to see all that smoke pouring from her nose!!

Length: 5:12 Price: $6

Ticha clip-290

plz don't be afraid Ticha has no plan to stop smoking ;), she just wanted to give vaping a go for the kick of hit, she got a big vape in her fav color she produce a fair amount of smoke!!

Length: 4:32 Price: $6

Ticha clip-291

Ticha was smokealicious, she was in the bathroom and needed a good cigarette she was feeling like blowing big cloud of smoke and yes she does excel in that domain ;)

Length: 4:51 Price: $6

Ticha clip-292

Giantess Ticha has a vapor buzz, and she also has the chance too have a VERY small men to play around with the way she sees fit;), she is totally engulfing him in her thick vapour smoke she loves the power trip it gives her, to have total smoke control over a little men!!!

Length: 5:35 Price: $6

Ticha clip-293

Ticha just bough herself a new car and she is very happy with it, its a convertible, it was a hot sunny day and she wanted to relax and smoke a good cigarette in her new car with the top down nose exhaling in the sunlight it was perfect!!!!

Length: 4:22 Price: $6

Ticha clip-294

Ticha needs her cigarette and coffee when she wakes up that's for sure, she is double dragging in the kitchen, leaving a nice smell of cigarette smoke everywhere in the house and that's early in the morning!!!

Length: 4:06 Price: $6

Ticha clip-295

Yes ticha was pissed drunk and was curious too see if her ex boy friend a big BBC would take her back, you can ear the conversation because he was on speaker, ticha is smoking and blowing big cloud and talk to him in English...because he is ;) and yeah its simply incredible!!!

Length: 6:01 Price: $6

Ticha clip-296

Ticha was drunk but needed some VERY heavy smoking double dragging with big drags awesome exhales but made easy ;)

Length: 3:20 Price: $6

Ticha clip-297

Ticha was feeling beautyfull and wanted some nice smoke action, she is deep inhaling for her and your pleasure, they way she moves in this clip you understand that she loves to smoke and deep inhale to satisfy her craving!!!!

Length: 3:56 Price: $6

Ticha clip-298

Ticha was feeling pretty wicked, and she loves it when there is no blockage when it comes time to smoke up her slave, so she is smoking a good cigarette smoking him up good and hot waxing her slaves nose, yes she love to inflict all kinda of humiliation she even took picture and posted them on Facebook poor loser, its not ez to be at the end of ticha!!!!!

Length: 5:38 Price: $6

Ticha clip-299

Everyone knows that Ticha is a real life pro-smoker and that smoking is one of her strong points in life, she is on her back enjoying a good 100mm dangling and nose exhaling all the way just relaxing!!!!

Length: 4:54 Price: $6

Ticha clip-300

Ticha is a real life pro and proud smoker, she is glam smoking you into oblivion and talking to you in English, she is talking about the smoking in itself!!!!

Length: 4:00 Price: $6


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make a list of the clips you want to purchase, and send it to my email: 

then I will send you a money request via paypal or paxum, once I get the payment I will send you a link to all the clips you wanted!!!


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