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force clip-453
This is just plain EVIL....Sun-shine got the smoke slave where she wants him, down on the floor and a good tube plugged right into is mouth, so the smoke has no escape but to go where sun-shine wants it to go....she plugged up is nose too to make sure ;), she focus each drag she takes but blow 2-3 time before she gives him a chance to breath, this also means that she is pushing her dreamy smoke right in the bottom of is lungs, and laugh about it,,,she has no mercy for him!
Length: 5:52 Price: $5 

force clip-462
Smoke BomB Amy always get what she want, and in this clip she decided to stop the car at the local mall, install cancer boy the way she see fit to force him to inhale all her smoke, she plugs up is nose with a pincher to make sure no smoke escape;) she hold is head down to make sure he stays there all the way until her cigarette is done!
Length: 3:39 Price: $5

force clip-529
Caro is now a powerfull pro force smoking female, she love to inflict damage with her smoke, and in this clip she just did that;), the loser was plugged up good and at total mercy of caro, with each big drags she takes she pinch his nose to make sure her deadly smoke cant escape, then she blows over and over to make sure her smoke is right DEEP down into is lungs when she filled him up she then lets him breath again, pure evil!
Length: 5:44 Price: $5


force clip-589
Betty showing no remorse for the loser she even inflate him good in the truck at the local mall parking lot, she just don't care she only wants to inflate his lungs real good full of her deadly smoke!
Length: 4:07 Price: $5

force clip-594
Bibi is a born pro-smoker she started forcing the slave when she was very young ;) this has become second nature for her to expose other to her smoke in the most evil wayz!!
Length: 4:41 Price: $5

force clip-614
Forced inflated like a balloon but with her smoke, yeah Ticha just dont care about the losers health, she pinned him to the wall good so he CANT do anything ele but try to survive the smoking onslaught, the put the pincher on is nose, then each and every single drag she take she blows and blows anf BLOWS till there is no room left, she is pushing her smoke soooo deep inside him, its pure smoking domination!
Length: 4:54 Price: $5

force clip-619
WoW now this is pure smoke damage from Mel forcing it all real deep, we call this smoke inflating!! The loser is bound and CANT get away his nose is plug up good and hse has intube him She takes drags then blow her smoke deep inside but she blow again and again and AGAIN till she fills his lung to full capacity AGAIN ~~EVIL~~
Length: 4:32 Price: $5

force clip-621
(Smoke inflation)
The smoke slave is in deep DEEP trouble
bound and at the mercy of our 2 most evil
force smoking we have! Ticha and Sun-shine have Plug up the loser real good, even is nose is shut-down tight, no air can go in...except there smoke they take turn blowing there big puff of smoke
deep deep down blowing over and over with
each drag to make sure the smoke reach the bottom and the girls are loving inflcting mass
amout of smoke dmg on the loser!
Length: 5:11 Price: $5

force clip-626
lol poor guy these 2 girls simply gave him no break, these 2 young girls ad the loser where they wanted, plugs up good and ready to get inflated, these 2 girl are really evil, to make this even more evil, the girls are blowing him up like he was a human balloon, none stop inflated to the max with there cigarette smoke~~~~EVIL~~~~
Length: 7:01 Price: $5

force clip-650
in total control of his life, but she dont give a crap so smoke it away, with her cigar, nose pinh and tube in mouth she controls the very essence of his life and she decided to pump so heavy cigar smoke deep deep down into is lungs like he was a ballon!!
Length: 8:44 Price: $5

force clip-656

Melanie has been a life long smoker, and she enjoys doing smoke dmg to others, so she tied the smoke slave so he cant get away, then plug up is nose so no smoke can escape, the she inserts the tubing into is mouth, now he is ready for her smoke dmg, she inflate him to the max with her deadly smoke, she dont care;)

Length: 4:02 Price: $5


force clip-660

Shine shine wanted more smoke DMG for the loser after round one, she went all, out, pluging him up all the way nose pincher obliged ;), and off she goes with a fat and deadly cigar, yeah this girl is pure evil!

Length: 6:03 Price: $5


force clip-663

Sarah and Ivana 2 very nice smokers, are doing what they want with there smoke slave, they plug him up real good with a tube and a nose pincher, so all there massive amount of smoke has no other chance but to go deep deep inside him its like they are inflating him with there deadly smoke!

Length: 5:19 Price: $5


force clip-664

Inflating him with her smoke showing no mercy for the pinned down loser, Cinthia was having a blast she knows whats going on right there has she inflates his lungs with her smoke and she makes sure it goes deep deep down way down!

Length: 5:14 Price: $5


force clip-665

Inlating is life away a VERY deadly smoking duet ticha and cinthia, she no mercy with his nose pluged up good and a tube connection is only way he can survive, they blow and blow there smoke like none stop till he is totaly full just like a ballon but inflating him with there deadly smoke~~~~pure ~~evil!

Length: 5:12 Price: $5


force clip-680

Busty Betty is having fun with a poor guy, attach to the torture bench he is totaly at her mercy, and she is feeling like inflating is lungs to the max, with each drags she take she exhale in the tube thats connected to is lungs, she made sure is nose is plugged good and off she goes;)

Length: 3:27 Price: $5


force clip-688

Sophie has the smoke slave in a very deadly position she has no plan to stop till she finish her cigarette, inflating him with each of her deadly exhales, pulling is head back hard to make sure he understands her supremacy !!

Length: 4:20 Price: $5

force clip-689

Perfec force smoking duet, tied up, nose plugged up totally at there mercy:) these girl make sure to inflate him good with all there smoke they show no mercy at allwhen it comes time for deadly human inflation with smoke these girls are pro!!

Length: 4:05 Price: $5


force clip-716

Cinthia show no mercy for the weak smoke slave, she has him plugged good, and inflating his lungs to the max putting a morgage on his lungs for fun!!

Length: 4:27 Price: $5


force clip-728

Mel and Audrey add a deadly smoky plan for the loser, once they tied him up good and could not move, they plug him up real good, then the girls procceds to imflate is lungs to full capacity with each and every single drags these evil girl takes, pushing it to the limit deep down for there pleasure, because there that evil ;)

Length: 7:37 Price: $5


force clip-736

Smoke BomB Amy loves to inflict smoke DMG, and she love to see all her exhales comming out from the tube after she finish with him, is nose pinch and she knows that all her thick creamy exhales cant go anywhere else exhale right into him, and yes again she loves to see her smoke pourring when she is finish with each exhales!

Length: 4:33 Price: $5


force clip-739

Rosy has a wicked side, she is inflating the poor guy with her smoke but she gets turned on by hearing all the dmg she is doing with her smoke slowly inflating him and listening with her stethoscope to ear it all, he is plugged up and at her mercy!!!

Length: 7:23 Price: $5

force clip-752

Bounded smoke slave thats 1 thing that makes MiMi and Sarah VERY happy the force smoking onslot was very hard for the smoke slave these girl pumping lots of smoke into him for each drag them blow many time to make sure there smoke hits the very bottom, yeah pure evil!

Length: 6:05 Price: $5


force clip-757

Plugging him up with there big bubblegum, yup the girls wanted to stick the tube right in there and seal it good with there gum ;) intubing him good, smoke blasting him to death and using him has there ashtray now this is what I call total male destruction!!

Length: 6:31 Price: $5


force clip-758

Smoke BomB Amy show no mercy for her bounded smoke slave she has him plugs up all the way and is now under her smokey deadly control, she inflate him so hard with each of her deadly drag she knows what she is doing to him and like it too!!!

Length: 4:51 Price: $5


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