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Spit clip-801

spit coming down on you loser part-3. the losers face is already drench to the max but the girls wanted to add more, they tam up to finish off is spitting humilation!!

Length: 4:36 Price: $6


Spit clip-802

2 spit godesse Sarah and MiMi make sure he goes deaf with there spit they are forcing every loogies they hock up point blanck into is ears, then rub it good to make sure it goes into is brain and might make him deaf from there godly spit!!

Length: 4:32 Price: $6


Spit clip-803

MiMi nice spitter got the sissy fag pinned to the wall you can see the losers hormone tits are pushing out, while Godly mimi is spit degrading him big time drenching is face good, when she gathers off her spit hocking deep she is looking at ya!!

Length: 4:32 Price: $6


Spit clip-804

Caro is spitting up a real nice spit pudle on the table, onces its big enough she start playing with it, to show you the thicknes, she puts it all in a glass put it in her mouth plyas with it a litlle then spit it out again in the glass, to repeat, till she is ready to swalow the all thing up, yes caro has come a long way!

Length: 6:19 Price: $6


Spit clip-805

P.O.V Amy is paying you a visit of inside her godly mouth to show exactly where all that spit is comming from, has she progress she spit drool all over herslef!!

Length: 5:55 Price: $6


Spit clip-806

Face to face with mona, nice spitter and her face tells you a lot on what she thinck of the loser has she spit on him!

Length: 4:39 Price: $6


Spit clip-807

Part-1 smoke BomB Amy spitting cocktail! She is hocking her life out to produce has much has thick spit to fill up this shooter glass, once done she plays with it dropping it from glass to glass to show you the thickness!!

Length: 7:02 Price: $6


Spit clip-808

Part-2 smoke BomB Amy spitting cocktail! she start off by dropping the godly spit shooter in the container, then mis it up good with some rasberies, to traumatise him good, she smokes a nice cigarette and engulfing is face in her smoke while forcing him spoon spit feeding it all while putting her cigarette ash in the mix to add t the humiliation!!

Length: 5:32 Price: $6


Spit clip-809

OMFG Mel really did the all out on poor caro, forcing her head to make contact with her eyes while she is hocking like crazy for a long time and then when she is ready to start unloading all that spit it all goes straight into her loser face drenching it good!

Length: 10:11 Price: $6


Spit clip-810

spitton loser at the service of mimi she is hocking it good dropping it in the spoon then make sure not to drop anything and feed the good litlle loser!!

Length: 4:32 Price: $6


Spit clip-811

Spit Slave Caro, por girl, Mel is looking at you while hocking some tight loogies then she gets ready to unload it all on her loser face, yeah total spit domination!!

Length: 4:29 Price: $6


Spit clip-812

Cinthia and Levy going all out, and OMFG was it a spit feast, the poor guy did not stand a chance!!!

Length: 4:28 Price: $6


Spit clip-813

sissy boy pinned to the wall and at the mercy of sweet looking audrey, she spit the most has she can trying to drench is face, just to be in front of her is simply a honnor, and she was so cute she spit a couple of time on herslef ;)

Length: 4:41 Price: $6


Spit clip-814

Face to face with Tall, yes she is skinny but she is imposing, spit in the face drenching him, all the while she was feeling bas for the loser, its only the start baby!!

Length: 4:27 Price: $6


Spit clip-815

Mel got spit devasted but the overwhelming spitting onslaught of word she got onw!!!

Length: 4:38 Price: $6


Spit clip-816

First showing of Levy in this spitting serie, she is strating off spit point blank into is loser face, then Cinthia took her place for good measure, it was like to give you a taste of things to come!!!

Length: 5:44 Price: $6


Spit clip-817

Finaly the duet is @ it in tendem, lets just say that this poor soul got spit face drenched like everyone on this earth would love too since these 2 girls are simply a team of fire!

Length: 4:37 Price: $6


Spit clip-818

Mel over a helpless caro that is totaly at her mercy, she is ordering her to look at her while she coughs, and fog her face with her breath later on she spits down on her face and ask the same thing BUT she got full spit in her

Length: 15:35 Price: $6


Spit clip-819

Cinthia and Levy on a total spit carnage, they where on fire uncharge all there thick loogie point blank into is loser face, seriouysly drenching it HC!!

Length: 4:39 Price: $6


Spit clip-820

10 Spit bomb and force to drink dream clip, Audrey was gathering has much spit has possible then when she was ready whe filmed the goodie, once finish she plays with it to show you the amount she has managed to gather from glass to glass, then its time to force feed him good!

Length: 5:22 Price: $6


Spit clip-821

It was about time Bii was back for a quick run ;), she drenched is face silly, she is power spitting hard and having a blast sit degrading him, we want to see her more often ;)

Length: 4:39 Price: $6


Spit clip-822

Jess the bratt, spitting with a dry mouth, but thats not all the lighting did not light up the spit....but yeah take it has it is its far from out best work, but its better then nothing from jess the bratt!

Length: 4:14 Price: $6

Spit clip-823

In Smoke BomB Amy's kitcheen every thing goes, she force him to open up is loser mouth while she hock up some nasty tasting spit he go no choice in its the mouth it goes a spit gift to swalow from a godesses!

Length: 4:10 Price: $6


Spit clip-824

caugh in the legs of cinthia her could not do anything except take anything that comes from Cinthia wich includes lots of spit in is face and smoke engulfing him for good measure!

Length: 2:44 Price: $6


Spit clip-825

spit coming from the heavens part-1 the first girl to pass is Levy, the spit is comming from up top down to is face like from heaven!!

Length: 4:32 Price: $6


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