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Cough clip-101
France is the aunt of Angy and Jessica
 and she is the real thing her body and
 lungs where consume by her cigarette
 habit, in this clips, she wakes up in the morning

Length: 5:57 Price: $5

Cough clip-102
France, came out of her sleep, and goes in the
kitchen to prepare a coffee and smoke and
cough, a VERY dark-side cough!

Length: 5:20 Price: $5

Cough clip-103
PART-2 of anette coughing, if you like part-1
 you will love PART-2 ;) she is lying
 on her back for some body effect ;)

Length: 6:06 Price: $5

Cough clip-104
Anny is lying on the bed, smoking a cigarette
there is a little bit of forced coughing
in this one BUT, when she
 start the real thing comes out, Dry cough

Length: 5:53 Price: $5

Cough clip-105
Veeka is smoking and coughing
 FORCED cough in this one.

Length: 5:02 Price: $5

Cough clip-106
Featuring anette, she is a pretty good
 cougher, she did throw in a couple
 of fakes, but most of it is real coughing!!!

Length: 5:17 Price: $5

Cough clip-107
Karine is featured in this clip
 there is a little coughing in this
one and its a forced coughing!!!

Length: 5:22 Price: $5

Cough clip-108
Tatiana, this young girls is a big smoker IRL
 she came to the studio with this big cold
so YEAH we did shoot her
 the end result is pretty good!!! STRONG cougher

Length: 4:50 Price: $5

Cough clip-109
Poor Cindy she was REALLY sick
 and you can feel her pain
in her coughing, just plain intense!!!

Length: 4:32 Price: $5

Cough clip-110
NICE BARKING coughing from Anouk
 she is lying on the bed and yeah she has
 a real nice bark coming
right from her lungs

Length: 4:26 Price: $5

Cough clip-111
Veeka BUT this time there is lots of
 REAL coughing she was sick!!
 DRY cough!!!

Length: 4:02 Price: $5

Cough clip-112
Carole is 36 years old and been smoking
 all her life, she suffer from severe asthma
 but still smoking she has a nice couching!!

Length: 5:59 Price: $5

Cough clip-113
Young cinthia been smoking for a
long time even if she suffers
form asthma, in this
clip she is coughing kinda of dry!!!

Length: 4:59 Price: $5

Cough clip-114
Sophie is back but this time she has
a new cough...... LOL she is a VERY
 wet cougher but this time
 around it was DRY DRY

Length: 4:59 Price: $5

Cough clip-115
Tisha has sever asthma but she still smoking
 driving her car coughing and smoking.
 She decide to go to the graveyard,
and see where she will end up!!!!

Length: 4:57 Price: $5

Cough clip-116
I am back for another coughing clip
 in the kitchen enjoying a good cigarette
 and coughing my lungs out. I have
 severe asthma, and a VERY bad cold,
 very wet cough

Length: 3:57 Price: $5

Cough clip-117
In this clips it follows from the kitchen
 then switch to, when I came back
from the bar, i enter my house, then
 proceed to smoke and cough has
 well has opening up a good bottle of wine

Length: 6:11 Price: $5

Cough clip-118
Now tisha is wasted a little and needs to go
 to bed, and yeah she has a godly cough too

Length: 6:57 Price: $5

Cough clip-119
she is driving/smoking/coughing with the
windows rolled up, a very asthmatic cough

Length: 4:2930 Price: $5

Cough clip-120
I did a good workout climbing up and down
the stairs, to get out of breath, like at a
certain point I could not continue

once i am totally out of breath I stop and go for a good
cigarette, and cough like

crazy I really needed
my pumps to cause I add problem
breathing cause of the smoking !!!

Length: 15:54 Price: $5

Cough clip-121
I was slapping and just woke up
you can witness my morning cough
 in bed has I chain smoke 2 cigarette

Length: 10:48 Price: $5

Cough clip-122
I was at the local shopping mail just
 hanging out add a big cold and was coughing
a lot but I add this huge nicotine fit
 so I went outside and smoke
 2 cigarette at once!!!

Length: 6:52 Price: $5


Cough clip-123
This is my interview so I do answer
all the big questions ;) I chain smoke
 2 cigarette in a row, and yeah my
 asthmatic lungs do a lot of talking too ;)

Length: 15:21 Price: $5

Cough clip-124
enjoying a good cigarette with my wine
 and I am flashing a big cold.

Length: 6:15 Price: $5

Cough clip-125
I add problem breathing, but needed to smoke
 I took my asthma pump to help clear
 my lungs from all that yucky stuff,
 so i could enjoy a GOOD cigarette
 nice coughing free deep down!!!

Length: 5:07 Price: $5

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