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Cough clip-126
Karine is a VERY busty smoker, she has a
dry cough, you can even ear her
wheezing when she tries to get air in her lungs

Length: 4:56 Price: $5

Cough clip-127
Jess smoking a cigarette,
her cough is WET
 sometime its forced then
 you know its real ;)
you can feel her lungs sometimes
when she tries to breath air!!!

Length: 4:50 Price: $5

Cough clip-128
Nicole has severe asthma got her on little purse
 just full of pumps and what not
 she was over acting for coughing
but you can feel what's real and what's over reacting ;)
 I just have to love life long smokers!!

Length: 9:05 Price: $5


Cough clip-129
Bii been smoking for the last 8 years
 she started early, and you can feel her cough
her lungs are just plain congested and
not because she has a cold, she is always like that!!!
 this is a must clip for any heavy wet cough fan

Length: 5:04 Price: $5

Cough clip-130
Tatiana add a big cold, you can fell her
 coughing right from her chest its a mix
 between Dry and wet

Length: 4:35 Price: $5

Cough clip-131
This is Bii's mom sadly she was diagnosed
with lung cancer BUT she is still smoking,
 her cough is just plain
 out of her lungs, once she start coughing
 she has big problems on stopping

Length: 4:24 Price: $5

Cough clip-132
bii just turned 18 years old, she has a good smokers cough witch is weird since she is so young;)
Length: 5:01 Price: $5

Cough clip-133
Angy and bii went for a sleep over, they wake up and lit a cigarette morning cough
Length: 14:29 Price: $5

Cough clip-134
Bii's mom, has I told you she was diagnose
 with lung cancer:( she is coughing
 and smoking a cigarette in this clip ;)

Length: 3:47 Price: $5

Cough clip-135
bii and mom are the living room
having a coughing fit
bii has a real smokers cough (wet)
  her mom has a dry cough
 her lungs are long gone!!

Length: 5:31 Price: $5

Cough clip-136
Poor Silvie is coughing and coughing
 she is a long life smoker and it shows
her lungs are long gone but yet she keeps
 on smoking she spit out some tar  this is
a must for any coughing fan!!!

Length: 5:17 Price: $5

Cough clip-137
Silvy is back. I did 2 coughing clip with her
 this one is her waking up in the
morning smoking and morning cough!!!

Length: 5:01 Price: $5

Cough clip-138
Smoking a good long 100mm more
these cigarettes always makes me cough;)

Length: 5:16 Price: $5

Cough clip-139
I have a new cold, again,  In this one I smoke
a total of 2 cigarettes, and the REAL
 coughing is plenty, you can feel it!!!

Length: 6:349 Price: $5

Cough clip-140
This was yet another cold ticha
add develop in CUBA this time
 she is waking up and you can witness
her coughing is PURE joy

Length: 7:38 Price: $5

Cough clip-141
this was the second day, she was soooooo
 sick that she could hardly breath properly
she was coughing like crazy this
is a coughing scene from after a nap

Length: 4:49 Price: $5

Cough clip-142
ticha was on vacation in cuba and add a
 huge breathing problem, and the air was
VERY humid witch made in lungs
 go crazy

Length: 5:10 Price: $5

Cough clip-143
Ticha add a cold her cough is pure joy for the
 Deep wet cougher lover out there

Length: 4:33 Price: $5

Cough clip-144
Ticha got a big cold and oMg you can
 ear her cough and you can feel
 how wreck her lungs
 are incredible cougher!!

Length: 4:53 Price: $5

Cough clip-145
France is back with some real nice coughing and wheezing this woman is a die-hard smoker and big cougher her lungs are totally gone via her smoking!!
Length: 4:38 Price: $5

Cough clip-146
Sophie is back after a long break, she just gave birth and she smoked all the way into her preggy, and still smoking and yes her coughing is still great;)
Length: 5:11 Price: $5

Cough clip-147
Justine is a new model for us, she started smoking when she was 9 years old, witch explain her naturel smokers cough!!
Length: 4:24 Price: $5

Cough clip-148
ticha just woke up maybe 1 hour before the clip, so this is pure morning coughing, this girl wont stop smoking, witch in turns makes her cough even more ;)
Length: 4:17 Price: $5

Cough clip-149
Silvie is Angy and bibi's mom and still smoking and coughing like never before, her lungs are totally gone, cause she smokes so much, but she keeps on smoking and coughing, you can see and hear her coughing hard, in the morning its even worst;)
Length: 4:58 Price: $5

Cough clip-150
Bii's mom is still struggling with lung cancer, and bii is still smoking no matter, she is also a big cougher!!
Length: 4:04 Price: $5

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