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Tickling clip-261

Sophie knew that she was in deep trouble once she realised that once she got bound and ready for  a godly tickling abuse at the hand of the most feared tickler in our roaster, lets just say that ticha add a wicked time, having Sophie at her total tickling mercy!!!

Length: 4:23 Price: $6

Glam clip-1833

Ticha reing supreme she is on top while you your down below getting mesmorized with her smooth smoking style total control!

Length: 4:05 Price: $6

force clip-832

Mimi and Ticha where on a total rampage abuse on the loser, the start off to force him to drink a full beer fast enough then proceeded to plug him up real good with a tube for good measure, once done they produce smoke the smoke the living hell out of him, lets just say its pure evil!!

Length: 7:47 Price: $6

Glam clip-1841

Massive deep inhaling vacum style with ticha, she is featured side view with cone exhales with whats left of smoke from her lungs!!

Length: 4:20 Price: $6

Feet clip-127

Ticha loves control total control, and once she has it you are a goner she will ignoring you for ever, while you are there stupid at her mercy licking her feet's clean!!!!

Length: 5:29 Price: $6

Hand over mouth clip-30

Evil Ticha was in a playfull mode her power trip can be wintness on her face has she smothering is life away and having fun doing it, she is a dangerous girl!!

Length: 5:32 Price: $6

force clip-835

Ticha and MiMi where in GOD mode force smoking the living hell out of the loser in the gas mask seriously the poor soul add no chance these girls where power force smoking to no avail!!

Length: 3:33 Price: $6

Glam clip-1853

WoW power smoking dangling nose exhaling double trip drags in your face power house smoker!!

Length: 3:41 Price: $6

force clip-843

Ticha is on a power smoking trip over poor Sophie, she has no choice but to take by force each and every single drag that ticha takes they are all just for Sophies lungs!!

Length: 3:54 Price: $6

Cigar clip-654

Ticha loves a good cigar once in a while, she is in her fav sofa, smoking up a cigar smoke storm in your face for her pleasure!!

Length: 7:40 Price: $6

Cough clip-212

Ticha as just waking up, the first thing she does every morning is smoke a good cigarette and drinks her morning coffee, then the coughing starts good for all of us to rejoice!!!

Length: 5:36 Price: $6

force clip-847

Cancer boy is in the human size Box at the smoke mercy of ticha, she starts off with the shot-gun device blowing 2 cigarettes at the same time in the box, once finish she tries for 3 but not working so she takes out the heavy weapon, a cigar to finish him off she goes with small shot like it was her taking drags fater drag but in shot guns!!

Length: 10:14 Price: $6

Glam clip-1864

smoke relaxing Ticha drinking some good winve she is staing there smoke relax and her exhales are simply do die for has its coming right at you!!

Length: 4:07 Price: $6

burp clip-209

Ticha a real life beauty and excellent burper she is relaxing in the bathroom, and practicing her burping skill with a real nice attitude and burps to for!!

Length: 4:19 Price: $6

Cough clip-215

it was early morning and ticha was struggling for air like always but yeah, that wont stop her from smoking a good cigarette you can ear her lungs has she cough its deep and wet!!

Length: 2:57 Price: $6

burp clip-211

Fun time for Ticha she is in her bedroom going all out on one thing she does best wich is burping out lound did I say lound ;)

Length: 4:55 Price: $6

force clip-855

Engulfing is face drag after drag she produce lots of smoke and knows what to do with it!! for good measure she holds her burning cigarette under is face to make sure that she is smoothering him for a bonus she chains smoke 2 in a row like this!

Length: 9:22 Price: $6

Cigar clip-660

Cigar smoking with Ticha is always eye candy, this girl has a godly cigar smoking style and enjoys it and it shows ;) have fun!!!

Length: 9:56 Price: $6

Glam clip-1879

Sophie start off by smoke face blowing ticha into obblivion, till Ticha Breack and needs a good cigarette for herself, while she is indulging herself sophie keeps on smoking up her world!!

Length: 4:23 Price: $6

force clip-858

Bounded hard to the torture Banch and Ticha was in a wicked mood, inflate is lungs with her deadly smoke and chaing 2 cigarettes in a row lets just say that she put a mortgage on is lung for her pleasure!!

Length:7:25 Price: $6

burp clip-214

Yes ticha can burp loud. and she is a real cutie pie her look and attitude is simply to be dreamed of!!!

Length: 4:20 Price: $6

Tickling clip-275

a litlle prensent for Ticha a bounded Jess the bratt at her total tickling mercy, we all know that she is VERy ticklish and Ticha a real mean tickling machine!!!

Length: 4:17 Price: $6

Glam clip-1896

Ticha smoking a good cigarette in her kitcheen candid style she is just doing (indulging) what she do best and we love her for it!!

Length: 4:43 Price: $6

force clip-887

Levy pinned to the wall, she add no idea what it was like to be force to smoke, by 2 pros Chealsea and Ticha, and are taking big drags and face blow her right in her nose, since her mouth was duct tape shut for good measure, lets just say that she add her dose, and we where pleased!!

Length: 3:46 Price: $6

Spit clip-845

Part-1 of Duet P.O.V total, the first duet to pass is Ticha and Levy 2 good spitters, that are having a blast just spitting on your silly face while having fun!!

Length: 6:11 Price: $6


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make a list of the clips you want to purchase, and send it to my email: 

then I will send you a money request via paypal or paxum, once I get the payment I will send you a link to all the clips you wanted!!!


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