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Spit clip-901

spit drenching time with friends and famely part-3, Caro finishing this serie, she is also a very nice spitter total fece spit drenching machine!!

Length: 4:56 Price: $6


Spit clip-902

spit drenching time with friends and famely complete serie!!!, this a godly one, these 3 girls where on fire, godly spitting maching face drenching hardcore, they all got there different spitting powers for a good end result!!

Length: 14:23 Price: $12


Spit clip-903

Mona is hocking up some real nice loogies and looking at you, when she is ready to deliver her godly spit, she opens up the losers mouth and spit it all into is forced open mouth!!

Length: 4:26 Price: $6


Spit clip-904

Mimi is spitting on the table, and rubing the losers face in it real good, she is also smoking up is world, ashing in her spit puble for good measure!!

Length: 4:27 Price: $6


Spit clip-905

Sun-shine semi on top of the spit slave, she is looking at you while hocking up some nice loogies then open is mouth and spit right in for good measure, for him to remember her!!

Length: 4:21 Price: $6


Spit clip-906

Mel is staring at you real good with her mean eys' she open up wide so you can see where all that godly spit comes from, she covers you in her breathm at around in the middle she starts acumulate her spit you can see it on her tongue, then She P.O.V it all right at you!!!

Length: 14:33 Price: $8


Spit clip-907

To be infront of Audrey, while she is hocking and preparing a nice spit trow is simply a honnor, she did a good job too so relax and so tasty!!

Length: 4:14 Price: $6


Spit clip-908

Levy and Cinthia 2 power spitters, produced the ultimate spit glass, a full glass full of there yummu spit, its a sight to see!!

Length: 9:42 Price: $6


Spit clip-909

Total and ultimate spit shampoo enough to imprint is brain, the girls just empited there BIG spit glass on is head and are rubbing strong!!

Length: 5:09 Price: $6

Spit clip-910

Poor Angy pinned to the wall at the mercy of her younger sister Bibi, and God knows how much this girl can spit, lets just say that angy got drenched hard-Core!!

Length: 4:41 Price: $6


Spit clip-911

MiMi is really agresive in this force to swalow clip, she force open is mouth in a violent way to make sure he gets all that yummy stuff!!!

Length: 4:15 Price: $6


Spit clip-912

Mona in a dominant position over him, giving him no chance but to take it all in the mouth, tasty!!

Length: 4:10 Price: $6


Spit clip-913

Mel looking at herslef in the mirror, hocking and spitting all that good stuff in the mirror and plays with it, its always priceless to see shuch a spitting queen looking at herslef spitting!!

Length: 4:42 Price: $6


Spit clip-914

this is what you get, when you have 2 crazy sister spitting on the table some real nice spit action, angy trowing up incuded, VERY intense!!

Length: 5:30 Price: $6


Spit clip-915

Now that the sisters are finish hocking, spitting and vomiting its time to play with it, it was massive and they finish it off by bagging all that nasty spit, for yet another happy customer!!

Length: 5:03 Price: $6


Spit clip-916

In smoke bomB Amy living roo, she was in a litlle spit extra in her mouth, off she go drenching the losers face real good on her couch!!!

Length: 4:14 Price: $6


Spit clip-917

in a smoke filled room, sun-shine got the spit lave in the spit table, point blank in is face it went all;)

Length: 4:38 Price: $6


Spit clip-918

MiMi was on a spit domination roll, none stop almost 15mins, she is coughing hooking and spitting inthe losers facedrenching it sooooooooooooooo good!!

Length: 14:35 Price: $8


Spit clip-919

Mona on top I love this position she goes hocking hard trying to get best loogies looking at you then turn to discharge all the yummy spit down is troath!!!

Length: 4:42 Price: $6


Spit clip-920

Levy treaths you like you deserve in this great P.O.V clip!!!

Length: 4:44 Price: $6


Spit clip-921

Smoke BomB Amy was stunning in this swalow all you litlle dumpster for my spit!!!

Length: 4:10 Price: $6


Spit clip-922

Caro deep very deep hocking to muster up some real nasty, spit she was really happy to force the loser to swalow all her thick nectar point blank into is forced open mouth!!

Length: 5:57 Price: $6

Spit clip-923

Busty Betty is back with some spitting action, she is on top and dropping nice spit right down into is face, the look on her face tells a lot that she is happy with her spitting skillz!!!

Length: 3:56 Price: $6



Spit clip-924


Spit clip-925

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