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Spit clip-576
This has nver been seen before, Bibi is spitting pure phelghm P.O.V style, but after a couple of shoot right in your face, she start to spit pure spit blood....yup she goes and plays with it, its soooo thick she handles it like its goo, she even trows it at the ceilling, this is a must see clip!
Length: 9:07 Price: $5


Spit clip-577
Cintia is having pure fun, just spitting in the losers face, she is enjoying a good cigarette too, engulfing his head in her smoke, spitting in his face, and ashing all over it too....yeah Cinthia told us that the slave is a real loser
Length: 5:15 Price: $5

Spit clip-578
Snow white's nightmare, came to see us, she add the magical miror, asking who was the most beautyfull girl, and when the mirror answers thats it not her, then she spit all over the miror over and over, pretty kool!!
Length: 4:07 Price: $5

Spit clip-579
3 clips in one, it was done none stop, the girls passing each there turn, spitting and drenching the losers face real good, yeah is face was drenched good;) Angel face Bianka, Annie et bii!!
Length: 12:34 Price: $6

Spit clip-580
now that all 3 girl have drench is face good one by one, they gather up has a deadly spitting trio, drenching his face even more.....they told hte camera girl (off clip) that the slave was a real sissy fagot too;)
Length: 4:33 Price: $5

Spit clip-581
P.O.V with 2 spit godesse, they have the attitude and spitting skillz to put you on your knees!!
Length: 6:25 Price: $5

Spit clip-582
TheP.O.V spit fiesta continues hard core these 2 godly spiters are dropping big spit Bomb on your face and let me tell you that Ticha's last was a REALLY gross one ;)
Length: 6:40 Price: $5

Spit clip-583
And finaly the last part of gathering an incredible big spit container!!! They srub it all down in a bowl to get ready for the big Final!!
Length: 5:46 Price: $5

Spit clip-584
The time has come to degrade the loser to a point of no return, forced to tay still, and drink all the spits from the P.O.V series in a bowl with a tube that Ticha control, while sun-shine force him to take it all!
Length: 3:25 Price: $5

Spit clip-585
 This is what happend when 4 girls are on a mission to spit humiliate a loser, Tall, Bibii, Sun-Shine and Ticha are making sure that the loser remeber this and made sure to drench i face real good!
Length: 8:07 Price: $5

Spit clip-586
Busty Betty is having a wicked pleasure spitting in the slaves open hand, she hold it open has she spits in it, in the end she force him to lick it all clean!
Length: 3:46 Price: $5

Spit clip-587
Cinthia wanted to prepare the loser a real yummy snack the comes from her;), she spits in a glass real good loogies then she mix it up with milk, and then she prepare a good blueberry muffin fully drench of her spit, yes my frien this will be a godly snack!!
Length: 9:29 Price: $5

Spit clip-588
Finaly after preparing all this nice spit snck, Cinthia is ready to go in for the kill, total human degradation forcing the loser to eat it all, by forcing him, she makes sure he takes everything in, she loves to control stuff;)
Length: 5:17 Price: $5

Spit clip-589
Big spittier, Annie is P.O.V all the way all her spit right in your face, at the end she plays with her spit with her hand it pretty awsome!!
Length: 4:28 Price: $5

Spit clip-590
poor loser pinned to the wall at the spitting mercy of these 4 girls, they mark him on is forhead, to make sure it sick in ih head, the word loser, then the drench is loser face real good all the way degrading him!!
Length: 6:11 Price: $5

Spit clip-591
Ticha pinned the loser to the wall, duct taping him on is mouth on is eye's the only place left was is nostrill and thats want she wanted to force him to breath in all that thick spit, its like drowning himin her spit!
 Length: 15:03 Price: $6

Spit clip-592
here is a real deadly spitting duet, ticha and sun-shine are enjoying small tipped cigar with the loser at there mercy they spit all over his face like he was plain dirt they blow all  there smoke and ash right in his mouth, total male degradation by superior female spitters!
 Length: 6:34 Price: $5

Spit clip-593
Bibi is spitting lots of phelgh puble on the table
 she wants a lot because she wants to
mix up up and then play but there
 is a special comming up;)

 Length: 4:58 Price: $5

Spit clip-594
Caro is also a massif spitting girl;) is spitting lots of phelgh puble on the table
 she wants a lot because she wants to
mix up up and then play but there
 is a special comming up;)

 Length: 5:31 Price: $5

Spit clip-595
Finaly the 2 girls add a couple of spit puddbles, on there spot, then its time for the girls to have fun, there playing with there spit, then mix it all real good, to make one HUGE spit pudle to play with;)
 Length: 5:14 Price: $6

Spit clip-596
And know yes, the girl have enough spit (phelghm)
to play with spit boy, and let me tell you the girls rocked hard is puny litlle brain, he will be foreever traumatize after this!

 Length: 10:47 Price: $5

Spit clip-597
Loser on his knees while dominant Cinthia is all that ;), she is having fun degrading the loser and drenching is face full of her spit!!
 Length: 5:15 Price: $5


Spit clip-598
2 good spit misstresse are totaly humiliating the loser he was bound to the bench, then the girls starting spit drenching  his face and smoking a good cigarette, using the loser has there personal human ashtray, pure female domination!
 Length: 6:51 Price: $5

Spit clip-599
2 best friend having a fun fun spit time on behalf of the loser, he was at there knews where every men belong, just standing there silly, getting is life ruin on internet and the girls love drenching his face real good!
 Length: 4:01 Price: $5

Spit clip-600
2 Godly spitters in a row none stop drenching the losers face real good, they are superior female spitter, that just dont give a chit about sissy boy!!
 Length: 9:41 Price: $6

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