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Glam clip-248
This clip features Sue-Q (jades MoM)
smoking at the camera, Must be fun
to have a mom like that, she is talking about HOW she loves smoking and when she cough her daughter smoking ETC

Length: 10:32 Price: $6

Glam clip-284
Plz welcome Viola, she is Sue-Q best friend
she is a life long smoker, that add one of her
lungs taken out in a operation but she is still
smoking, She speak English and you can
clearly fell that Nothing will
ever make her stop!!!

Length: 8:15 Price: $6

Glam clip-285
Sue-Q is featured in this clip she is a life
long smoker with really poor lungs
you can fell it in her voice!!!

Length: 5:55 Price: $6

Glam clip-286
You get viola smoking sideways, she is talking
to sue-Q off camera, very nice topic
of smoking in all its glory!!

Length: 8:38 Price: $6

Glam clip-287
You get sue-Q smoking sideways, she is
talking to Viola off camera, very nice topic
of smoking in all its glory!!

Length: 5:51 Price: $6

Glam clip-288
smoking 2 cigarette at once multiple For The
Win!!! these life long smokers, are abusing

Length: 7:13 Price: $6

Glam clip-289
In this clips you got both of them, lots of talking and coughing there lungs are
pretty wreak IMO ;)

Length: 9:49 Price: $6

Glam clip-315
this clip is from the mom and daughter series
PART-3, this clip features Silvy the MoM
she is a life long smoker and it shows, the
funny thing is that you can see Bibi and
Angy looking at her smoking
they are just like !!!

Length: 5:44 Price: $6

Glam clip-318
this clip is from the mom and daughter
series PART-4, this clip features Silvy the MoM
Silvy is cooking a meal, BUT she is blowing
her smoke right in it!!!! the dialogue
with the daughters is pretty kool too;)

Length: 5:43 Price: $6 

Glam clip-407
Monica is young Annette's mom she was a GOOD example for Annette to start smoking!
Length: 3:55 Price: $6

Glam clip-487
Featuring amazing Leather lungs France, she is smoking and dangling 2 cigarette in a row, she really is starting her emphysema, but still is power smoking all day long!!!
Length: 10:05 Price: $6

Glam clip-509
France is a VERY Big smoker and in this clips, she is coming back from work and she is tired she dangles her cigarette and start to relax! and you can see her feet at the same time!!!
Length: 5:19 Price: $6

Glam clip-510
France start off by cleaning her kitchen and enjoy a GOOD cigarette she also talk and she has A VERY good English ;) you are on the floor looking at her from below!
Length: 5:04 Price: $6

Glam clip-511
France is back in her LAST clip, smoking and dangling again you are at her feet, and she complains about her life how hard it is, no more money, lost her job ETC POOR France!
Length: 4:41 Price: $6

Glam clip-535
Starting with Sun-shine, talking to you in FRENCH she is explain that she will be a mom and daughter video, but for now she leaves you alone with her mom, she is a BIG smoker And she was sun-shine's model growing up!!
Length: 4:41 Price: $6

Glam clip-544
Featuring Francine she is Sun-shine's mom She has been a life long smoker and you can feel it on camera;) She was a good influence on sun-shine while growing up too!!
Length: 5:38 Price: $6

Glam clip-557
Featuring Carole this is a GOOD friend of Ticha And she loves to smoke but is a VERY asthmatic woman but she keeps her 50+ cigs a day!!!
Length: 4:28 Price: $6

Glam clip-597
Milf named Isabelle, this milf been smoking all her life and she told us that NOTHING will ever stop her, she goes on with a full 100mm cork filter nose exhaling all the way!!
Length: 5:56 Price: $6

Glam clip-605
Milf Carole, this Woman is just plain a smoke dream Heavy smoker, lots of dangling in this clip, you are at her feet while she smokes her cigarette and relaxing!!!
Length: 3:30 Price: $6

Cigar clip-310
cigar smoking milf lyne, is a VERY experience smoker, so the cigar was EZ stuff for her, she is a real BIG time smoker IRL like a little dragon!
Length: 4:22 Price: $6

Cigar clip-314
 Milf Jo is an incredible woman she handles her cigar like she always smoked it all her life, she is also a VERY big smoker and a party girl!!
Length: 4:43 Price: $6

Cigar clip-532

Caro's mom is smoking and dangling her big cigar in her kitcheen, she dont mind she smokes everywhere in the house, so a big cigar in the kitcheen was perfect for her!!
Length: 4:23 Price: $6

Glam clip-1134
Jose is Ticha best friend IRL, and she is a mom of 2 she is also a VERY big smoker that smokes everywhere ;), she blows heavy cloud of smoke for you!
Length: 3:10 Price: $6

Glam clip-1169
2 mature Milf are enjoying a good cigarette, they are talking ( in french ) its pure normal smoking with 2 mature laides that are real life cousins!
Length: 5:20 Price: $6

Cigar clip-414
Caro is become a pro cigar teacher!!1, she is teaching her mom and her aunt, how to smoke a good cigar in a fashion way!
Length: 6:18 Price: $6

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