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Balloon clip-001
Jess is blowing this BIG balloun and filling it with smoke and blows and blows till it POPS, pretty intense slow motion of the pop included at the end of the clip!!
Length: 3:13 Price::$6

Balloon clip-002
Young Vero is pumping up a balloun plenty of smoke till it pops, her facial expression is just plain awsome, and like always the pop is showend in slow-mo at the end!!!  
Length: 3:23 Price: $6

Balloon clip-003
Young Bibi the 2 blow to pop in a row, she starts off the blow the balloons with ehr breath and smoke, then halfway its just PURE blowing till pop, pretty intense feeling and yeah the 2 pops in slowmotion at the end!!
Length: 6:17 Price: $6

Balloon clip-004
Sun-shine is just chilling and blowing all her air right in the balloons till they pop, she also is smoking a cigarette and pump that deadly poison right on tat balloon, there is 2 blow to pop in a row in this clip, slow at the end included!!!  
Length: 8:06 Price: $6

Balloon clip-005
This was the very first cip that ticha made with balloons, her face reaction is just plain real when the thing pops !!!  
Length: 3:50 Price: $6

Balloon clip-006
Ticha was having fun fun fun with her balloons and sitting and rolling on till they all poped pretty AWSOME clip!!  
Length: 6:22 Price: $6

Balloon clip-007
Ticha is back and this time her balloons fun is popping them with her boots, this milf is just plain GODLY!!!
Length: 7:15 Price: $6

Balloon clip-008
Ticha and the sisters Angy and Jess are hiding in the bed full of balloons, they the fun start they pop and pop via there cigarette, it was a awsome poping time!!!  
Length: 6:14 Price: $6

Balloon clip-009
Ticha and Bibi are each blowing there balloons and filling it with smoke, till it pops guest who got it to pop first, of course the 2 pops are down in slow-mo at the end!!!
Length: 4:27 Price: $6

Sun-Shine clip-010
IZa's is pumping up a balloon with her deadly smoke, puff after puff, then she gets ready to pop it with her cigarette 2 ballons in a row!!  
Length: 8:12 Price:$6

Balloon clip-011
Naoumy is pumping smoke and lots of hot to blow up her balloon real big, once its full she takes her cigarette and pop it hard!!!
Length: 5:24 Price: $6

Balloon clip-012
Ina smoking and puffin all that smoke i right in the balloon untill it pop's, its just plain scary to blow in a balloon till it pops BUT its a great adrenaline too!!!
Length: 4:44 Price: $6

Balloon clip-013
OMFG bibi when all out on smoking and blowing up a balloon till it pops, but out of no where it poped when it was medium size, the next ballon she was VERY affraid and it shows its just plain awsome!!!
Length: 5:48 Price: $6

Balloon clip-014
Lune was affraid of the ballong popping.....not in her mouth, she was told that is the ballon poped aways from her mouth she add to do it gain, so guest what happend it poped aways from her the frist time so she did 2 in a row;) she was pumping some nasty smoke inside the ballon till it poped, real nice girl too;)  
Length: 5:43 Price: $6

Balloon clip-015
It was Mode first time with us, and she add a great time :) she goes all out on filling up the ballon full of smoke it it exploded BUT, near the end the balloon, goes crazy on her and so she start back with an other right after!!
Length: 6:32 Price: $6

Balloon clip-016
Bii was set up to pump up mass amount of smoke right into that balloon till it pops, but it turned out that she could not blow to pop, you can clearly see that she gave it all she add the balloon was huge, she ended with her lovely cigarette and it was a nice explosion all around!!!
Length: 5:02 Price: $6

Balloon clip-017
Lee and her mom isa, both of there tuen to smoke up a ballon till it pops, you can clearly see that Lee has lots of breath to blow to pop and her reaction is just plain good, has for her MoM Isa she is a Milf so she add more prob blowing till it pop, she add a VERY hard time but mange to do it!!! in english too!
Length: 5:44 Price: $6

Balloon clip-018
Sisters Ann and choi both take there turn in this clip , blowing heavy smoke in the balloons till it pops, these girls are pure JOY to watch ;) and the explosion are pretty incredible too!!
Length: 4:56 Price: $6

Balloon clip-019
Ina was very scared while she was filling up her ballon till it pops, wierd thing her reaction when it blows to pop, was a big nothing, so she was only scared while she was filling it ;)
Length: 3:31 Price: $6

Balloon clip-020
This is a amazing blow to pop clip, Featuring a mom, doughter, and aunty, thes e3 girls start all at the same time they blow all there smoke in the balloons till it pops its a race to the END, Again amazing clip!!
Length: 3:55 Price: $6

Balloon clip-021
JuJu just turned 18 2 days before the shoot, and boy she is cute and sexy when she plays and pop her balloons with her cigarette!!
Length: 5:02 Price: $6

Balloon clip-022
Wow Sarah is one sexy girls espacily when she is playing with balloons and cigarette popping, she licks them like it was.... hummmm ;)  
Length: 4:56 Price: $6

Balloon clip-023
Nath was popping and smoking up the balloons she add a good time and the popping was intense!!
Length: 5:11 Price: $6

Balloon clip-024
Tati was on the bench with a full place of balloons:) she poped them all with her hot cherry noce pops to!!
Length: 4:48 Price: $6

Balloon clip-025
OMG ticha sure knows how to tease ya before she pops the balloons and her accent at the end is simply to for, cigarette popping FTW  
Length: 5:52 Price: $6

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make a list of the clips you want to purchase, and send it to my email: then I will send you a money request via paypal or paxum, once I get the payment I will send you a link to all the clips you wanted!

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