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Feet clip-051
Mini is a very pettie and very preggy too, she is eating a lot of junk while footboy slave is there at her feet's taking good care of the future mom, you can feel just  by the look on mini's face that she is laughing at this poor loser that is licking smelling her dirty feet's, but she seems to enjoy it too!
Length: 4:40 Price: $6

Feet clip-052
Now its your chance at the godly feet's of petite mini, she is smoking 3 cigarette at the same time, while you are down there at her feet's getting mesmerized but her feet's and smoke!
Length: 5:37 Price: $6

Feet clip-053
Milf Ticha has a VERY special pair of feet's and there REALLY dirty and damm smelly ;) she has total control over the dummy, its her real nature to dominate and control weak men;) she love to humiliate them and forcing him to lick clean her very special feet's, this is a must!
Length: 5:09 Price: $6

Feet clip-054
Caro is a very dominant girl in a naturel ;) in this clip she wear the same socks 2 days in a row and she knows how much they are dirty and her feet's SMEALLY and cheesy ;), she enjoy looking at her toy boy sniffing and licking off of that smelly and cheesy feet's, she laugh at him cause he is where he belongs at her feet's!
Length: 4:23 Price: $6

Feet clip-055
Caro is now all just for you, she is smoking a cigarette in your face while you are looking at her beauty and her feet's, you are getting mesmerized by her and that's just what she wants!
Length: 4:30 Price: $6

Feet clip-056
Angy is a real rich girl and now she is getting ready to go out, she is relaxing in her big sofa, and she needs her feet's to be clean up good cause they are real smelly and dirty from all the work she done dancing all day, she does love to get it done by footboy!
Length: 4:25 Price: $6

Feet clip-057
Annie is tied up with her feet's in the air, and her captive is going all out sniffing her shoes after he takes off her shoes to reveal a real stinky pair of socks, he goes off getting that hefty smell right into is brain, and follow up by licking her feet's clean she looks so happy when he is doing that!!
Length: 4:54 Price: $6

Feet clip-058
Poor footboy, he is peacefully checking is cell phone, and Bianca ( the most dominant girl) comes knocking on is door HARD till he opens up....she takes total control like she add a bad day, she order him to take off her boots and proceed to smell all the sweet that has build up from all day!!! he has no other choice but to obey her,,,she has control over the loser at her feet's!!
Length: 5:11 Price: $6

Feet clip-059
Ticha was on a camping trip, she always bring a cigar or 2 ;), she looks and feels so at ease with her feet's on the table and smoking her cigar its like she control the world!!
Length: 7:10 Price: $6

Feet clip-060
Shandy is a BIG real life smoker you are at a P.O.V at her feet's she smoke a good cigar and doing a interview on her smoking habit ( in English)
Length: 5:33 Price: $6


Feet clip-061
Wow, mini is a very petite girl, and she loves
to walk bare feet, we where lucky she
came and see us with her feet's reallllllllly
dirty!! you are at her P.o.V feet's wise she is
enjoying her cigar like it was her second nature
she answer all sort of question about her
smoking habit ( in English )

Length: 8:50 Price: $6

Feet clip-062
P.O.V feet clip, Mini and her roommate are enjoying a good cigar, and talking (in French)
you are just where you belong at there feet's getting mesmerized by them!

Length: 4:43 Price: $6

Feet clip-063
Amy is the kind of girl that has every man at her feet! and she loves to ignore them ;)
she is texting her friend for a night out in town
while she smile a little at the loser licking and smelling her dirty feet's she know the foot boy will pay her for having the honor to lick her dirty feet's!

Length: 4:07 Price: $6

Feet clip-064
Bii start off with dirty boots on the table, footboy is on is knees in front of her with her smelly boots in is face!, he sniff them a little then take them off to unleash VERY strong smell comingfrom her godly feet's Bii is having so much fun just laughing at him, while he is there at her feet's she just cant believe how much of a loser he is!
Length: 4:55 Price: $6

Feet clip-065
Barby gets turn on HARD Part-1  when she has a foot slave at her mercy, and OMFG this she get turned on HARD, the she there looking at the dummy licking and smelling her VERY dirty boots, after a while he takes her boots off, and start sniffing her REALLY smelly feet's all the way, she gets so excited we have never seen a girl getting so turned on by this!
Length: 4:39 Price: $6

Feet clip-066
Barby gets turn on HARD Part-2 continues where part-1 left off, now the dummy takes off her socks, to eat her feet's real good licking all that sweet chesse ;) while she gets totally turned on, I think its a power trip for her;)
Length: 4:33 Price: $6

Feet clip-067
OMG ~~~clip alert~~~ its bibi's birthday, and she is not alone ;) She is in a party mode, and foot-bay is there to please her, all of bibi's friend are there laughing at the loser sniffing and licking bibi's dirty and VERY smelly feet, the girl just don't care about the loser, they want to have fun!!
Length: 4:29 Price: $6

Feet clip-068
P.O.V with smoke BomB amy you are there simply getting mesmerized by her beauty and her feet's, its sinking deeper into your brain!
Length: 3:35 Price: $6

Feet clip-069
Dent is in her home, smoking a good cigarette while she has the dummy foot slave at her feet's, she talks a little to him, has he sniff/lick her boot /sock and bare feet's, the way she looks at him tell you everything, don't she just don't care, and the only thing this loser well get is her dirty boot and feet's!
Length: 4:23 Price: $6

Feet clip-070
Annie has been karate for a long part of her life, in this clip is flex her flexibility with footboy, she order him to keep her feet up high and tell him to sniff her smelly sock, they to take off her socks and lick her foot good or she will kick him in the face!
Length: 4:37 Price: $6

Feet clip-071
Bianka is a real dominant woman, and OMFG does her feet's are dirty and I do mean real dirty she been walking bare feet all day, she lough at him while she control him to sniff and lick her feet's clean while she relax taking a sun bath!
Length: 4:41 Price: $6

Feet clip-072
Jess is best friend with bianka, she was next after her feet's where deadly dirty too :) been walking all day bare feet, yes they where really DIRTY!!! she is also very dominant and don't care about him being at her feet's licking them clean!
Length: 4:50 Price: $6

Feet clip-073
jess and Bianka when they came back, but this time the where deadly serious about there dirty smelly feet's, they have been walking bare foot all day long, and yes there feet where VERY sweaty/smelly and dirty!! they force to poor loser to sniff and lick there feet's!
Length: 4:48 Price: $6

Feet clip-074
Your are P.O.V of ticha's unique feet's, you are down there while she smokes a good cigarette at the same time, the only thing happening is that you are getting mesmerized!!
Length: 3:48 Price: $6

Feet clip-075
By popular demand Amy is back for more!!
The poor footboy has no choice Amy can do what ever she please with this dummy!! she start off by rubbing her dirty boots on is face and tongue, the she tells him to take them off to unveil a VERY deadly pair of sock they stink hard! she rubs them hard to make sure that the smell imprints hi,, she finished him off whit her bare feet's lots of cheese in there ;) all the will she is having dun checking her Facebook and chewing bubblegum!

Length: 4:38 Price: $6

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make a list of the clips you want to purchase, and send it to my email: 

then I will send you a money request via paypal or paxum, once I get the payment I will send you a link to all the clips you wanted!!!


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