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Fast Tags Power Smoking


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Cough clip-174
part-3 of waking up in the morning with Bii and ticha 2 of our best cougher, the girls start out by going for a total smoke out, its a smoking race to see wich of the girls can smoke her cigarette faster, it was a real power smoking fiesat!! then they both take there turn doing some heavy exercise, to see just how much they are in shape.....the answer not really, only 2 cigarette smoked in the clip!
Length: 16:18 Price: $5

Glam clip-1199
Double draggin and nose exhaling Bibi is like a smoking train, the smoke is totaly pourring out of her nose!!
Length: 3:21 Price: $4 

Glam clip-1207
power smoking at its best, its a smoke race to the finish who can smoke the faster, lets just say that there was a lot of exhales it was fast and furious!
Length: 2:42 Price: $4 


Glam clip-1238
a smoking delight from Sun-Shine she is double dragging then holding her smoke inside her lungs for maximum nicotine intake, it is follwed by a nice cone exhale!
Length: 4:03 Price: $5

Glam clip-1253
Weak lungs bii is double draggin all the way with a 100mm palmall and there are big drags too!
Length: 4:21 Price: $5

Glam clip-1257

Sun-Shine was always a big smoke since her tender years, she is double draggin hard, in mid drag she nose exhales, and finish off her last drag is a pure godly smoke cone exhales!

Length: 4:48 Price: $5

Glam clip-1277
Caro is double draggin all the way finishing it all her a godly smoky exhales right into your face, she is engulfing your world in her smoke!
Length: 2:59 Price: $5

Glam clip-1285
Smoky Sun-shine is taking double drags for a nice nicotine buzz following with a creamy cone of smoke!
Length: 3:25 Price: $5

Glam clip-1303
Mel is double draggin all the way, just to make sure she gets a big nicotine buzz that her brain will imprint;)
Length: 3:01 Price: $5

Glam clip-1307
Tall is a real tall and skinny girl and she loves to smoke hard, she is double draggin and blowing a face full of smoke right at you!
Length: 3:18 Price: $5

Glam clip-1314
Bibi is power draggin her complete 100mm all they way and I do mean HUG long and strong drags trying to kill her cigarette fast!
Length: 2:52 Price: $5

Glam clip-1320
Double draggin hands free form Busty betty, she is sexy!!
Length: 4:24 Price: $5

Glam clip-1321

Double draggin With Sarah and her friend, Sarah is a full time smoker, BUT her young friend (18years old) just started, so yeah Sarah finish her 100mm double draggin but her friend was having trouble...too much just say that this clip made her a smoker a litlle more;)

Length: 4:37 Price: $5

Glam clip-1337
Power house smoker bibi is Taking HUGE double drags, follwed by a dreamy huge pop inhale and a massive exhale, what could we need more;)
Length: 2:36 Price: $5

Glam clip-1343
Power smoking 2 cigarettes at the same time was nothing for Angle face bianka, the takes almost none stop drags pure power smoking down 2 100mm palmal!!
Length: 4:12 Price: $5

Glam clip-1349
Stunning sun-shine is taking big double drags of her cigarette and exhales masive thick clouds of smoke right at you!!
Length: 3:59 Price: $5

Glam clip-1352
Chealsea love to smoke and it shows its the first thing she does in the morning and the last thing she does before going to sleep!! she is double draggin all the way for her nice fit!
Length: 2:48 Price: $5

Glam clip-1359
Double dragging, Power smoking Tall, is a pure smoke machine her exhales are simply ingulfing your face each time,smoke dream come true!!
Length: 2:24 Price: $5

Glam clip-1369
Ticha is a real life pro-smoker, she likes being surrounded in her own smoke, and what better place then in a car with the windows rolled up tight, she is double draggin so sexy and powerfull smoking style, she is a blessing to the SF!
Length: 4:15 Price: $5

Glam clip-1370
World wide knowed for her smoke torutre Sun-shine is double draggin and cone exhaling her way true life, also when she is taking her double drag nose exhaling her first drag when she is taking her second!!
Length: 4:48 Price: $5

Glam clip-1415
Dania is a real power smoker smoking 2 cigarettes at the same time for her pleasure!
Length: 4:13 Price: $5


Glam clip-1422
side view double drags massive cone exhales from a smoke godesse Ticha!!
Length: 4:43 Price: $5

Glam clip-1457

big smoker Bella is double draging and yes she produce very nice thick exhales that comes from her gratification!
Length: 3:18 Price: $5


Glam clip-1469

Double drags for Mel, this lovely blondy has been smoking all her life, and she has a nice style, her double drags could have been bigger but yeah, have no fear its Mel ;)

Length: 3:32 Price: $5


Sun-Shine clip-226

Double drags made ez with sun-shine, she feels relax and smoking a good 100mm double draggin and finish off with a creamy exhale right at you!

Length: 3:51 Price: $5

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