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Spit clip-027
Younger Sister Bibi is spitting on on best friends face, you can see that she don't felt at ease, the first min but then yeah she gets is going, and she is a hocking sound to for, the best part is where holder sister Angy comes in like a surprise boon a big one right in the eye's. she was telling me I have a big one, can a give it to her.........Angy could not contenting herself and make an appearance here and there to help bibi in blasting poor ina!!!
Length: 5:03 Price: $4

Spit clip-028
This is a Female on Female spitting clip, PART-2 Angy gets her turn soloing Ina's poor face, the spit is getting thicker;)
Length: 5:02 Price: $4


Spit clip-029
Part-3 this is the last of Ina's nightmare, both sisters Angy and BiBi are teaming up on her the spit was already thick on her face, when they stared the duets, but in the end, you can Cleary see, that se got hit bad!!! her make up is all dripping in the spit etc!!!
Length: 5:13 Price: $4


Spit clip-042
Yeah a little Girls on girls action, Bibi and Ina, are hocking and spitting right on angy pretty face, she get it bad, in her nose etc, must for the F/F spitting lover!!!
Length: 5:16 Price: $4

Spit clip-043
Its Ina's turn Verotix and bibi where having some real FUn, hocking and spitting all over her face, a good part is when bibi gets up-close to her nose and give her a big one right in it!!! and to ear verotix laughing is just plain kool!
Length: 5:36 Price: $4

Spit clip-044
Yeah its bibi's turn to get hit by huge chunks of spit!!! Angy and Ina are bath spitting on her, Ina just love to spit right in her nose...LOL and Ina does play with the spit on bibi's face, poor her, her make up was all over her face!!
Length: 5:45 Price: $4

Spit clip-045
Angy, Bibi and INa all teamed up to smoke on poor Verotix, she came to the studio to do some smoking clips....BUT ended up getting spit on~~!!!! the girls have there glove are are just spitting on her face and just rub it a certain point she thinks lots funny but then she goes like make a face like she is out of air...;)
Length: 5:27 Price: $4

Spit clip-122
Sisters Angy and Bibi got poor Ina stuck between them and the spitting begin, hocking and laughing at her, this girls are born spitting's Ina is the perfect victim in this one, she gets coverts!!!
Length: 5:27 Price: $4

Spit clip-123
LOL the spitting tortures keep on coming and this time, Bibi stayed and Ticha came in hocking and spitting with her, the spit is getting ticker and slymier!!!
Length: 5:18 Price: $4

Spit clip-124
in this 3 part, Ticha and angy is totally domination Poor ina, pulling her hair back, so she don't move and stay there to receive all that evil hocking right in her face, you can see in Ina's face that she CANT take anymore...but the girls keeps on going and going!!
Length: 6:08 Price: $4

Spit clip-125
OMFG this is the final part of this Female on Female spit feast, now the 3 girls are toghter and omg are they abusing, you can clearly see that INA CANT take any more but the girls keep on staking the loogies, and they even empty a Big glass of spit and rub it hard on her face, this is a must series!!!
Length: 6:04 Price: $4

Spit clip-143
Bibi the human phlegm machine got her sister pinned to the wall, then she start abusing totally hocking and spiting all over her poor little face, you can see the discomfort on Angys face and the happiness and bibi's face!!!! Awesome F/f clip
Length: 6:18 Price: $4

Spit clip-144
You can call this part-2 of bibi spiting on angy's face, this time angy is stuck and bound to the torture bench, she can just take it like a woman ;) 3 good spitter on her, bibi Marie and Ina, they where having so much fun spitting on angy's face, and POOR Angy you can feel her discomfort true your screen:)
Length: 5:31 Price: $4

Spit clip-166
a 4some of spitting females, filling up the glass, even Ina did help in filling it up, she did not know it was going to be used on her, and yes this clip was missing its the glass from Ina's wet nightmare series, have fun
Length: 7:57 Price: $4

Spit clip-168
Bibi that human phlegm machine is getting owned in this series of clip, in part-1 its bii and Bianca, both of them are spitting in her little face like they don't really care about her, For bibi this is totally a REAL nightmare!! O and yes she was like 3-4 months preggy
Length: 5:27 Price: $4

Spit clip-169
The spit on Bibi is getting thicker and thicker a new duet of girls keeps on spitting all over her face, Bibi was preggy 5 months in this clip, you can clearly see the girls are having a blast just hocking it up right in her little face!!!
Length: 4:43 Price: $4

Spit clip-170
The spit carnage keeps on going on and on This time with Bianca and Bibi's older sister Angy the girls are pilling up the spit already thick on her face, there laughing at her and keep on going and going!!
Length: 4:53 Price: $4

Spit clip-171
this is the end my dear friends, the end of Bibi :) the 3 girls are totally all over bibi in this awesome series, she gets it bad, and she wanted to cry inside!!! totally humiliated live;)
Length: 5:20 Price: $4

Spit clip-197
Bibi, angy and Ina are 3 crazy girls, everyone was then the girls where felling for a good spit party, and put there friend on the torture bench and OMFG she got creamed GOOD spit fiesta at its best, poor girl!!
Length: 5:28 Price: $4

Spit clip-198
The girls keeps on going and going but this time they push her a little bit more, still strap to the torture bench, the girls start to spit all there chit right in her mouth using the mighty funnel, OMG i never seen a girls get so much anyway they finish her off with a good spit glass. she was so she did not realize what was happening, she like realizing once the glass was being poured right into her!!!
Length:4:42 Price: $4

Spit clip-217
Vann lost a bet with Angy so she was the spit slave, lol poor her it was her first time here with us, she got pinned to the wall and totally creamed and spit abused by Angy, and god know how much dirty spit Angy can muster up, she got pwond!!
Length: 5:35 Price: $5 

Spit clip-229
Truty was the first to open up on poor Bianca she is totally saran wrap from heads to toe, and cant do anything but to get spit on her face, Trytu delivers some serious spit missile;) right in here face, she is creaming her!!
Length: 5:27 Price: $5 

Spit clip-230
it was Sarah's turn next and wow she is a Hard spitter with great aim, she is a real beauty but she packs a real good punch when it comes to spitting ;)
Length: 5:29 Price: $5

Spit clip-231
the BIG final the 2 girls just passed on that poor spit target, that is now totally creamed with there spit, the girls go for a full 2 on 1 spit fiesta Bianca told us after the shoot, that she never EVER felt so much humiliated!!
Length: 5:12 Price: $5 

Spit clip-237
bibi is saran wrap to a chair and CANT really get away from her worst nightmare, witch is getting spit in her face, Evil Sarah is going all out of power spitting all over her face!!
Length: 5:16 Price: $5 

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